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  1. Heajol Augur

    I guess the real problem I have is I can't really time GoM procs that well on a box like that.
  2. aozs Elder

    I've found that my mana issues went away on both my bsts after getting some AA. I can sustain forever as long as I keep up Focused Paragon and use Consumption of Spirit on cooldown.

    That's with a spell multibind of Maelstrom > Toxin > Lance > Bite (I think), I don't use DoTs in my generic multibind because they're too expensive and don't offer enough benefit when mobs die so fast.

    I also use Dissident (but Dicho is fine as Szilent mentioned) on a separate "once a minute" key. This keybind also pops shaman Dissident and various short-ish term buffs like rogue Thief's Vision, warrior Paragon Champion, etc. It's more efficient because you can avoid unintentionally using Dissident in the final seconds of a pull, but does mean there's an extra button (and timer) to think about.
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  3. Heajol Augur

    Cool, thanks for all the help. I've been doing some parsing today and the monk is in the 35% range sustained, no burns. Mage was around 20%. Paladin, bard and beastlord were hovering around 15%. Beastlord is only level 111 though. Beastlord and bard don't have any Luck items. On my best burns my monk goes up around 50% of the total damage. Total sustained was around 750k in the guild hall on a level 100 combat dummy. Highest burn was around 1.5 million. That can only get better. Only the paladin and the monk have any real auging done.

    I'd like to take them out for a lesson burn but bags are completely full and that will take a day or two to fix before I can attempt a lesson burn and see what happens. I've been working on setting them up a bit better since Friday. I'd like to see what happens in a real world scenario.

    I could do another hotkey, I have one set up and not being used anymore actually. I don't think I have that many short term buffs to really make it worthwhile though.

    Paladin was doing decent DPS in the 300kish range with Pureforge running on my second big burn (1.24 million). Monk was only 30% of the damage on that one. Paladin was 25% and beastlord with pet was around 22%.
  4. Heajol Augur

    So I was curious .. brought my group to the Great Divide cave and have a 22 minute parse. Monk did 43.5% of the damage of the group. Group dps was 600k. Paladin was 18% using one hander and shield (I died trying to 2h tank at first). Mage was 16% and got outparsed by the shield tanking paladin. And it goes down from there LOL. That's after spending four days or so tweaking my boxes to try to make them more productive. I'm not sure what a rogue merc parses but around 120k? My bard was the worst of the bunch parsing 56k. Maybe I am trying to do too much with my bard and therefore not getting anywhere? I guess I'm doing a lot wrong LOL.
  5. Tucoh Augur

    I had the opposite experience tbh. I never could get the beastlord to put out enough DPS. The berserker's front-loaded damage due to being able to drop 10+ instant cast abilities at the start of the fight is just perfect for high-dps groups, where-as the beastlord's damage relies quite a bit on mana-intensive DoTs that only get enough traction on named mobs. The beastlord's ADPS is substantial, of course, but dichotomic fury is mostly beneficial to the warrior who deals almost all damage from auto-attack. The additional attack from beastlord's has modest benefit when you've already got a bard in the group. The synergy is nice but has quite a few conflicts and is spread about by 20 stacks.

    I'd like to say that having 3x berserkers made alliance fulmination reliable, but I can't. Even with 3 berserkers it's 50/50.

    In my thread I lamented how disappointed I was by my beastlord's DPS and tried quite a bit to boost it, but never could get it working right.
  6. Tucoh Augur

    I'd say your mage is the worst performing from those numbers. Mages are the easiest DPS to box because they can just send their pet in, hit a few abilities and cast a simple chain of spears/chaotic and do pretty well.

    One thing that's been helpful to me is recording video of a fight where you're try-harding and doing well and then watching a replay. My guess is that you'll see there are large periods of time where your mage is just standing there, not sending their pet in, messing up their casts, attacking the wrong mob etc etc.
  7. Parker Elder

    I expect you to know this but this is something I just noticed using iceboxer. So my typical team was war bard cle mag 2 zerks, got good results but decided to roll up 3 heroics to see if a BL and 2 rogues could best the mag 2 zerk combo, so I decide to go the vitality route with the aforementioned groups stellar dps and then log in to reap the benefits on the heroics. Meow, the 3 new heroic toons are on the same account as mag and im cashing in vitality, I decide what the hay why not start setting up my hotkeys to get a head start on things, but when I swap back to mag and zerks they are doing horrid dps all of a sudden, figured out that hotkeys on one account are shared globally (at least that’s what my conclusion was) so when i setup hotkeys 1 thru whatever on heroics it messed some things up on the other accounts if I used the same hotkey banks, some of the characters were literally sitting there and that group of toons were parsing 600k nearly on sustained. Don’t think it’d be an issue if different hotkey banks were used separately on each account but I was too lazy to reset everything so I just fully committed to the new group, a lot to be desired so far but if what I’ve read about rogues top end I think it will work out. Again, you probably knew this but I found it interesting.
  8. Yendar Augur

    Bards do significant dps now, group geared bards with 30kish AA can do 300k sustained & and about double that on burst burns like grik mission.
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  9. Tucoh Augur

    Yeah, the hotkey sharing makes having multiple teams really cumbersome.

    One of my accounts has a ranger, berserker and cleric on it, all sharing configurations, so I have to be really careful about any changes.

    With inner space boxer you can get around this by having multiple configurations per account, but it means that if you want to switch between different characters you have to close the application completely, which isn't a huge deal.
  10. Heajol Augur

    I think I'm going to start up a rogue instead LOL. It may take a bit to catch her up .. but it may be worth it in the long run. I know zerkers are awesome leet cool and all that but I prefer rogues.
  11. Cadira Augur

    For your zerks, did you go to the progressive spell lady in stratos and ask her to fix your dissident? Every new zerk alt I talk to has to do this in order to get it to actually work. Had to do it with both of mine as well, appears as though the bought version of dissident doesn't work by itself without telling her to "remind" you or whatever.
  12. aozs Elder

    Interesting, I found it pretty simple to get decent results from the bst with essentially just a multibind. I have 2 auto attackers in my main group (warrior and paladin) so it's a huge aDPS benefit, but even without that I still see around 370k sustained which is pretty solid (and basically equal to my rogue). For reference I was getting around 320k sustained with the zerker (but again could've been doing something wrong).

    The other thing I noticed was that the frontloaded nature of zerker DPS doesn't matter much when chain-grinding or fighting long lived mobs. I use the Restless Assault mission wurm caves for straight grinding (evolving earring) and that's pretty much nonstop combat, so not much downtime to let zerker short cds refresh. Was doing full clears (51 T1 mobs) in about 10 minutes each.

    I could definitely see zerkers doing very well for slower pulling groups, especially if you're able to have dissident up every fight.
  13. aozs Elder

    Definitely sounds like there's room for improvement.

    With i s b you'd ideally have each character set up so you almost never need to switch to them. It mostly comes down to the spam multibind, assist key, maybe a couple of auxiliary keys (like emergency heals, CDs, epics, etc), and having the group positioning handled by autofollow.

    Pally should be able to handle 2h tanking 1-2 mobs no problem, though more than that and you might need to start keeping an eye on the HP in case of spikes. Pally with 2h, Blessing of the Faithful procs from killing blows, and brd+bst aDPS should be your top DPS by a mile on undead. Ideally you'll get to a point where you don't need to think about survivability in normal 1-2 mob grind situations. The spam key should be set up in a way that handles it.
  14. Heajol Augur

    Thanks all so I've decided to go with monk, paladin, bard, rogue, mage and switch hit cleric/shaman/bst depending on what I'm doing.
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