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Discussion in 'Melee' started by SoroxDrinal, Feb 8, 2016.

  1. SoroxDrinal Elder

    Monks are still parsing far to low for a pure melee class. Especially without a perfect mix of adps in the group with coordinated buffs.

    Destructive should be lasting the same time across ALL pure melee. And offhand of pure melee needs to triple/flurry.

    Feeling broken when I see parses...
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  2. Taiqwon Augur

    I was unaware that our ae attack was shorter than other classes. That's kind of annoying. Hasn't any of the devs watched Kung Fu Theater as a kid? That's like a staple scene!
  3. Phrovo1 Augur

    it's always been 6 ticks for monks vs 8 ticks for zerkers and rogues? Only real change to Destructive Force since rank 4 was released was full melee rounds to everything and a focused version?
  4. Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Augur

    I think that is more that no one realizes that the Zerkers and Rogues have more ranks than we do; which is why theirs lasts longer.
  5. Brudal Augur

    It must be nice to have a 15 minute or better reuse. Furious Rampage stayed at 20 minute reuse after reducing the duration from 70 seconds to 48.
  6. Sarcogian Augur

    I have no trouble getting into the top 10 on burns or combine. /shrug
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  7. Kobrah Augur

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  8. Sarcogian Augur

    Reply: button more.
  9. Jhenna_BB Proudly Prestigious Pointed Purveyor of Pincusions

    That's because not every guild is like ROI and has the perfect mix to give Monks a Shaman, Bard and Beastlord. Hats off to you for having that kind of make up.

    We're #7 to finish most events on elite gamer and our 4 melee dps group look like this, btw we burst for like 5.7mil dps:



    Usually Shaman, sometimes Druid
    Berzerker or Rogue or Monk
    Beastlord or Rogue or Monk

    Mostly Druid, sometimes Shaman
    Leftover Rogue or Berzerker sometimes Bard

    Alert-->FIX THUNDER KICK PLEASE!!!<--Alert
  10. Kongfoo Elder

    I feel bad for RAs Monks.
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  11. Jhenna_BB Proudly Prestigious Pointed Purveyor of Pincusions

    It sucks. They excel and work hard at their dps.
  12. Sheex Goodnight, Springton. There will be no encores.

    Just want to point out this isn't specific to monks. Before Scarlet we usually had the same group as above but with rangers, and their shaman was usually a box one of the Rangers was playing, too.

    Then for the reject tank group, 2-5 sks with the very last war in the MT order and a healer or two.

    Absolutely agree about class breakdown though - I hope when they tune things like raid hard timers they aren't assuming perfect synergy that very, very few raid forces actually enjoy.

    Also....insert line about 30s mend, fd and impenetrable here! So op ;).
  13. Behelit Augur

    Except RoI doesnt have that kind of makeup. Usually only one of our melee grps has Bard/Shaman/Beast/Ranger adps. The others go without Ranger or Beastlord and in some cases without Bard.
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  14. Benzarden Augur

    Monk burst sucks, but their sustained is pretty damn good when played well. Monks are very competitive with rogues and often beat them. This is probably the best Monks have been in a long time. Monk Dicho is pretty awesome. I'd like to see Monks get some sort of adps like the rest of the pure melee though.

    Oh, and fix Thunderfoot.
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  15. Sarcogian Augur

    Since everyone here is a monk expert just clearly knows how to play the class, kudos. I guess you should teach your guilds monks how to play their class instead of asking me.
  16. Sancus Augur

    The success of RoI monks is 100% due to perfect ADPS groups such as these:

    In seriousness though, I feel for monks who don't get proper ADPS groups. No guild can offer perfect support, and the result is classes like monks (and Mages!) can often lack crucial ADPS. This exacerbates any DPS disparities that already exist.

    Monks do seem to be in a pretty decent spot though relative to TDS, at least as far as sustained is concerned.
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  17. Gumby Augur

    Fixing Thunderfoot to actually proc off more than the single press of Flying Kick (like it used to be) would probably solve most everything.

    I highly doubt that would bring Monks to be higher than others, but it would make them competitive again with the Rogues, Beserkers and Beastlords.

    Cracking a top 10 in a parse is pretty easy, but when the top 6 are 35% higher than you, then it's not much fun.
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  18. Gumby Augur

    Or you could've went with which buttons you do press, the order you press them in and at what times you hit them.

    But, I guess being an is easier than actually being helpful to the Monk community.
  19. Sarcogian Augur

    Have you ever properly seen players play their class on a raid? There's times I'm in that group sancus posted (about 4/5 times because RL hates me) and I'm still competitive with the rogues, beastlords, and depending on the length of the fight, zerkers. The talking out of your rear in thus thread is off the charts because if you're getting beat THAT BADLY even if your group is 4 enchanters and a paladin, as a monk, you clearly don't know how to play your class. If DBG was to increase monk dps solely because "they don't get adps groups" whenever they do get into adps groups we'll be so far ahead of everyone. Sure, if I don't have an adps group I'm not getting into the top 10 because that's wizards and melee from the 2 SOMETIMES 3 groups with adps. But I'm still making top 15 and surpassing others classes. Not because they're garbage, but I actually sat down and setup disc lineups on the events we do and time it with whatever I have available to me. Screaming fix thinderfoot, go get bent. Screaming increase dps, go get bent. Not practicing the class you play, go get bent. Learn the class you're playing or going to play. I don't play a bard, should I shout out bards need more dps? What about enchanters, they nuke, their dps needs to be the same as wizards. Coke to think of it, necros don't show up on my parse very well, I think they need an increase. No, that's all ignorant stuff to say. If you ever raided in this game, you should be smarter than you post.

    For the person that wants us to feel sorry you ONLY came in 7th place, get bent too. You came in 7th place, there's guilds still in t1.
  20. Sarcogian Augur

    Quit being awful then and learn the darn class. Why should my 8 years of testing and tuning just be handed over to you? What have you done for the monk community. I've helped monks in triton, ring of valor, crimson temptest, on the higher end scale. When I was in mid term guilds I helped those monks too. So please, tell me why you feel entitled to my information?