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Discussion in 'Melee' started by Minato, Oct 15, 2020.

  1. Minato Augur

    I've been away for about 2 years and could have swore round kick used to proc off of flying kick from an AA. i can no longer find the AA did they basically nerf our solo tanking unless we drastically drop dps?
  2. I_Love_My_Bandwidth Mercslayer

    Stunning kick was moved to proc off Round Kick. Look under AA > Class > Stunning Round Kick

    Be procs WAYYYY less often. It seems to share a similar proc rate to base weapon effect proc rate 1-2 per minute of autoattack.
  3. Aegir Augur

    If you are playing the latest expacs, you also get the ability for a powerful long stun using intimidation.

    However the other Auto-Skill procs are very reliable. ATK debuff (Tiger Claw) and Snare (Kick) works basically like a bard song with autoskill on.
  4. Minato Augur

    Nvm found the AA tho it doesnt seem to proc round kicks anymore

    Technique of master wu used to proc all other kicks and hand to hand attacks also now it doesnt it just procs what skill you use
  5. I_Love_My_Bandwidth Mercslayer

    It fires off round kick, but it's rare. Proc rate needs to be brought in line with Resonant Kicks
  6. Zarkoril New Member

    Probably a stupid question, but being away for almost 10 years, i saw the different procs on the different Kicks, like the snare proc and the stun. I just learned about the ability to auot activate a kick while attacking, but does that mean that i have to change that if i want to use another proc like stun for solo and snare for grouping e.g.? Anyone who can shed some light to a returnee?
  7. Lisard Augur

    just make this button:[IMG]

    then have the kick / round kick / eagle strike on your hotbar for when you need to situationally use them toggle the button on/off
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  8. Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Augur

    The change to Wus was done long before they changed the stun, snare, and blind AAs from activated to passive. The Wu's change was more or less an easy way for them to throw some DPS our way without needing to do a ton of balancing for it. Now Wu's just has a chance to proc more of the same special that you already initiated. FKs trigger only FKs, Tiger Claws trigger only Tiger Claws, etc.

    Also, be aware that you can now use both 1 Kick special (Kick, Round Kick, or Flying Kick) and 1 Strike special (Tiger Claw, Eagle Strike, Dragon Punch) at the same time. Additionally, they removed passive knockback proc from Dragon Punch and made it only Activated via the AA Dragon Force.
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