Monk Earthforce discipline nerfed or broken?

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Muji, Sep 22, 2019.

  1. Muji Augur

    - Buffs that absorb hits (up to a maximum damage value) will no longer fully negate resistible spells. These buffs will continue to properly block the intended amount of damage from spell and melee attacks.

    [10940/15002] Impenetrable Discipline Rk. III
    Endurance: 0, Upkeep: 90 per tick
    Target: Self
    Resist: Beneficial, Blockable: Yes
    Focusable: Yes
    Casting: 0s, Recast: 3.9m, Timer: 1
    Duration: 12s+ (2 ticks), Dispelable: No
    Hate: 1
    1: Increase Melee Mitigation by 90%
    2: Increase Chance to Resist Any Stun by 1000%
    3: Cast: Impenetrable Effect (30% Chance)
    4: Cast: Impenetrable Effect II (30% Chance)
    5: Cast: Impenetrable Effect III (40% Chance)

    [10942/15003] Impenetrable Effect II
    Target: Self
    Resist: Beneficial, Blockable: Yes
    Focusable: Yes
    Casting: 0s
    Duration: 60s+ (10 ticks), Dispelable: No
    Hate: 1
    1: Absorb 5 Hits or Spells

    Seems like the buff no longer blocks anything and lets full damage through.
  2. Lisard Augur

    didnt notice anything out of the ordinary during tonights raids

    i also just tested it against the combat dummy a few seconds ago b/c i was to lazy to leave guild hall (stood infront of him to take ripo hits) and it absorb 7 ripost hits b4 impenetrable effect 3 faded

    also just dueled my shaman in the guild hall and it blocked 7 nukes b4 it faded. so should be working fine =P
  3. Duder Augur

    I believe it is referring to shielding spells with a stated amount that it absorbs. Anything that says it absorbs x hits will still absorb those hits as normal
  4. Muji Augur

    The problem I was having was during the Aalishai raid. It didnt seem to block repercussion or stipulation of flames, or the wildfire explosions. I used to be able to hit earthforce then run in at max melee and be fine, sometimes lasting untill refresh. Ill have to test it again next week i guess.

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