Monk Song

Discussion in 'Melee' started by Sikanle, Jan 28, 2013.

  1. Sikanle Lorekeeper

    Does the monk song Fists of Wu (+6% chance to double attack) do anything now days? I have heard from a few people that at level 100 with proper gear and aas, your chance to double attack is already 100%.
  2. sojuu Augur

    It has been useless prior to 100 for the reason you stated. Wonder if they did an updated version for tripple attack if it would help?
  3. Sikanle Lorekeeper

    Very lame, I have been clicking it all these years haha. It would be nice to see it upgraded to tripple attack or flurry. Seems kind of unfair that the rogue/zerker/warrior songs are still useful and ours does nothing. What you think devs? :)
  4. Gladare Augur

    Well the warrior one is finally being nullified.
  5. Sikanle Lorekeeper

    True, I didn't realize Myrmidon's skill was up to 18% dodge now. War song only 20%. I don't see any reason why both classes couldn't get a song update.
  6. Sokon Augur

    Fists of Wu does however land on your pets(cloud of fists) :p