Monk Wishes / Improvements for next expansion 2020/2021

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  1. Minato Augur

    pretty spot on my main wish besides that is bring back duel wielding monks. i main changed from a zerk of 10 years to monk and im still stuck using 2handers >.< its just annoying i would like the option
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  2. Heajol Augur

    What about making Fists of Wu relevant again? I like having something more to give the group. It feels like monks are almost redundant with other classes atm. Or do a lot of classes feel that way with how abilities have been farmed out etc?
  3. shintaaro New Member

    So looks like all the feedback fell on deaf ears and we just got the same old rank upgrades of existing skills.
  4. Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Augur

    I think that we just need to make this post in like April. That is a couple weeks after the Anniversary stuff is live and they have had time to fix any late bugs, but still before they have really started work on the next expansion in earnest. Then maybe we can get them to drop the worthless discs and AAs with different ones and/or move things around to different timers.
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  5. Sokon Augur

    First time I actually looked at my tiger claw attacks the other day when swapping out an aug. It was something like my most common tiger claw attack was 8400ish and my highest lucky crit tigerclaw attack was 8700ish........

    That's for only regular tiger claw attacks with 130 luck

    Obviously tigerclaw does shoopoo for damage cause the majority of its damage is +Number damage. Resulting in the crits/lucky crits being super inferior to most all of our other crits.

    *Tigerclaw(and the other punch skill attacks) need a base damage % increase AA line. 20-30 ranks of it.

    Regular flying kicks suffer a bit in this realm of +damage as well but not so obvious or as bad.

    *We now have 3 different throwing -1 timer abilities, but we don't have a single AA line for anything regarding throwing. With one of the lowest AA counts of all the classes, if not the lowest, I think we could use like 5 different throwing AA lines. Summon daggers, range increase, damage increase, crit increase, double or triple throw etc etc.

    Been throwing stuff for 20 years and we never got any better at it? Please, that's so unrealistic lol.

    *I want to be able to double invis myself again. Give me an AA that causes imitate death to not break IVU buff, like it used to function for many years till they decided to break it. A monk should be able to get around any zone rather easily without the possibility of training people or having to fd 50 times and wait for fade etc etc etc.

    Other than tigerclaw and throwing being complete crap, I'd also really like to be able to mend while unconscious, lol, like if we are ever gonna get any kind of mend upgrade whatsoever(50% life every 30 seconds is pretty nice in a lot of content) please let it be Mend while unconscious, lol

    Other things that could be looked at are extensions, or timer reductions or increase in power in the Master AA page for other disciplines we use like Dreamwalk(18 seconds of bard speed every 20 minutes? what....) Defer Death or whatever the current line is now doesn't even heal for 10% of your life. And an AAline increasing the number of charges from impenetreble rune could be real nice. A line that increases the dmg + for drunken monkey. All the other discs we use that currently don't have any lines in Master page could be argued for.

    I'd also like a %chance to crit built in to technique of master wu line, where the first hit or 2 were 100% chance to crit, 3rd hit had 25% additional chance to crit, 4th had 5% additional chance, 5th had 1% additional or what have you. of course that won't matter much at all with most tigerclaw attacks however.

    I've heard the argument before that we need to ask for only this or only that, more dps, more dps! Well over the years all that's gotten us is having the lowest AA count of any class if you think about it. They are only gonna give us so many DPS AA lines and if that's all we ever ask for well, here we are with 15 thousand less AAs than some classes.

    And lastly... Bind wound at skill 600? Locks you in place for 10 seconds? It should atleast heal for the same amount as mend can, not for just 800 health, lmfao, pathetic. I finally got around to leveling that up for the achieves the other day, so underwhelming lol And I need bandages in my bags? Shouldn't Monks be pretty good at doing this by now? It should atleast do what purify body does, you know, stop the bleeding or SOMETHING, heals me for twice my base regen while I can't do anything for 10 whole seconds? wow, so bad lol
  6. JBox New Member

    It would just be nice to get something new as a monk.
    Heel of Zagali – Level 100 –November 28, 2012

    Speed Focus – Level 63 - September 9, 2003

    Third, Fourth and Filler
    Terrorpalm – Level 99 –November 28, 2012
    Ironfist – Level 88 - October 12, 2010
    Eye of the Storm – Level 98 - November 28, 2012

    Other than that, same few spammables every expansion. The spell disc’s are useless because the pet ones are better. The gap gets bigger as luck numbers increase but monks at 3/5’s rule for crit end up with less lucky when compared to zerkers. With current inflation and continuation, warriors will be more useful as DPS.

    It would be cool to hit a button I wasn’t hitting 9 years ago in a game that is releases content every year. And yeah, we still hit DMS from Underfoot in 2009
  7. I_Love_My_Bandwidth Mercslayer

    I don't mind same discs, but the stagnation is real. And Monk aDPS is laughable. Zerker DPS is on point, but their top-flight, raid-wide aDPS makes them just as desirable. Rogues enjoy the ability for the entire raid to help fulminate their Alliance as well as still having relevant aDPS. Monks possess no such raid-wide offering or assistance.

    Maybe Master's Synergy should be raid-wide?

    Monks have stagnated in relevance (on Live) and with pulling duties passed to plate tanks, there's no real reason to choose a Monk over Rogue or Berserker in any situation. None.

    Monks' role in EverQuest is ___________, Devs? Look pretty?
  8. Lisard Augur

    Alternate Advancement AA suggestions:
    The following Monk Focus AA's have stagnated and deserve a look at for addition to the next expansion. they could all use a bump. I understand you have limited time, as always, but these are the AA's that I would focus on if you could set aside some time.

    Extended Impenetrable Discipline (currently 2/2 ranks) - needs 3 ranks added. (adding 24 seconds to the duration of the ability making its duration 60 seconds)
    Rank 3 = adds 6 seconds to the duration @ 50 AA cost
    Rank 4 = adds 8 seconds to the duration @ 75 AA cost
    Rank 5 = adds 10 seconds to the duration @ 125 AA cost

    Extended Heel of Kanji Discipline (currently 3/3 ranks) - needs 3 ranks added. (bringing its reuse down from 15 minutes @ 54 second duration to a 10 minute reuse @ 60 second duration)
    Rank 4 = Reduces the reuse by 1 minute adds 2 seconds to the duration @ 100 AA cost
    Rank 5 = Reduces the reuse by 1 minute adds 2 seconds to the duration @ 100 AA cost
    Rank 6 = Reduces the Reuse by 3 minutes adds 2 seconds to the duration @ 230 AA cost

    Extended Crystalpalm Discipline (currently 3/3 ranks) - needs 3 ranks added. (bringing its reuse down from 22 minutes to 15 minutes and more in line with the other discipline reuse timers)
    Rank 4 = Reduces the reuse by 2 minute @ 100 AA cost
    Rank 5 = Reduces the reuse by 2 minute @ 100 AA cost
    Rank 6 = Reduces the reuse by 3 minutes @ 230 AA cost

    Focus: Dragon's Balance (currently 10/10 ranks) - needs a reuse reduction currently 20 minute reuse is an absurd amount of time for this abilities reuse it is currently our 2nd longest reuse ability line (and its not even a discipline per say, but an additive buff) which puts it way out of sync of any Actual discipline that you would optimally pair it with, bringing it down to 15 minute reuse puts it more in line with its purpose of the monks personal arsenal of self Added DPS and equal reuse as the abilities it pairs with as well.
    Rank 11 = increase base damage by 65% reduces reuse by 2.5 minutes @ 120 AA cost
    Rank 12 = Increase base damage by 70% reduces reuse by 2.5 minutes @ 120 AA cost

    Zan Fi's Whistle AA
    It was stated that Zan Fi's Whistle AA was gonna be made so that it is a 100% uptime ability. This never made it past ToV beta due to Dzarn not passing the information along to the new guy. this needs to make it into next expansion (or any patch tbh as its overdue). Additionally it needs to be made to Coexist (BUT NOT STACK) with the Berserker Shared Atavism line of abilities (currently if a monk is the Targets target, berserker cant use this ability which is not cool for the berserker)

    Additionally, to Lessen the impact of Extra button spam and in the spirit of consolidation:
    Increase Tiger Claw Damage bonus by X / Increase Eagle Strike damage bonus by X / Increase Dragon Punch (Tail Rake) Damage Bonus by X. These need to be added to the Zan Fi's Whistle AA alongside its current benefits, Doing so will allow us to remove Drunken Monkey Style from use completely as 1 less button to "spam".

    Intimidation - Allow for the skill Intimidation to be /autoskill further reducing "spam" this can not only be applied to the monk class but also the Berserker, Rogue, Bard

    Discipline Combat Skill Upgrade Suggestions:
    Ironfist Discipline requires an upgrade
    Eye of the Storm requires an upgrade
    Decisive Reflex needs to be moved to the -1 timer

    Alliance Fulmination:
    Alliance, Covenant and Coalition for the monk class needs its # of Procs for fulmination reduced from 10 to 6. 10 procs from RNG via Melee swings is pretty steep and unreliable to ever fulminate unless you have 3-4 monks, and even with 3-4 monks the % to fulminate is low in consistency / reliability. this is not a far fetched request, but rather a QoL. when you have Beastlords, Rogues (get to use the entire raid regardless of class), Magicians, Wizards, Bards, SK's, Necromancers who can reliably force fulminations with just 2 of their classes present.
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