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    Right after Planes of Power launched my brother and I created a guild. I had just graduated college, I was listless, aimless. My brother, 6 years older than me at 27, was working across the country. Playing EQ together was how we stayed in touch, and still did things together, though we were thousands of miles apart.

    Our guild grew, quickly. Surprisingly so. We went from a group of game friends to one of the most successful raiding guilds on the server. For over a year, we ran the guild together as we advanced through the game. He played an ogre warrior named Montu. Montu Dragonslayer. He was our main tank. He dyed his armor a bright green, so everyone could see him and know how and where to position. The jolly green giant we'd call that character. I still remember the night Rallos Zek dropped for the first time. He had his sword. He bid on it (we used a points bid system). Nobody bid against him. He called me. He was so excited he got it.

    After raids, we'd all shoot the for a few hours, too keyed up on adrenalin to sleep. This was before VOIP systems. Before discord. We had chat channels, and that was about it.

    He always stood in the same spot when he logged out, right next to the Plane of Tranquility click in in Plane of Knowledge. Always just off to the right. I'd usually head to the bazaar to make some jewelry to sell (enchanter). I'd usually set up there. He'd often stay up chatting with us. Often he'd never log out, and his character, the ogre in the bright green armor, would stay there all night.

    This isn't an "I quit" message. Truth is, I quit EQ a long time ago. When WOW came out our guild died, as many did in those days. I went on to lawschool. Career. I didn't have time to ever invest in serious MMOs. I remember those times fondly, but also with great frustration.

    When the new progression server opened a few months ago, we chatted briefly about trying again. We rolled up some toons and gave it a go, and he was really excited to get back into it. But I just couldn't find the time. The time of my life for EQ was over. I wasn't a 21 year old kid, he wasn't a 27 year old young adult. I'm 37. Him 43. I'm a lawyer now. MMOs, especially more hardcore ones, are for the young. I'm not young anymore.

    He'd still play, from time to time, but nothing like before. Mostly just going back to old game haunts and amusingly soloing things that we used to raid. He'd even occasionally bring out his green armor clad ogre. We kept talking about actually really trying this new progression server out though. "Next weekend" we've been saying for a few months now.

    My brother died Saturday.

    I've been going through some correspondences of ours, reminiscing. And I found an email, from a few years back, of a google doc, with all the EQ account passwords. I didn't know if they would work, but I figured...what the hell.

    And I got in.

    I found him.

    Servers had merged and merged again, but I found him. That big green . Montu Dragonslayer. His armor was still green. He even kept the guild.

    He was at the POK bank though. Not where he used to log off. It took me a while, to get my orientation. It's been 15 years, after all.

    But I got him there. I found the zone to Plane of Tranquility, and put him right off the platform, to the right. Where he always stood. Where he always would log off.

    Everquest helped maintain a relationship with my brother in a very lonely and uncertain time in my life. Some of the fondest memories I will ever have of him were times playing the game with him. I will have no more memories made of him again. But I will have those. Of Emperor Ssra. Of Rallos Zek. Of PoV camps. Of Lucid shard hunting. Of BoT towers. Of Agnarr and Rathe and Quarm. Of that big ogre in bright green armor.

    Of my brother.

    Tonight, Montu Dragonslayer, the ogre in the bright green armor logged off in Plane of Knowledge, just to the right of the Plane of Tranquility stone. One last time.

    I think he would have wanted it that way.
  2. daBlubb Journeyman

    My condolences to the loss of your brother. Iam not good in finding suitable words.
  3. Aurastrider Augur

    I am sorry for your loss its never easy. I am glad you were able to look back on your brother with fond memories and hopefully those memories will stay strong with you as you continue on your journey.
  4. Flatchy Court Jester

    This was beautiful. I admit it made this old troll cry here at work. I am sorry for your loss , I am sure your brother would be happy with your actions. I myself have played EQ with this crusty old Englishman since day one. I am 56 he is much older. I do not look forward to that day Hinanthewiz does not log in to ask, "where we going today then"?
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  5. Maedhros High King

  6. feeltheburn Augur

    my condolences, this hit home for me as I lost TWO brothers in a span of 2 years just 2 years ago, its never easy and does not get easier, miss em every day. Godspeed to him and prayers to you and yours.
  7. enclee Augur

    What a beautiful obituary for his character. I wish, we could have an in-game memorial wall for all the players that have passed.
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  8. Grove Augur

    Crying for your deceased brother (and for you) .... as I have for other beautiful people and characters who are gone.
  9. Phiyre Augur

    May he rest in peace and may you find peace in all of the memories you shared. So sorry for your loss.
  10. Mintalie Augur

    How can you not cry after reading that? What a beautiful tribute to your brother. I'm so sorry for your loss.
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    What? I was cutting onions!

    Thank you for sharing this, I'm very sorry about your loss. Hang on to those great memories you have!
  12. Imukai Augur

    Saw this on Reddit, got me a lil' choked up. Loss sucks no matter what and to whom, but at least you have good memories to fall back on.
  13. Travestii Elder

    Here's to the Jolly Green Giant, may his memory live on.
  14. Coagagin Augur

    I have remarked for years on how close I/we/others have come to know and respect so many in game. Having done thing like sent flowers to paying my respects at a funeral for a guildmate I never meet before their passing to now playing with children and even grandchildren of folks I have known for going on two decades now.

    Really, just the socialization and interaction based on a long term game still stuns me in ways that I still have difficulty resolving. And that's not necessarily a bad thing just something I have a hard time wrapping my head around at times.


    Feel your pain and please accept my sincere condolences on your loss.

    Be safe.
  15. IceSy Augur

    My condolences to you and your family. *HUGS*:(
  16. Jaedo Journeyman

    A proper sendoff; for all of his souls can rest in tranquility <3
  17. Lilpines New Member

    Of my brother.

    Tonight, Montu Dragonslayer, the ogre in the bright green armor logged off in Plane of Knowledge, just to the right of the Plane of Tranquility stone. One last time.

    I think he would have wanted it that way.

    Thank you for sharing and I am so sorry for your loss. It is hard to explain what this silly world of Norrath means to some of us. I only hope that someone manages to keep at least one server active long enough for me to have that final log off one day.

    EQ Aetternem
  18. CrazyLarth Augur

  19. Zolav Elder

    What a beautiful tribute to your brother and thank you for sharing that with the community. I also want to thank you for reminding us how precious life is.
  20. Concerned Druid New Member

    Nice read, sorry for your loss.
    Yes Daybreak, it would be good to have a permanent memorial spot we can put our departed friends' toons, forever logged in as the game's NPC's are. On a server made for dead people that we could visit to see the fallen..forever posed, forever memorialized.
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