Monk Essential clickies?

Discussion in 'Melee' started by forum troll, Mar 27, 2020.

  1. forum troll Elder

    Hello I was wondering what clickies you deem essential or atleast useful, hopefully ones farmable by a 109 monk also my play hours are restricted so Jann's Veil is likely not an option for me.

    What I have.
    1) Lizardscale plated girdle (50% haste clicky)
    2) LoN prizes: Visage of the dark arachnid (+dodge%)
    Dragorn War mask (+blunt and crushing damage)
    3) Mask of Vanishing (Invis)
    4) Lingering essence of cazic thule (fade)
    5) Rage of rollfron (CoP 4)
    6) Drunkard stein (pok port)
    7) The binden concerrita (PoK Port)
    8) Blood Drinker's Coating (2% melee health leech)
    9) Jeweled Skull of Null (dispell clicky)
    10) Fiercehand's Shroud of the focus (Dispell clicky)
    11) Swiftmantle (inta click short duration levi)
    12) Orb of suspention (cast time long duration levi)
    13) Miniature horn of unity (+DS and regens)
    14) Cleansing rod (cure poison and disease 1min refresh)
    15) shield of the immaculate (insta click cure disease)
    16) Humanoid reductionizer (shrink)
    17) Mount buff Kala (from this years anny quest vendor mount)
    18) Mysterious Belt of daggers (summons throwing items)
    19 Stormeye band (type 4 DS clicky)
    20) Snowball (Clicky pacify no level limit 5 min cooldown)

    Any others Im not thinking of that don't require raiding anything so current that 105 monk cant do solo/duo?

  2. Szilent Augur

    that you have the time to farm 1750 commemorative coins but not to get 115 or Jann's Veil is astounding!
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  3. forum troll Elder

    The coins are purchaseable on FV server no need to farm them just set up a buyer, and its due to my limited time and people to help that Jann's veil is not obtainable by me now, if its that you doubt what I own you can meet me ingame and ill show you if you are just in a bad mood and didn't have an answer well then

    Thanks for the sarcasm, it does everyone a lot of good
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  4. Derka Power Ranger

    Diplomatic Papers and Necromantic Dragon Bone from anniversary stuff. Maybe Overflowing Urn of life for your own little HoT which is from TDS. Silken Trillium is another heal type clicky from CotF which increases incoming heals on you. Your choice on the Snowball is odd, I wouldn't imagine a monk needing that and I read somewhere it cuts off at level 105.

    Also might want to look into an IVU clicky for ToV. Pots can suffice but they are so random. I use Bone Earring of Evasion
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  5. forum troll Elder

    Thanks for the reply, I forgot to mention the bone earring of evasion so I do have a IVU clicky good catch

    As far as the Snowball I honestly haven't used it once, but figured maybe someday it would come in handy due to being told there is no level cap (like to split 2 mobs I can not yet use my own lull or mezz on etc (yes I could yo yo split but if it worked would have been one click and a faster split, ill have to see if it lands on higher mobs, again thanks for pointing that out and taking the time to post

    I will be going after the papers and bone for sure now ty again!
  6. Derka Power Ranger

    You're welcome. What you have is already pretty solid. I forgot to mention a DA clicky like Feral Guardian Channeler but with FD and fade you probably wouldn't really need it

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