Monk stunning kick removed?

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Aganerral, Aug 24, 2017.

  1. Aganerral New Member

    Was playing today and noticed that my stunning kick hotkey now says 'Unknown DB string - 1355-2' and the stunning kick AAs are no longer in the window. But I couldn't find anything in patch notes about this. Has this AA been removed? Why?
  2. Riou Augur

    They accidentally pushed a bad dbstr file live or something, you are looking at what looks to be a change to remove the Monk AA skill attacks and make them Passive on the skills themselves instead
  3. Itaru New Member

    Same thing here, the file dbstr_us.txt was updated and now my stunning kick hotkey says "Unknown DB String 1355-2 Unknown DB String 1355-3"

  4. Itaru New Member

    That would be a huge nerf...

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  5. Riou Augur

  6. Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Augur

    Doesn't change the fact that it would be a huge nerf (even bigger than what you first described), and it would make any use of stun unviable.

    How about instead of &*(&*)(&*()&*()& up the existing AAs because of a symptom of a problem instead perhaps they should figure out a way to solve the root problem.

    Also, can someone tell me why in Zeb's name they have no problem making horrific changes like this without any discussion with the classes affected who were working and where the Dev's wanted them before hand, but when there is something that is completely OP'd by their own words instead of just changing it they spend months discussing it with the class(es) affected, spend several months testing out different possibilities, and then when none of the possibilities make the class(es) with the OP item/skill/ability happy they just leave it broken?

    They need to immediately revert this back and abandon the entire idea.
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  7. Thrillho Augur

    What happened with Eye Gouge? Are we able to do damage with that? This might be a DPS increase if stunning kick was turned into a passive ability (despite no stun). More kicks + eye gouge damage.

    Not able to log in at the moment or I'd run a test on it myself.
  8. Riou Augur

    It's not testable, atm

    Kick -> Snare
    Round Kick -> Stun
    Tiger Claw -> Attack Debuff

    Punch skills -> trigger eye gouges dmg
    Kick skills -> trigger stunning kicks dmg

    Stunning Kick looks to go from 470 -> 418, if it fires every flying kick, you will fire it roughly 2x+ per stunning kick of old, depending on no disc vs disc, clear DPS gain, from decent to huge

    Eye Gouge looks to go from 1300 -> 780, if it fires every tiger claw, it should fire at roughly the same reuse

    Assume they both only trigger on button press (kinda like Thunderfoot), both seem like they should be independent and not a choice so overall it should be a DPS increase, the only downside is you will basically lose out on the Stun in the group game, unless you want to take a DPS loss, I guess
  9. Thrillho Augur

    Where was this (accidentally?) pushed to? Test or Live? I didn't notice it last night, but I usually don't read the spam.

    I kind of think this is an increase in DPS, especially during burns (Heel). It's inconvenient that we can't force a stun, but I doubt any one of us is saving a stunning kick for the opportune time - pop it when its up. If it's still firing with something else, we're still OK.
  10. Thraine Augur

    they did the same thing with rangers Ferocious Kick a while back .. it used to be awesome cause you could use it when you wanted for agro/dps but now its a passive thing that fires off our regular kick.

    now its just something that used to be cool
  11. Riou Augur

    Both, it might still be pushing it there if you Patch the game
  12. feeltheburn Augur

    heh nerf a kick ability on a you DBG mean it really.
  13. Repthor Augur

    at least you dident lose 8% mitigation that all the tanks did from defensive proff. i think you will live
  14. Phrovo1 Augur

    assuming they up the levels that can be stunned, being able to stun a mob every 4 seconds vs every 9 would be great for solo. would suck to lose out on the flying kick damage, but at least you'll still get the stunning kick damage
  15. Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Augur

    This will only lead to further nerfs.
  16. Symbius Augur

    I still have my Stunning Kick hotkey as labeled "Stunning Kick", but when I right click it to go to the AA window it takes me to something called, "Resonant Kicks" on timer 3.

    I don't know what the old Stunning Kick base damage was, but this one is listed at 418 on the AA window with a 9 second refresh. So assuming this is the replacement. If the 470 posted above is correct, it's fairly ****** to even touch that part of it by lowering it's Damage.

    And then below that I see "Resonant Strikes" that uses Tiger Claw on a 5 second refresh with base 480. Also on timer 3.

    I don't really see the point in making 2 abilities on the same timer like that. At the very least seperate them so they can both be used. Neither one is really worth much by itself.

    Some quick and dirty looks at it. Just using Resonant Strikes comes in about 1800dps and just using Resonant Kicks comes in about 1350dps.

    I stuck each one into my spam key which includes: Banestrike>Vigorous>2finger>Synergy>((Resonant))>Fang>Torrent>Curse>Precision>DM.

    Resonant Strikes: /fs Combat Dummy Beza in 153s, 3659k @23916sdps --- #1 Monk 3659k@(23916dps in 153s)
    Resonant Kicks: /fs Combat Dummy Beza in 152s, 3602k @23700sdps --- #1 Monk 3602k@(23700dps in 152s)

    In the end this seems completely pointless unless they buff the ever loving **** out of these abilities so they are worth a damn and put them on seperate timers.
  17. Lisard Elder

    from looking at it, rank 6/6 of stunning round kick only stuns up to level 78...what?...unless more is going into this, why are we nerfing monks more? we already are at the bottom of the barrel now. i honostly cant take anymore neglect or nerfs.
  18. Phrovo1 Augur

    in the description of the skills, they are supposed to be passive (and proc off punching/kicking spam) but that has not been coded (seems like someone accidentally pushed name/description changes before they were ready). previously you had to choose between Eye Gouge and Stunning Kick (Crippling Strike is lol). once they changes are made, it looks like we'll get a reduced version of both proccing off normal spam (which will be great for Heel burns if it procs off each one)
  19. Dzarn Developer

    Thursday's hotfix updated more database strings (ability names, descriptions, etc) than were intended to be live yet.
    Running the patcher again should fix any names/descriptions that currently do not match the live ability data.

    Specifically regarding the monk changes slated for the next test/live patch.
    Here is what is currently written for the next patch notes, these changes, like anything, are subject to change:

    The intent of these changes is to allow the standard monk combat skills (which you can enable auto-skill on) to replace the need to continually activate Eye Gouge every 5 seconds (or Stunning Kick every 9.)

    The base damage of the triggered skill attacks was reduced by the same percentage as the ability reuse time (accounting for haste), but the ability to trigger a skill attack for both Strike attacks and Kick attacks is intended to result in a net positive DPS gain.

    The Strike damage component and Kick damage components will trigger regardless of which skill you choose to use. Tying the utility effects to specific skills is intended to introduce some small level of choice, though I suspect Thunderfoot will remain the primary choice.

    Kick: Proc snare (now 6s)
    Round Kick: Proc stun (now 1.5s)
    Flying Kick: Chance to trigger Thunderfoot

    Tiger Claw: Proc Atk Debuff
    Eagle Strike: Chance to trigger Divine Surge of Battle
    Dragon Punch: Potential new ability for next expansion

    I encourage anyone concerned about these changes to try them out on test server during our next update cycle. We will keep an eye on feedback to ensure the changes are working as intended.
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  20. MyShadower Augur

    Everyone be sure to check on monks you see lying on the ground, they may have fainted.

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