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    He hasn't given up, he is saying it out of respect for them most likely.
  3. Reval Augur

    Sarcogian has expressed a very healthy sentiment to the people that can't parse well on a monk currently. There should be a struggle to learn the class and improve. There should be a feeling of accomplishment behind doing that. If you just give someone everything, that can be lost, and the game becomes something less than it is. That's just not the right way to play the game. I have respect for that. It's a unique and sincere view that not many people have expressed on these boards in any sort of sincere manner.

    More or less, I said what I said to try to push the guy further, because it's what he wants for others, and I'm sure it's nice to have others want it for him too. And I added in an eagle sound effect to add into adps audio triggers because I'm a cool guy, and it was the right thing to do.
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    Aaand forum account unsuspended. I'd be happy to continue the conversation in game. Bring your notepad.
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    EverQuest over the years has developed a number of not quite impenetrably obtuse systems with very poor in game documentation. Melee disc stacking is certainly one of those. Getting experienced help with which versions of "hit harder / hit more" work well together doesn't feel like seeking an easy mode, to me. For one thing, it's not like that knowledge is the keys to the kingdom, as it were. A new baseline is established if The Plan is shared, but the proof is in the pudding. The cream rises to the top when it gets down to brass tacks. End of night raid combines is where the rubber hits the road, and just knowing disc orders isn't going to put a shabby monk on top of the heap.
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    Alright, who posted the necro parses!?!
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    First rule of OP necro club...
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  8. Sheex Goodnight, Springton. There will be no encores.

    Remember the Broodmother in Crystallos? I loved my role in that raid and the adds ever so much.
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    I blame Savager.
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    !! I didn't do anything! I do think they should fix thunderfoot though.
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    sigh if only they would bro, I have lamented that one too many times with the powers that be I believe.
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    I still love my monk, feel a tad behind other top tier dps but other monk in my guild constantly makes me strive to do better. Dude is a beast and when I can match him or beat him every once in a while makes me glad I have never switched mains. Monk p0wa~!
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    I did not say that Monks have access to the DF for a shorter time than either Rogues or Berserkers have had theirs.

    I was however mistaken in my thought that they had more ranks; which I blame entirely on the input/suggestions thread that Eli did back when he was originally wanting to nerf these lines. The back and forth I had with him regarding the rank/value used to determine the duration of the AA ended up with me equating the monk 10 seconds to per rank starting at 10 seconds at rank 1 to all three classes.
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    Damn Sarcogian how the heck do you know Splos? Can't believe you knew who I was talking about. Yep he's a beast and has pulled off some amazing . I knew he was someone I wanted to learn from when a couple a years ago I watched him solo break the noble room in mistmoore and hold the room with spaced spawns for 3 cycles before anyone else came in. Prob a lot of monks over the years have talked to that guy. I know he soloed Angry Alfred in tds too which I couldn't figure out how to do myself. And now he soloes some tbm names with only self buffs.
    I also wish they would fix thunderfoot proc but I feel we are in a good spot right now overall. Zerks and rogues prob should be able to outparse us at the high end bursts of dps since it's part of their class makeup. But I'm more than happy with being right on their heels and especially on sustained and being able to solo stuff they don't have a chance at doing. If you complain enough sooner or later you get nerfed not improved on.
    Like I said before just work hard to learn what all we can do as a class and get better with your dps by getting advice or practicing on stuff. I bet most of the other elite monks around can pull off pretty cool things too besides just being best dps on raids.
  15. Sarcogian Augur

    There's not many good monks I don't know. Splos and myself used to duo tds t3 nameds. We would go split camp RoF nameds for his hunters. Before he solo split nobles we broke it up by ourselves to get me the aug and spent nearly 3 hours there and held it down. He played from beta to pop and has old school monk in him. There's few people that can do what he does in the group content with group gear.
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    Hi guys. Very cool stuff. I'm interested in soloing/moloing/duoing with my monk. Sarcogian, you make them sound like the best melee which I have suspected. I'm currently level 90 and would like some ideas where to hunt and what buttons to use. I know you previously stated you would not like to give up your knowledge from the past 8 years. Just hoping you pity those of us lacking 8 years to spend parsing all various button combinations.

    If this helps persuade you, unfortunately, people that spend all the years learning do pass that knowledge on. It would be quite unreasonable to require everyone after you to go through the same arduous tasks.
  17. Reval Augur

    Part of being a good monk is being able to do the research that made Sarcogian good. If he tells you all of the secrets, but you never develop that mentality, then he would have failed you incredibly as a teacher.

    It's rough to say that. Usually I try to support people that seem to be downtrodden in some way. But I have had friends "tell me" how to play a class, and I usually was bad at it until I really tried *by myself* to learn the class, without just going off of a guide. I looked up all of the abilities. I compared all the combinations of abilities and weighed things out. I'm not perfect now, but I'm much better than if I'd just asked some guy how to play the class and went off of that.

    So how does he instruct you on that in a way that respects that you should also be able to figure things out for yourself, or you'll flounder if you stop receiving help? I don't think no help at all is good, but too much help can be bad too.
  18. MrMajestykx Augur

    have been a monk since before the awakening of the fact I was there to see it. There is alot of truth in what has been said here, given the information, processing it and just truly letting the class be an extension of yourself per say. There's a saying from ONE of my favorite movies.....

  19. Savager Augur

    If you'd like to see someone play a monk on all the current raids (minus the planes now because I think we're moving them to pickup raid status), you can tune in on Sundays at 730pm EST and watch me live at I'll do my best to answer questions either in game or twitch chat (I almost never read twitch chat though, just a fair warning).
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    I don't mind ~helping~ but like said, a lot of people want to be told how to play the class. That doesn't give you the understanding or the know how. The write-up that was posted a few pages back is wonderful details about how to set up multibinds and the basics of the "button". Lisard did a great write-up on that. The thing I will say about learning how to play your class is, don't be afraid to use hotbars. I laid every single disc out I had and started clicking them. See which ones went on cool down and which ones stacked (if you open up your combat abilities window and you see the right side where it says timer that'll give you which cool down they're on and can do a lot of leg work that way), did this with aa's too. You can attack a combat dummy, but the mob I practiced on the most was in steam font near the mini tunnels. There is an fd'd gnome work that had about 1mil or so hp. At level 90 you won't be doing enough dps to kill it in a burn so practice there.

    The best resource too to learn about the discs themselves is allakhazam. There you'll get a more in depth description of the disc with damage % and what's effected.
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