Monk: Weak AAs, Discs, Skills that need ups in future expacs

Discussion in 'Melee' started by Sokon, May 20, 2020.

  1. Sokon Augur

    I'm not fixing to write a "what do you want for monks in the next expansion post" but with our current line up of skills, AAs and other abilities, what do you guys think is weak, useless or deserves some kind of upgrade going forward if those abilties are going to be part of the monk's arsenal?

    For me here are my red flags:

    Five point palm. It has many AA ranks and its final rank with 5 min reuse does crap damage, on par or less than curse of the fourteen fingers per use. Five point palm needs reuse reduction to that of 30 secs or 10x it's damage. It's damage should either be equal to or exceeding that of Heron Stance or a much faster reuse to make it atleast as good as Fourteen Fists.

    Throwing. We have doomwalkers precision strike and firewalkers and sting of the scorpikis. But we have never received any AA that increase throwing damage, also we could use a summon Shuriken AA line that increases in power every expansion. We generally get a ranged fight Raid mob every expansion or so. I think we could use 1 AA line for shurikens and 1 more throwing damage.

    Imitate death. For like 7 years I could double invis myself by clicking an IVU then imitate death. Now, casting imitate death takes off IVU and many zones that were never a problem getting around in are now a pain in the . Could use so more ranks of imitate death that increase the functionality of the invis given.

    Neshika's blink, I want to be able to use this ability without breaking invis/IVU.

    Dreamwalk - we either need an upgraded disc or some master line AA that increase its duration or lower it's reuse. Some times when you can't double invis this is one of the go to skills I use to train through a zone to the camp spot I am trying to get to(resists those nasty dots), but it's duration has no modifiers.

    Purify body, so we get a song buff that instantly cures any detrimental with counters? Great(useless), now we need either an additional song buff that deflects 1 of any detrimental or for the counters one to be upgraded to any detrimental.

    Mend and/or Delay Death synergy. I either want to be able to mend while unconscious
    or be able to Mend while unconscious IF the delay death disc line is running.

    Delay Death line, new rescind death disc with trash mobs hitting for 50 k won't even heal past 1 hit with all 3 heals you receive. It needs a Focus AA line that has ranks that increase it's healing.

    If anything on this list needs attention, or only 1 thing did, I'd refer you back to the first one: Five Point Palm.... super weak now.
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  2. Sarcogian Augur

    1) As a long time advocate of Eye of the Storm being used over shaded in raids because dps is king, it needs some love. During TBM/EoK it was already getting bad but was still desirable for longer events as a disc that's usable for 4-6ticks then click it off. Current content, attending open raids, playing group content, it's seriously slacka lackin. (I intend to parse the disc and other disc lineups soon™)
    2) Self healing outside of mend is awful. TBM/EoK raid geared a monk was around 135-150khp. HoT potions weren't the best but still almost viable. Refuse death was still working as intended and fantastic but was a clear cheese of what it was intended to do. it's current iteration is where it should be, you can purple club for a second, maybe 2, instead of 8-10ticks. now as a predominately group geared player in the 300khp range, HoT potions are moot. The HoT from TDS is moot. Blooddrinker's is alright, but nowhere near as beneficial due to health increases. Anniversary lifetap is once again, there, it's a thing, but self healing? The reason I bring up self healing is due to, some people still solo without mercs. Here lately I've been clearing trash in PoFire raid, there's a long time period in between and a lot of uncertainty about being able to heal myself. Mercs are also not reliable sources of healing so trying to use self healing to suffice for a lack of merc quality (which is how it should be) there isn't much besides mends.
    3) Aggro also needs help too, without using discs, monk aggro options are very slim pickings. So slim in my opinion there's only Anger glyph and Five Point Palm. The chase item anger masks haven't been updated for all/all since TDS to the best of my knowledge. Swapping back to a few expansions old item isn't worth the heroic and raw stat loss for the aggro gain. Speedfocus is a good molo aggro holding disc, but relying on that for holding aggro in a group is going to be for a slow slow slow grind. 5 minutes reuse on five point palm is a once every 4-6 pull use for me when solo/molo. in a group it's a very long cool down because group dps. So to reliably keep aggro on multiple mobs at once as a monk is extremely difficult in my opinion and experience.
    4) Hi friends
  3. Yendar Augur

    Couple things, blood drinkers Is % Based on your damage. 2% regained back in health, it doesn’t get worse or outdated at all.. if you do more damage it will heal you for more hp.

    Aggro again is based on your damage, the more damage you do.. the more aggro you’ll have. In groups I have no problem getting/holding aggro.. matter of fact I’m generally pulling aggro & am constantly FDing to clear when I’m not tanking. A single mob I have no issue holding aggro off toons that aren’t attempting to get aggro. Obviously multiples we don’t have much.. but then I can’t really tank 2 mobs in group gear anyways.

    Lizard has a discord channel, just monk things.. with some great links on some monk dps advice if you’re having issues there (as well as basically any other monk stuff)
  4. Jaedo Journeyman

    I feel like monks should not be the top dps, but close to it if they really try. The extra utility that raid monks bring to the table more than makes up for not being top dps. I don't agree with most of your monk upgrades, (maybe purify? or blink not breaking invis?) it seems like you are really nitpicky.
  5. Szilent Augur

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  6. feeltheburn Augur

    do tell of this "extra utility"
  7. Password1234 Augur

    Since giants are immune to stun and mez, who else can split the protectors of zek to get more thurgadin armor drops and the scepter of mastery? Czechmate.
  8. feeltheburn Augur

    unless they are chain linked...anything can be split :) just a lil play with pathing and such.
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  9. Astral64 Augur

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  10. kizant Augur

    Monks add a peaceful presence that helps keep everyone calm and focused.
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  11. Astral64 Augur

    I'll take it.
  12. p2aa Augur

    Why would you want to reliably hold AE aggro on mobs in a group ? Looks like a tank job prerogative.

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