Monk h2h v staff?

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  1. Korbazz New Member

    Hello everyone I am a lvl 84 monk at the moment. I started the experament with the 3 main wepons for monk the h2hx2, h2h and mace, and the staff. The delays for the 1handed wepons are 20 and the staff is 35. This is so you all know were i am coming from so you can see were i am flawed is I missed something. Why does the staff out preform the 1handed wepons by like double the damge when the 1handed wepons have a higher chance to proc the double and triple attacks shouldn't they be more or less equal in the damage area? Like I understand that as a 1handed wepon you need to do less upfrunt damage but in a time set like one min shouldn't we do about the same dps with the 1handed as we do with the staff?
  2. Daedly Augur

    I have never played a monk, so I don't know if there something monk specific that would explain what you are seeing. However, a more basic question, are you tanking?
  3. Korbazz New Member

    monks cant tank in this game but you do get tanky when you use the staff meaning you get more ac
  4. Cicelee Augur

    I mean, there have been monks who have molo'ed 90% of current progression. So to make the claim "monks cannot tank in this game " is a bit misguided...
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  5. Monkman Augur

    At 84 use the two fastest 1hb/h2h weapons you can find around your lvl (18 or 19 delay) until about 105 then switch to the 23 delay 2hb until 110. Currently 2hb is king for monk dps at 110. The slow 36dly 2hb are worthless unless you’re swarming, don’t bother with them
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  6. Aziuno Augur

    I don't play monk... but if you are playing live and have auto-grant... a few things would explain your higher damage..

    One of these Grants bonus swings on 2hand attacks by 25%, and then if you are the primary focus of the mob (tanking), any swing taken toward you has the chance to Riposte, and monks have a chance at double Riposte.

    Riposte takes the damage of your mainhand only (so if you have a 2hander, you are Riposting with a 2hander with a higher damage than your 1hander)

    Burst of Power (51) 84 HoT 8 / 364 - 1: Increase Chance to Double Attack by 24%
    2: Increase Chance of Additional 2H Attack by 25% (1)
    3: Increase Chance to Flurry by 36%
    4: Increase Triple Attack Skill Cap by 75
    This passive ability increases your chance of performing additional attacks in a melee round.
    Increases your chance of performing a double attack by 24%, performing one additional hit with a 2-handed weapon when double attacking by 25%, your triple attack skill cap by 75 points, and performing a flurry of attacks (up to two additional attacks upon a successful primary slot triple attack) by 36%.

    Double Riposte (6) 64 PoP 3 / 27 - 1: Increase Chance to Double Riposte by 130%
    This passive ability grants you a 5% chance to perform a double riposte.
  7. Thrillho Augur

    2hb has outparsed h2h for a while - depending on which AAs you have, you may have more in line with 2hb than you do with h2h. I think during HoT-era, h2h reigned supreme. I'm not sure why you would be seeing a significant difference in damage between the two weapon sets, assuming the sets are equal (both being best-in-slot for the era, for instance). Maybe the changes that made 2hb exceed h2h impacted earlier expansions than when they were implemented?

    In terms of proc rates - it's intuitive to say that a faster weapon would yield more procs. However, this is not the case - there is a modifier in the proc calculation that basically equals them out. You can expect to see the same amount of procs while using a 2hb as you do with h2h.

    Parse yourself vs. a combat dummy to see which weapon set you do more damage with and go with that. The longer the duration of the parse, the better.

    And monks can most certainly tank.
  8. Korbazz New Member

    i might not be set up right if i cant tank becouse when i get in most fights my lvl i get squished like a bug. All in all thanks for the feedback and leting me know were to experament next to get better resolts
  9. roth Augur

    The way you worded this is a little bit vague.

    ALL of your weapons have an equal chance to Double, Triple, Flurry in the main hand, and Double in the offhand. If you have a 20 delay weapon in the MH, every round it has the same chance to Double-Triple-Flurry as a 36 delay 2h. The difference is in the frequency of the rounds, not the odds of the extra attacks per round.

    The odds of a proc firing from your weapon, as someone stated above that’s a function that involves your weapon’s hasted delay. The faster the weapon, the less likely you are to generate a proc that round. Remember the days when Warriors could Shakerpage? Earthshaker was high enough in delay that getting slowed could pretty much guarantee a proc every time. And back then, they could proc on rampage rounds .. Getting slowed with that 75 delay weapon dramatically upped the chances of a proc compared to the base delay, or a 20 delay weapon.

    Now, I’m not a monk. So there are likely AA’s that adjust things that I’m not aware of. But one thing I do know about Monks is their Staff Block AA makes them more durable when tanking. That was one reason monks went 2hb when solo/molo.
  10. feeltheburn Augur

    guess you dont play a monk or have been on sabbatical for some time. Your logic and comment are flawed mr new member
  11. Thrillho Augur

    It takes a bit more effort to tank as a monk than it does as an actual tank. Earthforce and Shaded Step are two discs that help with this a lot. Having your finger hovering over your Mend key will help a lot too. There are AAs that will help your tanking abilities too, which you'll gain in time. Also, make sure you're in the appropriate expansion for your gear / AAs. A blue con in one expansion doesn't equal a blue con in another in terms of difficulty.
  12. DaciksBB Augur

    tanking on a monk also requires at least decent gear/augs (at least to tank non-trivial stuff). on top of Earthforce (Impen) and Shaded Step, 2.0 and Blood Drinker's Coating (when burning) are also pretty nice for tanking. of course the Dragonscale Glyph is probably the very best thing for tanking but it's expendable so you need to buy it every time you want to use it
  13. Keenween Elder

    "monks cant tank in this game but you do get tanky when you use the staff meaning you get more ac"

    Not this alone, Staffblock isnt more ac, it is more mitigation (1% each AA, if i remember right, 15% total), so his statement is BS
  14. Thunderkiks Augur