Most impressive/most difficult EQ accomplishment of all time

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Emphant, Feb 24, 2014.

  1. Hardcore New Member

    probably raiding chardok for cleric epic quest , when if you wiped had to have someone summon your bod, but that was long ago before guild lobby and mercs
  2. Koveras Elder

    He should do a Mortal Kombat II Edition of Tecknoe VS Lord Nagafen.
  3. Nucleus New Member

    Killing Dain Frostweaver with my multibox team for the first time many years ago. To my knowledge no one had done it prior and I could barely do it with my team. This was without any software as I don't believe any existed back then to send keys to separate computers. I used separate keyboards on separate computers and did everything by hand, heals, tanking, dps. I had to pull him down the chute so that when he sent my tank away that he only fell into the water and was able to get back on fairly quickly to regain agro. Ever since the Velious expansion had been released my dream was to get the Belt of Dwarfslaying but alas no guilds were interested in killing him because they all wanted to kill the giants instead of the dwarves on my server. By the time I killed him I couldn't use the Belt but the rush of the kill was extremely satisfying! :)
  4. Aurastrider Augur

    I would say completing all of the hero's journey would be the difficult achievement in game in terms of total time. Most of it isn't "difficult" with a current end game character but the pure amount of content and time needed to do it is nuts. A casual could easily spend a year or more just doing it and a hardcore player could easily spend months. If you add in a box group as I did (No I have not completed it yet but am about 85% done) it just makes it an even bigger time sink trying to push every toon through each quest.

    I would love if they added a Hero's Journey II and included all of the content from where the first one left off and end at TDS or even up to EOK. Maybe make the artisans prize a part of the quest line. Basically just adding another option for people to work on when they are bored with a decent reward for doing a huge amount of content.
  5. Mortium Elder

    Logging in at the exact time that the patch was supposed to end. Still looking to get the achieve for that ;)
  6. Mortisand New Member

    Years ago on Bristlebane, there was an open raid on PoAir to farm crowns for the Mage epic, for any mage that needed them (particularly mages who were either unguilded, or otherwise couldn't raise the force required).

    The raid went on for THREE DAYS, from the initial progression through the islands (didn't have a necro hook), to farming the crowns. People were rotating in between sleeping and going to work, just to help friends and strangers.

    Was one of the most impressive displays of a community coming together that I've seen.
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