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  1. SFC(R)Escovedo Journeyman

    So I have only been playing for about a week or so and I am struggling to figure out the order of things for my monk. So I went online for further assistance in skill rotations to maximize damage output and found one that seems like a good place to start. Problem is it is for a level 105 monk and I am only level 88! So what I need to figure out is skills my level I can use in place of the level 105 skills as well as the acronyms. I have been researching what I can but it has been very confusing. If someone can help me break this down Barney style I would be forever indebted! So this is what I found:

    step 1. Open up a unused Hot bar. for Example i use Hot Bar 9.
    step 2. Make sure that The new Hot bar you just opened is on and stays on Page 1.
    step 3.Place in this order starting in Number 1. (Order is Important)
    1. Torrent of Fists
    2. Doomwalker's Synergy
    3. Flying Kick
    4. Tiger Claw
    5. Stunning Kick
    6. Zalikor's Fang
    7. Vigorous Shuriken (this no longer shares a CD with Drunken Monkey)

    Disc 1: 1st Spire + Dragon's balance + Infusion of Thunder+ DMS + Dichotomic Form + IronFist, kick spam + Click Cranestance+FPP, Click IronFist off once Synergy is about to refresh and use Heel of Zagali + kick spam.

    Disc 2: 1st spire, Dragon's balance and few tics of Infusion of Thunder should still be running, click DMS, Two Finger Wasp touch (this depends on if or if not its already on the mob), SpeedFocus, Destructive Force(Focused Destructive Force if necessary).

    Disc 3: Finish off with DMS, Terrorpalm

    Disc 4: if the mob is still alive, Click DMS, Eye of the Storm (can also be used on anything prior to burn phase) + what ever has refreshed.

    I have not played this game since 2003 so to me this all looks like a foreign language to me lol! Thank you for any help!
  2. Heajol Elder

    You don't need keys for Flying Kick and Tiger Claw. There is a new"ish" command called /autoskill. You can type /autoskill Flying Kick and /autoskill Tiger Claw and the game will automatically use these upon refresh for you.
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  3. SFC(R)Escovedo Journeyman

    I did not know that! Thank you!
  4. Schadenfreude Augur

    This link will give you a list of Monk abilities, look at the names you have already and work backwards. This will often - but not always - give you something you can use at your current level.

    For example: Torrent of Fists is level 104, the version you should have is Whorl of Fists and so on.
    If you find something that doesn't appear in your search it's most likely an Alternate Ability (AA) and you can check in game for those.
  5. SFC(R)Escovedo Journeyman

    Still is not telling me what DMS is supposed to mean?
  6. Tyranosawr New Member

    dms is drunken monkey style from the ujnderfoot expansion still use it at 115
  7. Schadenfreude Augur

    Drunken Monkey Style MNK/85

    4: Add Effect: Drunken Monkey Flying Kick Boost
    5: Increase Damage Bonus by 62 with 1H Blunt
    6: Increase Damage Bonus by 124 with 2H Blunt
    7: Increase Damage Bonus by 62 with Hand To Hand

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