Monk Improvement Thread 2023-2024

Discussion in 'Melee' started by Lisard, Jan 23, 2023.

  1. Lisard Augur

    Greetings Monks! my name is Lisard I am currently a member of the CRC for EQ and the co-creater of the monk discord 'just monk things' alongside Theriou of EQResource and the great many of helpful monks who are so kind to help answer any questions be it TLP or live, I play many classes in EQ, but my true passion is the monk class. I wanted to create a Monk thread to attempt consolidating all thoughts and feelings into one so no monkly ideas get buried.

    for posterity this was the monk request post from Nights of Shadow beta

    What are your thoughts and opinions or things you would like to see/suggest for the monk class going into the future? remember to like posts, if we come across a great idea by someone light it up with the like button! remember ape together strong!
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  2. Riou EQResource

    One thing that EQ generally is pretty bad at nowadays is the amount of button bloat, that Precision Strike line has no timer and is allowed to be 4 buttons now with +1 button addition every other year for the rest of the games lifespan, should be something that is fixed, there was an opportunity with the newest one, but it was ignored
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  3. Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Augur

    To be honest, the Precision Strike line issue is more due to how timers work. If the -1 timer section could be given a subset of timers within it that would be one solution, and then increase the damage of all the existing Precision Strikes to be the totals of it and all previous ones. Though there would be other limitations we would be hitting then.

    A minor suggestion that would be more a QoL update imo, but add another tier for Neshika's Blink to make it not break Invis when used. That alone makes me not want to use the ability a lot more. Which is disappointing since it is part of our benefit from the Explorer's Compass.
  4. kyong Augur

    I have a 120 monk T2 max loot and a 120 Rogue T2 max loot. I could mention some very specific things but I don't want to get my rogue nerfed....really. Monks need some help.

    Start by returning multiple potential thunderkicks per key press of flying kick. My rogue has no problem proccing multiple massive strikes per backstab keypress....(oops I mentioned one of them).
  5. Cicelee Augur

    Sorry, only an alt monk here...

    I really wish dual wield could be useful and viable. Every monk uses 2hb in every scenario. I always felt that 2hb should be your tanking weapon, and dual wield your offensive weapon. Maybe an eye of storm upgrade that focuses primarily on dual wield so that for that period of time you bandolier to dual wield?

    I know this may not be at the top of most main monk's list. Just something I yearn for on my alt. Carry on.
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  6. Goratoar Lorekeeper

    I think the main issue is that monks are essentially 4th from last in personal dps output in your average optimal situation adps situation. That means they are only ahead of Clerics, Paladins and Bards. Over a long sustained fight they inch up a little bit, but not far.

    A major bump is in order, but I suspect that a simple adjustment of damage values is a little too on the nose for what should happen.

    I like the idea of play involving the swapping of weapons for different situations/burns. This gives the class a reason to grab three, or even five (including blunt) weapons. You could add a stacking burn for each weapon type, but you also need to keep an eye on how that bonus will balloon in the future.

    In the same vein, I also would advocate for a throwing disc that has value (ditto for rogues) even if it is only a short duration. This would also include the development of new throwing items, as the last throwing summoner with no timer was VoA and the last throwing weapons otherwise were CotF. Maybe even make the throwing disc one that is best for frontal/beam style AE damage, as fights where those kinds of arcs and abilities are strong dominate the recent raiding development.
  7. Hurrikane Journeyman

    Thank you so much Lisard for taking the time to address some concerns for monks. It feels great to be heard and appreciated. The upgrades to earth force and speed heel have been a huge blessing for us so far. A few concerns I have so far to the possible upcoming boosts are as follows, even thou We got a timer reduction on terrorpalm to be home I never saw much of a dps boost from that disc anyway. Sometimes the parser will show a 15 percent increase and others it doesn’t seem to even beat the RNG. I would definitely say the same applies to the eye of the storm disc. Is there anyway for some increase that a parser would pick up from these discs? I am also wondering if the stun effect from our epic would ever work on current content. On a last note the disc magnanimous force definitely doesn’t punt a mob back far enough to really be of much use. Any change to get the range increased?? Thank you kindly for taking the time to hear us out.
  8. Szilent Augur

    contributing is cool, but I think you're maybe misunderstanding Lisard's role. He's 100% on the "us" side not the "you" side of things. He is a monk player, not a dev.
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  9. Lisard Augur

    Terrorpalm only recieved a reduction in reuse (not performance), bringing it down to 15m this primarily contributes to the group game giving us more uptime on discipline use cycling. most raid events take about 15 minutes on average maybe a little longer, maybe a little shorter depending on the raid team, again being able to disc more in that time frame should net more dmg contribution to your raid team, even if your placement on a parse doesnt move much (pure melee are struggling currently in modern EQ to keep up with their DPS peers)

    Eye of the Storm indeed, just about every monk wishes for an upgrade to this ability its our filler discipline and what helps carry us between our primary discs and its beginning to lack and is long overdue for a upgrade

    as for the Epic 2.0 stun i will definitely keep it in the memory bank for when the occasion arises i can suggest this. thats actually a good idea, since they removed our stunning kick and added it to just round kick (which a monk would never switch to unless they are baning something, i.e Mearatas) having that utility back would be nice.

    and as Szilent said, im not a dev, im just a CRC, a community rep, I provide feedback and insight on the game to the devs =P
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  10. Lisard Augur

    Thunderfoot AA

    1: Cast: Thunderfoot XIX on Spell Use (30% Chance)
    This has been capped at 30% since Ring of Scale expansion, how about new ranks that raise the chance to at least 50%
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  11. Lisard Augur

    Ton Po's Stance

    2: Increase Chance to Repeat Primary Hand Round by 20% with 50% Damage

    new ranks that either raise both the %'s or Raises 20% repeat round to 50% and or 50% damage to 100% damage.
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  12. Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Augur

    Perhaps they could add it to the monk chest clicky? It would be a good bit longer reuse, but would last longer as well.
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  13. Goratoar Lorekeeper

    I had a thought today that might be an elegant solution to the pure melee dps issue in general.

    Monks thematically within Everquest are the ones that do CC in the form of splitting pulls, early on it was often you wanted a monk or an enchanter in a group to make splitting camps more manageable.

    With that in mind, just give monks an IoG for melee. The reason that melee are behind is mostly because of the crit damage stacking available for casters is so much more aggressive, so balance that out with the weakest of the melee classes providing that strong adps boost.
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  14. DaciksBB Augur

    Melee crit stacking was nerfed years ago when Disconcerting had Mangling's numbers in an attempt to bring zerkers in line with everyone else, so claimed by the devs. Sadly this did not work as they touched a number of other things before finally nerfing the problem. They would need to revert that change before that did anything meaninful, on the plus side that would also be a nice boost to zerker and rogue burns as both of them have personal critical damage mods somewhere as well.
  15. Goratoar Lorekeeper

    Well, it's not like they did some complicated nerf to these things, they just put all the melee crit damage bonuses on the same SPA. The point here is that even if they don't change all of those things, they can add an additional SPA to a new ability to bring melee back towards parity.

    If they opened the floodgates and let everything stack again, we'd end up in the same situation right now that was the problem before, where melee have way too strong short duration burns. Make it clear which stacks with which and it allows for sorting out what burn goes where in a sustained fight.

    Actually, just to be clear, this already exists as SPA 330, which is stacking melee crit damage mod, and is already used in Fierce Eye.
  16. Waitwhat Elder

    Just update the excel sheet for the devs in the monk column. Mobs get millions and millions of more HP at the expansion, monks get miniscule upgrade. LOL
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  17. Skysoldier New Member

    Greetings fellow monks. I have been gone a good number of years and have re-activated my account. At one time, I had all my class .ini files on a thumb drive. Everything. Mash, Combat, macros, swaps, clickies. All of them are now gone. My set ups are unrecoverable. I was so dis-enchanted, I didn't do anything for over a year. One must pick ones self up and keep going forward. My monk is level 115 and on the FV server. So, where shall I go from here? I have to literally build the entire .ini from the ground up. All the macros, all the mash, and the clickies once again. Can you direct me to a current 2023 build / template I can copy or build upon? Thank you. -Skysoldier
  18. Waitwhat Elder

    Dream scenario for me: Remove 30% of the mash buttons, consolidate aa's and abilities more, and then upgrade the total dps for monk by the same 30%. Update timers for discs and the usefulness of them. Delete unused stuff. Make the monk tank equally good to a BL pet.
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  19. Astral64 Augur

    I love all of you. There are some great ideas here and we did actually make a tiny amount of headway this year in the AA department.

    However this is still woefully inadequate. There is not a single slot in the optimal 54 man raid for a monk and better choices for every role in the group game. I'm sorry if this is hard to hear but it is currently the state of the class. Obviously ymmv given players with varying skill levels or whatever.

    I'm still totally on board with additional adps to earn that slot however the simplest solution would be to make us a DPS class again.

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  20. Tolzol Augur

    One day we will be real dps classes again, one day.