Most populated servers?

Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by ARCHIVED-crazyheat01, Jan 5, 2011.

  1. ARCHIVED-crazyheat01 Guest

    I'm wondering what servers have the highest populations? I play on Fennin/Cazic and alot of the time I have trouble finding groups.
  2. ARCHIVED-crystilla Guest

    What time zone are you in?
    I know there are a couple PST raid force guilds/alliances on Fennin/Cazic and if you're not PST, that may be a reason. (I know there's a number of guilds not PST on the server but servers with more than 1 or 2 PST organizations may definitely be skewing things.
  3. ARCHIVED-Xlockeed Guest

    Transfer to Xegony, alot and I mean alot of East coast guilds and players on there. Or make a toon there check it out. Really easy just spend a day in each server "besides Zek thats a dead server! GO-GO GOOD TEAM!"
  4. ARCHIVED-Hiladdar Guest

    Two easy and fast ways to find that in game.
    Pick a time, say 5-6pm EST, and create a character and zone into bazaar. Look at the number of traders. That will give you a pretty good indication of server population. Only caviat is do not do that after a server crash or within 1-2 days of a patch day.
    Second way, zone into Guild Lobby and click on the gate. Then count up the number of houses.
    Do that for each server you are considering playing on.
  5. ARCHIVED-Warpaw Guest

    you can set your watch to bristlebane its clearly a east coast server always has been cause like 12am on camps are usally wide open lol.
  6. ARCHIVED-Mardy Guest

    Luclin/Stromm has a fairly healthy mix of East, Central, and West I think. Guild wise I think most raid guilds are leaning towards East, as I've been looking at a few lately. But playerbase wise, I see people LFG & LFM even at midnight PST.
  7. ARCHIVED-Eradicator_Z Guest

    where is the west coast servers?
  8. ARCHIVED-crystilla Guest

    Fennin/Cazic and Erollisi Marr/Nameless to name two - they each have at least two guilds/raid alliances on PST time (and the top PST guild in game is on Erollisi Marr).
  9. ARCHIVED-kblox Guest

    rather than start a new topic. I've also been gone for ever it seems. i live in EST but i work 3rd shift.. anyone know any english speaking servers that are active durring 5-10am est?
  10. ARCHIVED-crystilla Guest

    No clue if this is helpful.
    Erollisi Marr has 2 PST guilds that finish raiding about 4am ET, so there will be some # that play after raids for a while. We also have the guild I mentioned above which I believe speaks English on their raids for a common language.

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