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  1. Korbazz New Member

    i am a older player of this class so for me this class is a lot of fun and rare compared to other games. i do have a question on the monks pre epic 1.0. i am in south karana so its not a hard zone to fight in at my level i am 47. my question is how do i get brother qwiin to spown i have been trying for like a month and it seams like he just wont spown for me. any ideas on why that is or how to get it so he will spown if it comes to it ill do a bug report on this issue but it sucks that im trying for like a month to get this guy and nothing i do spowns him ples help me.
  2. Dreadmore Augur

    What have you been trying to do to get him to spawn?

    He is a rare with placeholders, so you just have to keep killing the placeholders. The trouble is identifying which mobs out there in that huge zone are the placeholders, so in the absence of wanting to set up everything to track it down, next best thing is to brute-force it and just keep on killing everything.

    Otherwise if you want to go the way with more finesse, I've read that his spawn cycle (and his placeholders') is 66 seconds long, so you bring a tracker and keep killing until you find a target that pops 66s after the previous kill.
  3. Korbazz New Member

    ok ill try that
  4. Filter Augur

    Odd question but is the monk epic 2.0 worth getting these days for a lvl 110?
  5. Thrillho Augur

    Absolutely. It'll add a large amount of hp to you (can't recall the number off hand, thinking 20-30k for me at the moment). Comes in handy when you're tanking something heavy hitting, taking in a lot of AEs, your healer is down, things are going south, etc.

    Keep in mind that monks have effectively 150% hp already due to mend, so whatever is added from this sort of stuff can be increased by another 50%. So it'll effectively add 30-45k hp (at least when mend is up).
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  6. Filter Augur

    Gotcha, thanks for the info Thrillho. I thought that the epic had HHE click or am I remembering incorrectly?
  7. Password1234 Augur

    2.0 has a ~260 damage proc and the HP buff. You could be thinking of the 1.0, which had clicky spell haste.

    2.0 gives me about 23k at 105, FWIW.
  8. Thrillho Augur

    Not sure about the 1.0. Didn't want to camp Raster for it. Still don't!

    Is there a damage proc on the 2.0? I thought it was a stun. Maybe it's both. Not that it matters - neither the proc or the stun have scaled well. The hp aspect has scaled very nicely, and anything else it adds is just gravy.

    I think the "3.0" (not a real epic) from the latter part of RoF had an overhaste proc which could get you up to 225% sans bard. Not really useful now though.
  9. Password1234 Augur

    I camped Raster twice back in the day so I could get another robe lol. It's regular haste with a minor ac/atk component. The 2.0 proc has a spinstun component that everything resists and a damage component which is just kind of there I guess. I only use it for AE insurance like you said.
  10. Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Augur

    I've camped Raster tons of times; honestly it is easier to find Raster up these days than to get the Brother's to drop the RotLC. Raster can spawn himself (same with Targin).

    For Bro Q, just kill everything that paths through the north west corner; eventually Bro Q will spawn. He is actually fairly common. The Robe is just crazy rare.
    Like Password said, you are likely thinking of our 1.0 which has a haste clicky; and back in the day when worn it used to give us a bare handed dmg/dly of 9/16; now our 1.0 still has the haste clicky but gives us a HtH skill of 280 if we have less than that. A while back they revamped the HtH skill to give bare fists a progressive ratio (but apparently only half of it ever worked right). So the higher your HtH skill the more base damage the bare fists would have, but the delay is always 36 or 38 (I forget which; now, the delay doesn't change as it originally when increases to our bare fists dmg/dly were linked to specific levels).
  11. Glowerss Augur

    For the sake of accuracy, the epic 1.0 does still modify your fist ratio. It sets your delay to 26. I believe epic fists at 60 would be 23/26 as a result.
  12. Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Augur

    I forgot that the epic did give a lower delay as well; which is sad since I was the one who calculated it out to be 26. And yes, 23 is the damage that would be given at 60 with 300 skill, but if you are below level 50 your dmg would just be the 21 dmg that one would get from having 280 skill gifted by the epic.
  13. Korbazz New Member

    i got to a new part for monk epic 1.0 its the flut parts or as most know it as the metal pips part. im in kamor's castle for the gnoll i need but its been 1.5 months of 5+hours of grinding the war room with spown of the gnoll i need is thare a way to make shure this pain in the butt will spown for me or a way were i can get pip in a differant way?
  14. Funk Augur

    The Drolvarg Pawbuster can be a pain to spawn, If you clear the jail up above while camping it you might get lucky and snag a Tranquil Staff from the Skeletal Warlord.