Most rediculous bugs after patches?

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  1. Junior00 Elder

    I recall a patch during ROF that broke Berserker's Augmented Frenzy. I believe it was just proccing on every attack or something like that? Fun times :)
  2. Barraind Grumpy Old Bastage

    When they added raid channels, it was based on guild ID, not anything tied to a raid.

    My guild at the time was flagged as guild 0.

    We could see everything in everyone's raid chat in the zone any of us were currently in, and in some zones, would broadcast our raid channel to everyone on the server.

    We were forced to disband and reform as soon as someone got around to reading the thousands of daily petitions (which required a Gm both disbanding our guild on his end and forming a new placeholder guild with our old guild ID to keep us from being guild 0 again)
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  3. Kazden New Member

    Cleric 1.0 sometime during RoK would allow you to spam click the "Yes" option for the res and get 96% xp per click. I think 3 or 4 was about the max you could click before you'd start zoning.
  4. Badhand Elder

    It's not really a bug but earlier on in my EQ life I was levitating in POK taking all the shortcuts, as you do, when I found myself stuck in a tree. I wriggled for probably 10-15 mins to no avail so I used the OOC chat channel for my first time to send out an SOS. Amongst the laughing someone suggested I try /rewind which may have worked if I had tried it immediately but I had been stuck in the tree for too long. It wasn't to be the end of my EQ life stuck in tree unable to gain any experience or any of the other benefits free people take for granted as a magician grouped with me and summoned me out of there.
  5. Zheros Lorekeeper

    Have never played on an , if that is what you are suggesting, and if so I find the accusation offensive.

    However, I also remember the massive rollbacks that happened after said event and the immediate banning of quite a few people who took advantage of that bug. They were told they exploited the game, some who were banned just because a "friend" had off loaded a ton of pp to them.

    "Friend" was ".." because the people who offloaded the pp were the ones who at first avoided being banned and were rewarded by having the pp given back to them on the first rollback. That is until some of those who were wrongfully banned spoke up, petitioned, bi***ed and moaned about it enough to have people look into the issue deeper.

    But hey I guess, that's my old senile mind (since I have been playing EQ since it's original Beta days) remembering something wrong from a way that I have never played the game.
  6. Tyche Elder

    Wasn't the banker in Befallen? The urban legend anyway. There were other exploits being used that were eventually found but the banker was always said to be made up.
  7. moogs Augur

    Sorry if I missed it, but I'm surprised that no one mentioned how half of the Plane of Knowledge NPCs went on an extended vacation not too long ago. It was really difficult to do tradeskills and complete certain quests for a while there.
  8. Zebrn Journeyman

    In POP there was a bug where the quarm hammer and beastlord pets would merge together. The pet would have TONS of HP and hit 100x harder than normal. I would solo a good portion of PoEarth with it. It actually lasted a long while until they found it and fixed it.
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  9. Galidin Journeyman

    The fiery defender proc going from a dd to a unending fast dot was pretty epic.

  10. Corwyhn Lionheart Guild Leader, Lions of the Heart

    Wasn't there something about sharks dropping large amounts of plat at Freeport?
  11. Zunnoab Augur

    This may have been similar but the one I'm talking about was in 2004 and the latest expansion was LDoN.
  12. Brohg Augur

    For some months after Luclin release, you could cause zone crash/resets by running at a zone line & /q'ing. That bug is responsible for the global timers on raid events.
  13. Krisiun Lorekeeper

    Shards of Dalaya: Leader of the Pack bracer. rip Siblyx
  14. Zheros Lorekeeper

    Wasn't made up, as I had a couple of RL friends who were unjustly banned because they were holding onto plat for a "friend" who said they needed to offload it to another toon. So wasn't an urban legend but got quashed so fast it may as well have been one.

    Like I said though, people who tried to be sneaky and have others hold the plat for them so when the rollbacks happened they would get all that plat back, and unsuspecting people like my RL friends would get banned. That got reversed real fast when the petitions went flying in explaining what happened, and the true perps got banned finally.

    Unfortunately one of my friends decided that the betrayal by SOE was enough they never bothered to return to the game, another reason I took offense to a Dev. making such a backhanded insulting remark.

    Also became the reason I refused to "hold this so I can give it to an alt" for anyone again, before the shared bank existed.
  15. quseio Augur

    Mage 1.0 in cazic looked like gods ,gm illusion s or super huge, at Sol launch the nude bug for player s with bad vcards, double bolts for mages,bards being able to charm boats
  16. Draego Augur

    @ Zheros - Yeah Ray never returned after that issue, can't say I blame him either.

    Regardless Z-man let it drop now, you said your peace on it and you're not the only one to remember the event (yell at me next week when I'm back stateside). Besides there's more than enough current reasons to be bitter towards the old SOE staff, I mean our current overlords as is.
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  17. Draego Augur

    Wasn't just bad vcards..... mine is a really nice and I still occasionally get the nude bug
  18. Jennre Band Leader

    When Kunark first released, the bard AE Slow/snare was modded by instruments. If you used that in conjunction with AE Fear and AE DOTs, 2 bards could kill massive trains in Karnors Keep, completely unscathed.

    Kelins Lubrigous Lament used to be an AE Mezz with no target limit. At level 20ish, I remember locking down about 20/30 gnolls in Blackburrow while the lower level toons that were exp'ing there killed them one by one.

    One of my favorite bugs of all time. I used to be guilded with another bard named Burninsun. He and I liked to deposit corpses in weird spots. It became kind of a contest between him and I. That being said, I was mucking around in Ssra temple before anyone had been flagged for the Emperor and I found that if I stood at the edge of the doorway when it slid closed, it would pop me to the top of the wall, where I could run around wherever I wanted to go.

    I ran all the way, evading see invis mobs that could paste me anytime they saw fit. I finally made it to the Emperor's room, and to my chagrin, at the emperor's feet was Burninsuns corpse HAHAHA!

    When we (Paradigm) finally broke into the Emperor's room, guildies laughed as they saw both of our corpses there ^-^.
  19. disgruntled Augur


    Najena. Definitely.
  20. DebonAir Lorekeeper

    When they refunded forage AA points to characters and by that reduced their forage skill. The afflicted characters had to respend the refunded AA points and were forced to do the tedious skill-up grind again, to get to their original skill level in forage.

    It became "downright ridiculous" when they did it to silver and free-2-play accounts, which commonly had to resubscribe to even spend the refunded AA points ...

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