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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Lodestar, Sep 9, 2020.

  1. Lodestar Journeyman

    Greetings! I have a new issue with my second computer in which using mouselook results in hitching/stuttering/inconsistent turning. It becomes almost unplayable, with the screen appearing to go from 140+ fps/hz down to much less in waves when only using the mouse. I've tried adjusting and reinstalling all drivers (Geforce GTX 960M), adjusting Logitech G600 polling rates from 125 to 1000, etc. Has anyone ever had this issue, or have any suggestions for fixing it? It's worth noting that this was never an issue for many years, in which I could run 144hz with absolutely no stuttering (completely smooth fps,hz,and mouse turning(, but that's just not the case anymore.
  2. Lodestar Journeyman

    I also confirmed it's not my mouse or mouse drivers (plugging in another mouse). The video framerate/refresh when the mouse is not in use is perfectly fine. It's only when the mouse is used that hitching begins to occur.
  3. phattoni Augur

    i had a similar problem at one point, it was my AVP, add an exception for eqgame.exe and you should be good, for some reason anytime my mouse was interacting with eq it was causing avp to scan.

    also noticed this when opening/closing my map using back space, eq would lock up for a second.

    also, dont forget to add:


    to your eqclient.ini

    ive had exact same configurations do this for some reason, im not sure what causes it, but same hardware same version of windows etc, and it would lock up on the one computer with no exception and the other without the exception would work fine.
  4. Sarkaukar Augur

    1. It is a laptop of some kind
    2. What you are likely experiencing is CPU throttling down, either due to Power Savings and./or heat
      1. Start key, type in Power Options and select Power & Sleep
      2. Click on Advanced Power Settings to the right side and select High Performance
    3. Heat Related items
      1. No need for EQ to be running at 100+ FPS, this will also ensure GPU is running hotter
      2. In EQ Options, set Foreground and background to 60. Adjust as needed
      3. Can of compressed air - clear out the heatsinks/vents - use a long item to hold and prevent fans from spinning while using the can of air.
      4. If it is a much older laptop, Youtube videos are usually avail to show how to disable it to get a thorough cleaning of the heatsinks, and potentially replace the thermal pad/paste on the heatsinks.
    4. Make sure it is using the Geforce all the time. Go into the Nvidia UI, 3D, power management mode and change from Adaptive to Max Performance. If you do not want set this way all the time, make a profile for EQ then sent it.
    5. Last option is to prevent Turboboost from kicking in.. TB is the layman's TEMP overclocking, which can and will cause a heat spike as the CPU speed is increased to fewer cores, which also pulls more power. I usually advise if not seeing much of a difference, use 98% or 97% instead of 99% on the processor power management.
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  5. phattoni Augur

    did any of this help you ??
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  6. Troutfest Augur

    This has been happening to me also, all machines and don't think its a heat/cpu issue as im a watercooled i7. Am curious if the mouse you plugged in was another logitec as all mine are G600 mice.

    Its not just you either as other users have reported the issue, had put it in the bug forum. If I am moving using the mouse screen seems to freeze for a second or two, when I can move again I am looking straight up or down and have to restart movement. Very disorienting when pulling. If I am frozen for that brief time I can hit my run button which I also have mapped to the mouse and will move right away which is what I do now when pulling and figure out what direction I am facing afterwards.
  7. phattoni Augur

    this is a known bug, has nothing to do with mouse or computer, its a client bug and we all suffer from it.

    it seems like the mouse goes out of bounds and clicks on the title bar of the client, this causes the client to "freeze", and when you "unfreeze" you are looking up or down.
  8. Troutfest Augur

    It does it to me in full screen mode also. I know how it works in windowed mode but this happens in full screen mode too.

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