Most impressive/most difficult EQ accomplishment of all time

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  1. Jaxarale01 Augur

    Keeping RF up on Friday afternoon...

    Still think that is the only mob yet to be done in game?
  2. Chowa New Member

    Camping Raster for my 3 monks...
  3. Repthor3 New Member

    intresting, fun or challngeing events at the current time of the events prime

    simon says trial in OOW
    OMM- with 54 ppl haveing the mask equipt
    Queen Sindeii
    Sep 5 pre nerf
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  4. Loratex The Ridiculous Necro

    you beat me to it
  5. Fleeting Augur

    anyone remember ring events in NTOV for vulak i remember that being a pain in the butt.. (Sleeper takes the cake )
  6. Dorigen Lorekeeper

    Sleeper on Rallos Zek


    Sleeper killers still alive!!
  7. Cury Elder

    • Emp SSRA kill prior to PoP (more of a guild-wide feelgood, but the collective excitement was unparalleled)
    • Beating Uqua pre-nerf (almost as good as above one, but not quite)
    • Completing BiC (up to Tunat portion) prior to release of OOW release (solo stuff pales in comparison to the feeling of shared guild achievements though)
  8. Baramos Augur

    Killing the Noxious Spider solo in 1999.

    This was pre-pet-heal, per-mercenary, pre-iceflame guard, pre-Aegis era. I was using the Earth pet, which was a research-only pet.

    The Nox was highly sought after for the GCB (gold chitin bracer) on the race to 200 INT. I was up at the sonic bats and tne Nox showed up right at the top and I sent pet in and hurled gobs of fire and swords at him. Pet was at 0.001 percent health and I got one last nuke in.

    Nox died. My hands were shaking so bad I could barely get across the bridge to loot.

    GCB. Win.

    Nothing has ever come close.

    A far-distant second was being first to get Mage epic on Fennin. Monster pet resulted which I used until PoP.

    The power and magic of EQ in its beginnings leave almost everything else in the dust, in my experience.
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  9. Baramos Augur

    The other side of the coin was getting one of the first SMRs on Fennin. I gated out to show it off and saw Oracl standing there.

    In a CRYOSILK robe.

    He looked at me and said, "Nice robe, Baramos."

  10. Xata New Member

    Allowing mages to actually nuke on raids as opposed to pooping rods for wizards. Really, this was quite a significant game play change. I had to pay attention instead of concentrating on laying rods fast enough to spell curse words to Verant Interactive
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  11. Baramos Augur


    "Rod, Rod,Rod, TORPOR!"
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  12. Axxius Augur

    Also, allowing necros to actually dot mobs on raids instead of chain-feeding mana to wizards and clerics. :)
  13. Cakvala Augur

    Two things come to mind, during Planes of Power being in one of the Top guilds on my server. Then way later getting my Epic 2.0 / 2.5 Done finally!
  14. Yimin Augur

    Most impressive making EQ last for almost 20 years.

    Most difficult EQ accomplishment of all time , not done yet that will happen when they make Gnome Bst

  15. KateL7 Lorekeeper

    Wasn't the one last month a total disaster? I seem to remember it lasting days, I just left to play other games for a while. As for this thread, my best achievement was some of the stuff I soloed. As a guild, nothing special. I completed Sky but only during Kunark so it was a lot easier.
  16. Drexyll Lorekeeper

    For me...camping the Shield of the Immaculate 22 times. That camp is a b**** to say the least. Definitely the rarest droppable I have ever camped, or even heard of for that matter. Made a lot of guildies & friends happy, though :).
  17. Raynrace Augur

    I think on a recent level, Plane of War and I know people said Sep 5 but man (one off) raid 1 at the pyramid was insane pre nerf. I know some cheated and DA tanked it but that was cool when we won and beat it almost every week after that.
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  18. Redrum_Redrum Augur

    Raynrace tells you - Man I need to edit my post my top 2 accomplishments are surviving a whole raid as a ranger and breaking into the top 50 of a 54 person raid parse....
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  19. drusis New Member

    Even though bringing up this zombie thread is kinda meh, I would have to say being part of the first kill and second kill and third kills(only ones) pre-nerf PoW raid. That was one of the major times, that when they finally fell over, you leaned back thought wow did we really just manage to beat that. Then you get ready for all the hate from other guilds saying we cheated, they nerfed it, they didnt nerf it yet and they beat it too, etc. That part is almost always as fun as the actual kill.
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  20. Mance Bojanglez New Member

    I haven't raided since Dreadspire/Mayong, which I thought was a solid encounter across gaming raids. I've heard nothing but good things about PoWar raid, regret not getting back into the game sooner now.