Monk, new flavor of the month, reroll now!

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Alpha_Ragefire, Aug 13, 2015.

  1. Mind tickle Lorekeeper

    Yeah I saw a guy early on in RF with a 5 monk 1 cleric group in lguk lol
  2. Kibanu Augur

    This kind of makes me sad. I've had my monk alt that I've slowly been leveling up because I've always wanted to play a monk. Now it's going to seem like I'm a Flavor of the Month player. Meh. Going to continue playing it.
  3. Raynard Augur

    Unless monk fists are coded with a different ratio on TLP servers (unlikely), their ratio is 21/38. A good ratio for classic no doubt, but not the 20/26 everyone cites when they call monks OP.
  4. Numiko Augur

    I'm going to make a Ranger army when we get AA's ..

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  5. Protocol Augur

    Because I can't have my raid summon 40 monks every couple seconds when a mob is one rounding them.

    That said in Kunark Monks are going to be insane. DPS buff + higher skill caps + Epic + Innerflame and the level 60 hand to hand tables. In a thirty second fight Monks may approach Wizards in their dps capabilities.
  6. Silv Augur

    Oh no! Melee are going to be better DPS. This is horrible! :rolleyes:

    Can almost 99% guarantee you that these changes will not be adjusted due to how horrible melee DPS are on Live right now. It was really bad. The only way it would change is if they can code specifically for TLP (which it seems they can half the time but can't the rest... not sure how they can't change monk damage but can completely alter pet tables for TLP only).
  7. Sheex Augur

    No monks until Iksar anyway. These Hunan ones running around are just sad imitations of future greatness. At least there'll be race change pots for the people!
  8. Kattahn Elder

    Nope, 20/26 @ 50, 22/24 at 60, 23/24 @ 65.

  9. Kattahn Elder

    Monk epic with the updated TLP H2H chart won't change the ratio at all. You still get 40 atk, which will be a solid increase, but it will still be the 22/24 fists regardless of epic or not.
  10. Raynard Augur

  11. kythik Lorekeeper

    Do you have parses to support this? I could check mine but I need to sleep. Every listing has it at 20(21?)/26 at 50. According to a monk that has parsed that himself it it is indeed 26 delay which I'm might include the 175% haste now that I think about it
  12. Raynard Augur

    Here is 9+ hour parse (no buffs, non-weapon secondary, naked level 50 human monk with maxed skills):
    Test Fifty in 33237s, 449k @14sdps --- #1 Shekai 449k@14sdps (14dps in 33237s)
    Shekai -vs- Test Fifty: -- DMG: 449429 -- DPS: 14 -- Scaled: 14 -- Punch: 449429 -- % dmg as normal: 100% -- Non-crit rate: 100% -- Attempts: 14394 -- Hits: 9539 -- Missed: 4855 -- Accuracy: 66.3% -- Avg Hit: 47 -- Max hit: 100 -- DMG to PC: 0
    1 attempt per sec: 3660
    2 attempt per sec: 4557
    3 attempt per sec: 540
    "2x damage spike" at 50 (1597 hits)

    And the math:
    attack rounds = 1 attempt per sec + 2 attempt per sec + 3 attempt per sec
    delay = 10*time/(attack rounds - 1) = 10*33237/(3660+4557+540-1) = 37.959
    damage = (2x damage spike - damage bonus)/2 = (50-8)/2 = 21

    So, 21/38
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  13. Kattahn Elder

    Where are you getting these attack and delay formulas from?
  14. Raynard Augur

    Various threads on the topic over the years, and confirmed with a weapon with known dmg/dly prior to the bare hand test.

    I can do a similar parse with a weapon if you still doubt them.
  15. kythik Lorekeeper

    Ya I tried to edit my post and get an error the edit was that the 26 might include haste. Again something no one brought up.
  16. Anarth Lorekeeper

    its 20/26, no need to reprove anything. 21/38 is garbage and not even close.
  17. Kibanu Augur

    You sure about this? I thought they said race change pots would be available as of that the recent update?
  18. kythik Lorekeeper

    that was my thinking but I'm too tired to think straight for the last hour.
  19. Raynard Augur

    OK, prove it.
  20. Kattahn Elder

    Its not so much doubting you, just curious for a bit more clarification, as ive never seen the formulas put for that way before. I'd love it if you could post another parse for a known dmg/dly weapon for clarification, as these formulas would be great to know moving forward.

    Any time someone finds something in game that is different then every other source available, and there has been no record of patch notes, i just like to be sure of whats going on. No offense meant :)

    *edit* also, where do you get a mob to test against for 9 hours?

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