Monk Wishes / Improvements for next expansion 2020/2021

Discussion in 'Melee' started by Dropfast, Sep 19, 2020.

  1. Dropfast Augur

    I wanted to get this in hopefully before it's to late. Being their is a very good chance their won't be a level increase this next expansion, it's the perfect time to address some of these long standing issues. Aka AA's and disc improvements. It's just good ideas / suggestions, I am by no means necessarily wanting all of this at once but it would be nice! So here it is >

    Side note - Almost everything I am purposing here can be fast easy fixes. I'm not asking for all new discs and AA's that take a lot time to do. All of this stuff can easily be done via AA's ( aka focus AA that already exist) or just a slight re-work for the most part. I'm trying keep it as simple as can be for the Devs so that it can be done and soon!

    1. Eagle's Poise (Disc) - this needs a 4 to 5 min recast reduction so that it always lines up with Ironfist disc. It's a nice ability but 20 min recast has always been over the top for what it is. A small change but would make many a monk very happy! This can be done Via the focus AA.

    2. Destructive Force (AA) - this needs a 2 min recast reduction so it lines up with the Speed disc. Much the same as #1, it's a small change but has meaningful impact and would make us very happy. You can do the same for Zerks and rouges I don't care but please make this happen! Just add an Focus AA for this or a new rank or 2 for the AA that reduces recast time.

    3. Fists of Wu (disc) - Please for the love of Quellious bring this back! It will need to be some other type of effect as double attack is capped but you guys have brought back the Rouge and Zerker versions AND extended them greatly. Why has the monk version not been done as well? It could be flurry chance (if it's not capped), Triple attack (if it's not capped already), + damage per hit that stacks with everything, Hundred hands effect. Something that actually works and stacks with everything. Their is no reason at this point to not give us some kind of group ADPS so monks are actually desired in raid groups. Even if it is small I don't care but bring this back please!

    4. Zan Fi's Whistle ( AA ) - 7 min recast / lasts 6.5 mins. This is just silly, at this point you should just make the + damage portion of this buff a permeant AA ( aka a Passive always running effect) and keep the damage proc as the only activated part of this AA. This not only makes sense but it would also have the nice side effect of freeing up a buff slot which is GREATLY needed as well.

    5. Eye of the Storm ( disc ) - This is LONG overdue for an upgrade. It is a very weak sustained dps disc, not a burn. Monks were the first to have it, since then it's been re worked and VASTLY improved / farmed out to rouges and zerkers. Which is fine as they needed it but it's time to improve ours. 7 min recast but only lasts 2 min. It would be nice if it lasted about 4 - 5 mins as this would let us at least have something running in-between our absurdly long Burn discs recast times.

    6. Terrorpalm ( disc ) - This was our best burn in the past but is now our worst. It got completely nurtured when you all added the the passive + damage AA to all melee quite a while back. Their was 0 good reason to nerf it when that happened but you did anyway. It was already getting it's "power" cut in half essentially by adding that AA to all melee but you took it even further and nerfed it into oblivion. It adds next to nothing to damage now AND has an absurd recast time of 22 min( 21 min with type 3 aug). Basically we lost an entire burn with those changes and never got it back. Both it's recast time needs reduced and it's power increased.

    7. Drunken Monkey Style (disc) - This is also way overdue for an upgrade. A new reworked version was tired years ago during beta but was a complete fail and was scrapped as the dev didn't even know how the basics of our special attacks work. Instead of trying to make a hole new version of this, just improve it. Add more to the + damage bonus part and increase the + special attack damage mods. Simple and easy fix so that's it really worth using again.

    That's all I can think of at this time though I'm sure I will think of more soon. Those are just some idea's and I'm sure others have some good ideas as well!

    1. The only "new" idea I have at the moment is a AA buff that Twincasts the next 20-30 Thunderrfoot procs would be cool. Think of it as a Scarlet Cheetah Fang but only for the monk (not group like SCF) and only for Thunderfoot procs, not all special attacks. 15 min recast so it lines up with Heel of Zagali.

    In closing, Thank you devs for all your hard work! You don't hear it enough I'm sure. Hopefully this will help you out with ideas on how to improve the monk class for the next few years! ~~ Dropfast~~
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  2. Pikollo Augur

    Inb4 I want necro DPS.

    Seeing as I am on a TLP I can't advocate for what the new expansion would bring to monks.By the time the expansion releases we will still be a few months away from it. So any changes made in the expansion wouldn't effect me personally.

    What I can say is I hope changes are made down the line. Even if they come in the expansion and its to late for me to use personally. On Selo we are going expansion to expansion pretty fast and at some point monks just stagnated. Sitting in TDS I can see 3 new class aa headed to live (Magnanimous Force, Swift Tails' Chant, Ton Po's Stance). The only one that looks interesting is Ton Po's. So for 5 expansions thats all we have to look forward to. I could only imagine how boring it was playing expansions for a year with no real upgrades (not counting focus aa's).

    With that being said I think there is room for improvement down the line for the class and hopefully in the expansion some cool new aa's or discs that make the class more fun and interesting again. Obviously a DPS boost helps putting us on par with others but also something exciting to use.

    Also an instagib line would be nice as being discussed in the other post.
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  3. Lisard Augur

    Dropfast pretty much nailed areas we need improvement / updates in.

    things you can do

    AA (add more ranks)

    -Extended Heel of Kanji Discipline - Increase duration by x / reduce its reuse time by x. Currently its rank 3/3, perhaps add 5 more ranks reducing its reuse by 1 minute per rank and increasing its duration by 2 seconds per rank

    -Extended Impenetrable Discipline - currently 2/2, propose adding 3 more ranks, each rank extending the duration by 6 / 8 / 10 seconds'

    -Focus: Dragon's balance - add a "reduces the reuse by x time" ideally you want this down to a healthy 10 minute reuse

    -add hand to hand and one hand blunt skill to the Focusing of Brithrax line of AA.

    -New AA that has a chance to refresh your Dissident Form when you use Mend - could be 4 ranks
    25% / 50% / 75% / 100% chance


    -I would much rather see 'increase Tiger Claw / Eagle Strike / Kick / Dragon Punch damage bonus by X' added to Zan Fi's whistle AA and zan fi whistle being a 100% uptime with the recourse 'Zan Fi's Echos' functioning as it currently does. and just scrapping the Drunken Monkey Style finally. this would reduce 'spam' and 'chat lag' contributor as well as free up some hot button space.
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  4. Riou EQResource

    Zan Fi's Whistle was in Dzarns notes to make passive, but he never got around to it in ToV. Seeing more button consolidation was great, wish they stuck with it instead of just adding more buttons to replace the buttons they remove :p

    Was one of the things was looking forward to in ToV beta that never happened :/
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  5. Szilent Augur

    I like that a ton, especially since it could be implemented as further ranks of Improved Mend AA. Wouldn't even have to go in all at once, it could be 101 & 106 & 111 (& future 116) ranks of AA (to match releases of D.Form) It sure would open up an endurance drain though :)
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  6. Sarcogian Augur

    My vote. Make a current version of this disc with attributing bonuses that make it worth while for a 5min duration. My favorite timer line and the one decent offensive disc isn't worth using.
  7. Heajol Augur

    Whatever can be done to make the monk discs / burns "line up" a bit better so that burns can be a bit better sustained over time, without pushing a whole lot more buttons.
  8. RangerGuy Elder

    Don't main a monk and mines been idle awhile now in favor of other melee. But still feel the class would be much better off with Heel extended and reduced to 10 minute reuse. And Infusion of Thunder increased in power while pushed out to 10 minute reuse.

    Rampage added to monks would fit.

    Eye of the Storm adjusted a lot. The disc has lost a lot with AA changes and Knifeplay, Disconcerting destroy it.
  9. I_Love_My_Bandwidth Mercslayer

    Dropfast nailed it.

    A chance to refresh Dissident on a mend use is interesting.

    Also, either increase proc rate on alliance or decrease the requirement to fulminate. Requiring 4 Monks on a raid in order to proc alliance is asking a bit much from a class that is already less-desired on raids due to minimal aDPS and 2nd-tier DPS contributions from a 1st-tier DPS archetype (pure melee).

    I'll go away now.
  10. Dropfast Augur

    Yea Eye of the Storm needs to be removed from that timer as well. Currently monks have nothing on Timer 15 at all...That would be a great step in the right direction too.

    I defiantly second that Alliance proc rate needs boosted a lot. Relying on a "random" proc was horrible idea from the start. Do any other alliances even work that way? Most are as simple as cast this spell X times and it goes off. Even with 4 monks, it STILL doesn't off sometimes which is total crap. Why couldn't have been like the hybid ones? Like if the mob is hit with Icewalker's Synergy 3-6 times it will fire.

    I like the mend idea but maybe it should be something offensive instead? I'm not to hot on the idea of chain clicking mend just to try and get another use of Form. Then your not going have it up when you need it ><
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  11. Heajol Augur

    Can I ask what the current status of the monk class is? I don't have that many monks in my guild. I've only raided with another monk once and more than that never. The other monk is one I look up to as a very decent monk. He knows the class well etc. I'm just wondering what's possible with a fully maxed out monk? Do we get anywhere close to zerkers/rogues as far as DPS potential? He didn't have a bard in his group last night which made it difficult to tell what a monk is capable of .. and he's my only example! I'm fairing ok (top 10) as a new monk recruit, but just wondering what kind of a difference maxing out my character can provide from some of the game's top monks.
  12. Heajol Augur

    Oh for reference, I averaged 287k DPS over the course of four hours or so. The top rogue / zerker were around 515k DPS over the same time period. I'm not even going to discuss necros or compare to them LOL.
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  16. Chasassis New Member

    I like that Monks seem to approach being competitive for top melee DPS in a slightly different way than other classes, and I'm strange for liking the odd timers on all their abilities.

    That said, some tweaks wouldn't go amiss, and some form of Light Blue Con destruction wouldn't be unwelcome, either.

    One huge leg up Monks have on the other DPS classes is the ability to raid tank as well as any tank class...for about 54 seconds. So that might be the mitigating factor in not increasing their overall damage. Though I think the argument has been made (by Szilent to me, a time or two) that unless they change the way crits work, Monks don't have anywhere to go but up to the highest position, since our crit rate is the drizzling poops, but godamn look at our numbers anyhow.

    We get the best weapons and still have great abilities, and we never really get left behind. But I'm also a person who's comfortable with "enough" and doesn't necessarily always desire more in a situation where more seems like it would devalue other classes or people.
  17. Lisard Augur

  18. Mugari New Member

    I agree 100% with Dropfast on his post. I have been playing EQ since Kunark. The monk class is a wonderful class to play but our DPS over the years have suffered much. We need better sustained DPS. We are a pure melee class but we are at the bottom when it comes to Berserkers and Rouges in raids. We should not be putting out less damage than a Bard or a Shadow knight in raids... I have seen a Bard consistently hit a mob for over a million hp's as well as a Rouge. How they are doing it?? I don't know but I have yet to see it consistently done by a monk in a raid fight. Heel of Zagail and Terrorpalm need its duration increased, (30secs.) is too low and damage output increased considerably and lower the reuse timer. Thanks
  19. Szilent Augur

    high hits and dps are not the same thing.
  20. Heajol Augur

    We had two bards in the top 10 DPS across tonight's TOV raids. I don't recall bards being top personal DPS but I guess the class has changed a lot. And yes one of them did out dps me tonight although I died too much. I'm still new to this raiding thing and my character needs a lot of development, but I am in the top 10 despite that and our top monk was just slightly behind the top rogue and was fourth tonight. I hope we can stay competitive and even make some gains so we are more in line with rogues and zerkers.