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  1. Vivi tof the Slack New Member

    Hi I noticed this over a year ago and made a post in another bug thread but I am attempting to bring this to light again.

    After much testing between autattack only versus combat abilities and mash key I have confirmed that the monk AA Fists of Steel which procs Fists of Fury III, which reduces base weapon delay for 12 seconds, is firing off of 2hb auto attacks. This is not occurring due to any combat ability, Dragon Punch Eagle Strike or Tiger Claw attack. It is firing off of pure auto attack hits only from the back side of the combat dummy.

    All spell information and description for this AA states that this only works as seen below:
    1: Cast: FIsts of FUry III on Skill Use (29)
    2: Limit Skill: Hand to Hand
    3: Limit Skill: 1H Blunt

    I believe this to be unintended and has been ongoing for more than a year since I have come back to the game.
  2. Duder Augur

    Whats the problem? And why are you shouting?
  3. Vivi tof the Slack New Member

    The problem is an AA ability that is not intended to work with 2hb does exactly that. It fires with 2hb auto attacks and is not supposed to be.
  4. Derka Power Ranger

    I replied to your other post as well but might you be using /autoskill and that is triggering it?
  5. Sonus New Member

    This was already verified as 'NOT A BUG' as FoF procs on autoskill. Turn off autoskill, FoF won't fire.
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  6. Vivi tof the Slack New Member

    I do not believe so as the only available autoskill attacks (Tail Rake, Eagle strike, Flying Kick, Kick, Round Kick and Tiger Claw) I have visible hotkeys for on my spam bar and would see if they were going on cooldown. Also no additional damage from any source that would indicate it is autoskill shows up while i am parsing the auto attack sequences, which I do every time. So I still do not believe this is working as intended.

    I have also personally gone and done (live now as I am typing and editing this post) /autoskill for each attack twice verifying that the message I receive states Skill will be used, followed by will not be used guaranteeing that they are not active now, and indicating they were not active prior since each required a double toggle.

    With this being done I have now attacked a combat dummy using only auto attack and a 2hb and have verified this AA still fires on nothing but auto attacks while wielding a 2hb weapon.
  7. Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Augur

    It is not a bug, it is intentional. The Devs changed it so that FoF would trigger off of any of our weapons years ago.
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  8. Vivi tof the Slack New Member

    This is why Im hoping for an official source to confirm or deny this information. As much as I would love to take you at your word, without the spell data and AA description reflecting what you say I need to hear it from a Dev.
  9. svann Augur

    need? what is this need?