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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Achillez, Jan 27, 2024.

  1. eqfanforlife Elder

    People have been saying the server will be dead after PoP.

    It's right around the corner now and you and everyone else will see the server die.

    Just as it's been predicted.

    Any chance of the server living past that point died with the plat scam/bugs/AA problems etc etc.
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  2. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    The issue isn't that the server will die at some point, but the constant claims that it is already dead and on the chopping block.
  3. coltongrundy Augur

    Is this a real person? Nobody ever said that Oakwynd was going to be shut down.
  4. eqfanforlife Elder

    Compared to mischief and other servers like phinny at this point in the server life, yes Oakwynd is dead already and on the chopping block.
  5. Zinth Augur

    Phinny was thriving at the same point in time as Oakwynd is in... really miss that server... the FIRST to have AOC's it was such a blast and YES we did make it to live status...
  6. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    This recent debate started because someone suggested it was on the chopping block and I disagreed with that statement.
  7. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    Oakwynd is still a high population server, until that changes it is premature to claim that it is a dead server and on the chopping block.
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  8. SnapVine Augur

    The population on Oakwynd is not that high
  9. NuffanTuit Nuffan Tuit on Innoruuk Server

    Rathe Mountains was hotly contested back in June 2023 on Oakwynd. On Fippy I could not do much in Rathe until I was at max level and by then the real need had passed as it would only be for plat as everything was grey.

    And you basically just admitted you are not interested in a race, you want the ability to kill steal an engaged mob.

    Are there CON's to FTE...a couple, but there are FAR MORE PRO's to FTE and I guarantee you it was a smaller headache for CS to deal with Oakwynd than previous TLP's.
  10. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    According to the server status page it is at a high level most of the time.
  11. NuffanTuit Nuffan Tuit on Innoruuk Server

    Oakwynd has clearly dropped off in the past two weeks, many guilds have killed Quarm multiple times now and the server is in a real LULL atm...
  12. OldTimeEQ1 Augur

    How do you jump to this conclusion lol. Why not take a break again for a decade, come back and make sweeping statements?
  13. Critt Augur

    I truly hope this isn’t the case, I didn’t play on Oakwynd because of FTE, and I won’t play the 25th anniversary server if it has FTE…
  14. NuffanTuit Nuffan Tuit on Innoruuk Server

    Because the ONLY thing FTE changes is your ability to out DPS a person who engaged first.

    I get it you do not like a bot group of mages getting aggro quicker. But FTE does not create this problem ALL FTE does is keep others from trying to steal an engaged mob.

  15. Jinkies New Member

    Very high chance every TLP moving forward is FTE, it probably solves alot of CS issues for Darkpaw without them having to lift a finger. I'd be surprised if they ever turned it off at this point.
  16. Elabone Augur

    I understand where your coming from. As someone who didn't play on Oakwynd all you can do is constantly read about how it was going to be DoA (which compared to almost every other TLP it was) and how it is constantly dying (once again, compared to every other TLP it is). But you still see it listed as "high".

    To give you an idea, I played on both Mischief and Oakwynd. At the height of Luclin (before the Plat Dupe) there was consistently 700+ traders in the bazaar. That number was cut in half in the last couple months. Mischief still has more traders than that, and its going through expansions that have historically destroyed TLPs.

    Your main gauge of how well a TLP is doing seems to be the server population status. The issue with that, is it does not take into account what the future is going to hold. If you genuinely talk to people who play on Oakwynd, the reason they are still there is because there is nothing else. They are there, biding their time until the 25th Anni server gets announced or released, at that point they will make the decision what to do.

    But unless the dev completely miss the mark on what the player base would love to see, i don't see oakwynd being a server that you could realistically play on during the summer.

    I get that the original dude used a term that, even to me, didnt make much sense. But, did it really require 15 posts to argue about a topic that you should really admit you know nothing about?

    Again, i understand where you base your opinion from. But you have to admit that a lot more goes into a servers population, and future than just the "server population page".

    Ive known you "as a poster" for years, and i know you aren't an idiot. Sometimes you just gotta state your peace (the term he used was idiotic) and move on my guy. You literally have no dog in this fight. The people who play on Oakwynd do, and we all know what's going to happen in 3 months.
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  17. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    How exactly do you think Daybreak is going to gage the success of the server? They are going to use the population that is currently on the server and they are not going to try and make predictions about what is going to happen at a later time.

    The fact remains that the server is still going strong and that people need to admit that the FTE rules are not a failure with the server being dead on arrival. Sure it is always possible that the next server could have a major impact on it but that is the case for every TLP not just this one.
  18. NuffanTuit Nuffan Tuit on Innoruuk Server

    Quite simple....How much revenue was generated? Did this server sell a lot of krono? did this server sell a lot of DB cash?

    if it did they will keep doing this over and over again as long as it adds significantly to the revenue.

    They really do not care how many people are playing...While the number will impact the revenue, all they care about is the revenue, if a small number still generates a lot of revenue through micro transactions they are fine with it.
  19. SnapVine Augur

    FTE is definitely here to stay, because it helps daybreak be more hands off.

    Oakwynd is not doing well, will be fully dead soon. Population very low
  20. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    And how much revenue a TLP server gets does depend on the population of that server. It doesn't matter how much people keep calling it a dead server the evidence says otherwise.