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Discussion in 'Melee' started by Rasbis, Jun 16, 2019.

  1. Rasbis Lorekeeper

    How exactly is an Iskar Monk to get their epic if they are kos to all the npc's? Please be kind..... lol
  2. Password1234 Elder

    Which npcs specifically?

    You can make a level 1 alt to do the headband/sash turn-ins, they are all tradeable.
    Brother Balatin is kos regardless of race. I heard you can turn in stuff while feigned to him, but I just had a friend charm him.

    I can't think of any others that could cause problems. If all else fails, sneak is an overlooked skill that will get you very far as an Iksar doing older quests.
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  3. Rasbis Lorekeeper

    Thanks, sneak is maxed lol. I will put your advice to the test. If I fail I do have some alts that can do it for me.
  4. Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Augur

    For the Brother Balatin turn in you will want to hit him with our level 65 (or lower) pacify before you sneak up behind him to start the turn in then, as soon as the trade opens FD. Then finish putting the other items in and complete the trade.

    Also, sneak won't help with the headband and sash quests; those will require you to have much higher faction. There are however quests which you can get with sneak that will result in you getting high enough faction, but it will take a while. The aforementioned lvl 1 in each city for turn ins to get the pieces is the best option.
  5. Duder Augur

    I have done the monk epic on an iksar 3 times. I skipped the headband stuff and killed either the South Karana fella or the Rathe Mts fella to get the Robe of the Lost circle.

    For Balatin, I always used:


    Charm him, hand it in. Some one else can also charm him if you have a hard time finding a set of strings.
  6. Rasbis Lorekeeper

    Well after a solid 45 hrs camping in Lower Guk I'm officially giving Daybreak the middle finger. You can keep you damn monk epic piece. Depending my mood when my game subscription(s) run out I think I will not longer be giving my money to daybreak as well. It has suddenly brought back memories of why the hell I stopped playing in 2004 to begin with.
  7. Duder Augur

    Just skip raster and get some pals to kill Brother Z in Rathe Mts or Brother Quinn in South Karana
  8. Rasbis Lorekeeper

    Not a bad idea EXCEPT he does not always have the robe on and if not does not drop it. I also am level 56 so I have to ask "friends" to spend large amount of their game time waiting for this guy to spawn which generally means they won't be friends long :)......

    BUT, I spent another 20 hours camping this guy with no luck. I figured my actual time in camp to be around 60 hours. I decided screw it. During the day I get a message from a friend to log in. He went to lguk and spent 2 hours and got Raster to spawn. What the *****..... I guess I should feel shame for not getting the spawn myself BUT I DON'T....

    So last night I spent 6 hours in SK trying to get Brother Qwinn to spawn with no luck. Killed the undead cyclops 4 times and had a druid to assist in tracking with no luck. I have came to the conclusion though that EVERY server is different which is why there is so much information on these quest that seem absolutely wrong. It is a bit disheartening to know that this is really the first baby steps in the epic process. I really see no feasible way to keep my marriage in tac and get the epic too. Thank you DayBreak.
  9. Duder Augur

    I hear yah. I abandoned camping Brother Q in SK because the zone is too big and roaming paths too unpredictable. Brother Z on the other hand is very easy. If you zone in to Rathe Mountains from Feerot, right as you walk in there is a crossroads. The 1 placeholder as well as the other mobs that spawn from that PH wander through that spot every time. The placeholder specifically is "a drake". It is a placeholder for Maldyn the Unkempt, Hasten Bootstrutter(Who will depop at the end of wandering, no need to kill), and Brother Zephyl. (Kill the "a drake" that pop, allow Hastens to depop, Kill all Maldyn the Unkempt that pop, Kill Brother Zephyls)


    In 60 hours you probably could have gotten 3 robes. Id suggest attempting to find another Monk to team up with to camp this. Or perhaps your guild? Skipping the headbands saves an immense amount of time.

    Good luck
  10. Herf Augur

    I have two accounts, so I created a ranger to track for me. It was the only way I could get Qwinn.
    For me Raster wasn't that bad. Got him in a day or so. Targin on the other hand...that took many visits tot his camp and I almost gave up.

    For the two headbands you'll want to make two different lvl 1 monks because they're on different faction. But the headbands are tradeable. You might even check the Baz.
  11. Rasbis Lorekeeper

    Thanks for the info, I have already completed the headband and sash quest. Actually bought some and ended up getting a high level human monk to do the turn in's because oddly enough the level 1 human monk I created could not do the last turn in, NPC(s) kept saying they needed "a more experience" individual. Not sure what that means and neither did anyone on the server, yes I harassed the entire server when I got that message :).....

    It's funny you sad that about brother Z, my friend who had such good luck getting Raster to spawn spent quite a bit if time in Rathe Mountains last night trying to get the Brother to spawn to no avail. The really annoying thing to me is I already have both pipes for the Whistling Fist turn in....

    Final question, is it feasible that a lvl 58 and 56 monk with the aid of a 62 cleric take out Z?
  12. Rasbis Lorekeeper

    Sorry meant to ask, exactly what did you kill to get Qwinn to spawn? I have a druid to track but after spending numerous hours last night trying to get him to spawn I'm really questioning what exactly I'm suppose to kill. Is there a location I should concentrate on in SK?
  13. Duder Augur

    I do believe so, but maybe his regen is too high so need some more dps? I forget what the issue was years and years ago when I first did the monk epic. Give it a whirl
  14. Herf Augur

    I used the info here to figure out where to focus my search. After a lot of trial and error I adopted this technique, which is easiest if you have two characters in the zone at the same time:

    1. Put one character who can solo the area around the Splitpaw spires. I used my 58 mage. Now on that toon go to the highest mound in Splitpaw and wait for things OTHER than gnolls to path right through the middle of splitpaw. Not around the edges just things that go right down the middle. These are PHs for all the rare spawns in the zone. Kill them (they will all be very low lvl.) They will be aviaks, cats, "an elephant" and centaurs mostly. Now after each of these kills start a timer ASAP. Watch your track window. At 60, or maybe 66, seconds after the death, you will see something spawn on your track window. That is the new PH. Track it down and kill it. 66 seconds later, repeat the process.

    2. The reason you want 2 characters is the tracker will be the one tracking down and killing the spawned PHs while the other will watch for pathers going through splitpaw. It's best to just kill one at a time so you can track the new PH, but if you have to kill 2 pathers at a time do it and just try to kill both new PH spawns.

    3. In the link above note that you need to be sure that Narra Tanith is NOT up. Apparently if she's up Qwinn will not spawn.

    4. This strategy works best if you're alone in the zone, so spawns happen slowly and controllably.

    The above strategy works for Qwinn. It also works for Quillmane. But you need to focus on killing only the PH spawns or it's easy to lose track. Use a stopwatch. If you do lose track or get unsure of the PHs, stop killing and go back and wait for pathers through Splitpaw to reset your tracking.

    Some of the named which I believe are PHs for Qwinn are "an escaped splitpaw gnoll", "an elephant", lions, lionesses, aviaks, centaurs, and also I believe the undead cyclops. But note that the escaped gnoll spawns in several areas, and only the one that patrols the NW part of the zone is for Quinn.

    Qwinn seems harder to spawn than Quillmane, but then when I was looking for the latter I was not killing the PHs in the NW area, which reduced the chance of Qwinn spawning.

    Good hunting!
  15. Rasbis Lorekeeper

    Thanks for all the advice. I did finally get the turn ins done for the robe. Unfortunately my son and his friend decided to surprise me for my birthday and did the turn ins. I logged into the account and at the "server" screen noticed Monkey had a robe on..... hmmmmm.

    Things appear to work out like that. I did the Skyfire drop with my son in a single hunting session. He has a lower level druid who tracked the mobs down for me. Ended up I grouped with him and daughter-in-law with monk and my cleric. He took the druid out tracking/killing the named mobs while I did xp grind with the other toons. Worked out well as in daughter-in-law was happy.

    I also did the Lava storm piece or had a Ranger do it for me. I can't remember his name but he answered a ooc from me about hiring a tracker. We quickly got the spawn and he tracked him down. Unfortunately I was dragging my cleric around, it's tough to follow in lava zones, and by the time I found the Ranger he almost had the guy killed. I appreciated the help but felt bad that he did most the heavy lifting.

    Oh my lvl 58 monk friend and I DID take out Brother Z in Rathe the other night just to see if we could. It was not that difficult but we did make some mistakes that fortunately did not cost us. Cleric had 50% mana left when he went down. He did not have robe but we will try him again to get my friend his robe.

    Anyway, once again I appreciate everyone's feedback here. You have been most helpful and encouraging. Safe hunting!
  16. Duder Augur

    Awesome, never doubt the power of a monk, let alone two!

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