More Relaxed Truebox on TLP

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  1. Bumbkumo Journeyman

    No one wants Relaxed Truebox unlocked YEARS after a TLP released on a dead server.

    Why is Boxing reserved for the few and not for ‘norms’?

    I’m not saying Relaxed Truebox should be on ALL TLPs. - but I think for the majority it would be a good thing to implement.

    If you guys don’t support soloing how am i suppose to level up when NO ONE is in most of the lower level zones??
  2. RileyFreeman New Member

    Normal people can't buy a laptop I guess
  3. Xhartor Augur

    We did have the Aradune/Rizlona contrast, early on Aradune was the more hopping server, until recycle left, then Rizlona took over.

    Relexed truebox isn't needed while the recycler are still on the server. Mangler biggest complaint with still having truebox, isn't the inability to add additional boxes on a single computer. It's how the key detection works once you reach the point in the game where you need to start running multi-binds. At that point true box disconnects become much worse more frequent.
  4. Bumbkumo Journeyman

    It’s not about ‘just buying another laptop’. It’s about enjoyment and accessibility.

    It’s a 24 year old game… imagine you’re out of town for a bit and you just wanna get a few hours of EQ in… So you need to carry around 3 or more laptops with you? Silly. And for the average player setting up workstation for EQ is out of the question. - and yes there are a lot of casuals when a TLP is launched, just look at server populations after PoP.
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  5. Mashef Augur

    This should be part of the 25th anniversary server. It really hurt Oakwynds population when they didn't go to it this round. Unlimited boxing is going to happen no matter what.. you see it on truebox servers they hack their way thru.

    This would allow casual boxers to not waste energy and effort setting up 3 rigs.
  6. Kraked Augur

    I would 100% return for another TLP server that allows boxing, throw in a cool ruleset like Mischief with no randomized loot and you will have a great server in my opinion.
    However, I enjoy being able to complete content without having to waste time waiting on people.
  7. Mashef Augur

    I enjoyed the randomized group loot - but would like to see normal raid loot.

    Randomized group loot at least prevents the krono farmers from pinning down key items.
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  8. Kraked Augur

    Krono farmers will always be a thing.
    Randomized loot just made it so you did not have to travel to all the other zones to obtain loot and instead could just farm in one location that was level appropriate for those drops and you will get them eventually.
    I do not find that enjoyable and it defeats the purpose of leveling in other zones for drops.
    Free Trade was plenty in my opinion.

    If anything they could keep Free Trade and add other rules such as spawn timers being decreased, rare spawn increase, etc.
    The economy will flourish regardless.
  9. AnonFrog01 Journeyman

    Cause no one runs 6+ toons right now.......................
  10. manglered Lorekeeper

    definitely wont be paying to play another tlp with any form of truebox whatsoever... after the last few its become mundane and boring at best ... im really hoping the 25th anniversary servers arent as bleh as the last couple years. perhaps if they release 2 or 3 rulesets they might get one of them right ... but my guess is it will be truebox AND fte ... and another year of no tlp for me ... hey that rhymes
  11. Dreadnote New Member

    I disagree. on every other server everything is locked down by people. they know exactly when the mob is going to spawn and they stand there waiting and kill the mob and keep it locked down. on random loot we can go to various zones and look for similar rare of similar level and era and still be able to get the loot we are looking for. may take a few kills but we still have a chance.
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  12. Xhartor Augur

    The randomized loot and increased volume seems like it done to deal with people locking down high value spawns. Otherwise they would have been overloaded with complaints and CS tickets.

    However it also created a race to the bottom, where guilds looked for the easiest encounters farm loot, instead of pushing the top end zones. If you can fully deck your guild out in Fire/Water/Earth B mini, why bother dealing with Air rings, TRC or Time. Look at the silly amount of Hearol splits some guilds would have TSS. It's probably something that should have had a set point to go away once you reach PoP or GoD.
  13. Kraked Augur

    1) Everything high value is still locked down either way, You instead can now just go sit without being bothered in a zone that was once useless because before it had 0 drops for your class.
    Anything within that level range they set would drop those items, just give it time which defeats the purpose of traveling around the world.
    IE: I am camping Efreeti getting FBSS / SSB / Yak / SMR / etc, that defeats any purpose for me to travel to Guk across the world.

    2) If you do not know the spawn timers after 20+ years, that is a problem in itself.

    I believe in: Competition > Entitlement
    I do not believe anyone is entitled to gear, spawn, etc.
    Randomized loot catered to casual players unwilling to put forth the time/effort into obtaining top end gear.

    Randomized loot was the only thing I found unenjoyable about that server.
  14. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    Random loot makes sense for group content to get the rares. It doesn't make sense for raid content when you have AoCs to get the raid names.
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  15. Pappasalt Augur

    So very much time and effort needed these days to down raid targets...
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  16. Kraked Augur

    Once you get a set schedule and people in attendance that kill the content on a regular basis, I agree it does not take much.
    I however did not mention "Raids" whatsoever.
  17. Pikollo Augur

    Would it not be the same for group content? If you have a static group to play with its all about time. EQ isn't hard. Its about how long you can stand to sit there and get items. Be it at the intended camp for a FBSS or another camp thats on the bucket.

    Another way to look at it is randomized loot opened up more options to farm certain items without having to sit at a certain camp. If Guk is taken I can then go elsewhere to farm the item I want. Maybe a zone I rarely went to before.

    Either way I don't see how it caters to casuals. I see it opening up the map for more possibilities and not being put out cuz certain camps are taken 24/7.
  18. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    Relaxed Truebox for every TLP.
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  19. Zrae Journeyman

    this is a tactic to force people to buy pl's from the same cheaters that never get banned. Plain and simple. Can't box your own toons to lvl? Gotta pay up!