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  1. Astral64 Augur

    I do not. I thought I made that pretty clear.

    Your numbers numbers just don't add up. I'm not sure you are the most qualified to be commenting on balance for the monk class.
  2. Brohg Augur

    The lack of specificity is making this conversation super dumb.
  3. Cicelee Augur

    There are times when I wish my monk was as geared and AA'ed as my magician...
  4. Denial_Sinfae Augur

    We have a monk that's usually only behind the berserker. None of the other monks do that. I think it speaks to the recurring theme in this thread that you need to know what you're doing as a monk. On a burn I see him between 600-1.2 million, sustained he's never usually below 220 even with a couple deaths (we have some slacker tanks).

    It's tough to compare my guild numbers vs some of the big guilds though, as they'll clear an event like Cactus in under 5 minutes and we take 8-12 minutes depending on who logged in.
  5. Axel Lorekeeper

    Without burns, 180k sustained is pretty good. I mean, it might not be as good as a berzerker, but that's not intended. Monks and zerkers are not the same class.

    What? Berzerkers only bring DPS. Rogues bring Shroud of Stealth and DPS. Monks bring pulling, crowd control, tanking and DPS. The only class that I can really compare to a monk is a bard in the pulling aspect, and a monk outshines a bard in dungeons and other inside zones.

    I'm not sure who you raid with, but monks are chilling above rogues in RoS raids. They obviously aren't doing zerker level DPS (well, they beat zerkers depending on who you raid with) but they are beating rogues (which shouldn't be happening) I assume because monks are burstier than rogues and rogues are more sustained than monks are, which has pretty much always been the case.
  6. Astral64 Augur

    As you can clearly see in the quote we're talking about adps, not group utility. Every other melee class brings better adps to a group.

    I agree that rogues need a hand as well. I'm not here to call out other classes but there is a clear difference between what some dps classes can bring to a raid. Be it through more personal dps or adps, I'm fine with either way.

    I am very aware of what the best can do in a few of the top guilds and the gap is real.
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  7. Littlelegs Elder

    Seems some melee need boost. Be active in beta for your best chance at it. To be explicit: boost rogue beast and monks dps plz.

    Hopefully new expansion brings the balance that EQ deserves. Which is frankly an absurd request. But hey, world peace and end of world hunger and all that. Balancing a class based on the good or the bad. Guilds dps and much much much more importantly the players that play the classes hugely skew whether a class is perceived as op or sh*t. My perspective only.
  8. Thirtysix Chambers New Member

    Does anyone have an updated set of MNK mash buttons? I'm back to raiding after an extended break and I'm coming in at #12,13 on raid parses. My AA is currently sitting at 16500-ish and I want to maximize my DPS capabilities.
  9. VIvisec New Member

    I just came back to EverQuest a few days ago to play my favorite class: Monk.
    Ive been playing a monk in EQ since 2000 and it has been my bread and butter for 18 years.
    My original name is Vivisec and I came from the Torvonnilous server, some of you may have known me. I go by Vivislack now and have been topping raid charts since TBM and EoK, beating *most* Zerkers Rogues and Wizards. At level 106 I was soloing yellow and red mobs inside Droga with a lvl 106 Mercenary. At level 108 I was doing 100-120k dps with just my autoattacks and combat abilities. Not running Zan Fi or IoT or any other supplemental ability. Keep in mind I am still wearing my EoK raid gear since I haven't played since then. I cant understand people believing monks are weak or unable to solo.

    My opinion? Monks are still as strong as ever and still the strongest melee class in the game. They just are not being played by experienced people, the way they were originally designed. There are maybe less than 50 people left playing this game who even understand what that means.
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  10. Izzard of Bertox Journeyman

    I am sorry your experience with the class you love is not meeting your expectations but I can promise you, there is someone who has posted about EVERY class on the same issue. You say (or insinuate) classes X,Y, and Z have much better DPS than you. Someplace else you can find Class X, Y, and Z saying the same exact thing.

    For this specific case (O.P.), I can attest to Monks being the NUMBER 1/2/3 mele parse on many raids and/or groups. I have been number 1, Berserkers have been number 1 Rangers have been number 1.

    With all respects, you need to do something different.

    P.S. The DBG team are also EQ players. They are not out to just make money... for real. They read these posts and fact check any Red-Flags.
  11. gnomeboss Augur

    you can hit tails when the zerker dies. they probably won't notice it even if you are sure to comment in group that you're helping them out, but you can feel good about yourself!
  12. Bamboompow Augur

    There is this.

    One also has to go back to one of the first posts here which equates classes to product lines. There will always be top shelf classes and those that end up lower down towards the near generic. Why? Mainly due to EQ still being a pay for time business model. Everything they do is based around maintaining that steady revenue stream of subs. Sure, there are minor trinkets one can buy to cheat that a bit, such as EXP or salvage pots, but overall DBG wants you resubbing every month and builds in ample speed bumps to slow one down but not create the perception of insurmountably.

    "Encouraging" people to re-role is probably not something the dev team will actively discuss in public, but the way some classes are positioned at any given time will mean there are winners and losers. You can soldier on and be the best example of a class DBG has moved down market, which is commendable. Or you can take the time to re-role, replay and power up a preferred class. "Take the time" is the key here. As players, its on us to decide what makes the most practical sense. A well played example of a class that fell into disfavor with DBG is still going to destroy a mediocre player of any class on the catbird seat.

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