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  1. Slayerwolf Lorekeeper

    Hey all,

    Due to my computer system (old) and monetary constraints, I'm really not going to be able to box, nor would I really prefer to. I've had some success molo in the past in previous expansions such as EoK or RoS (haven't played much since), but I was thinking of coming back and giving it a shot on an enchanter. I like a class that can at least molo t1 named of the current expac. My main concern is that enchanter pets are too weak (or that is to say, enchanter dps is too weak) to be able to molo any named. The pet hp bars drop and can't/won't recover due to mitigation being so awful, and the enchanter dps appears too low to compensate. Am I doing it wrong, or is enchanter mainly a group bot/buffer? To clarify, can an enchanter molo t1 named or is that mainly something for other OP classes?

    Thanks!! :)

    Inb4 someone says "if you're not boxing, you're not doing it right." :p
  2. Schadenfreude Augur

    If you weren't happy with SK it's unlikely any other class is going to do any better.
  3. Tappin Augur

    You don’t need two accounts gold to have a decent box. Just rotate gold to get both a decent amount of AAs. Mobs in RoS+ have bloated hps and would likely take 1.5 to 2 mins per kill (not acceptable in my opinion).
  4. Tappin Augur

    A raid equipped enchanter that knows what they are can solo some of the name in TBL. But the content was designed with group play in mind, so it’s going to be difficult.
  5. Mazame Augur

    "Due to my computer system (old) and monetary constraints,"
    My system is over 10 year old and I have no issue so having an old system I don't consider a constraint.

    "I'm really not going to be able to box, nor would I really prefer to. I've had some success molo in the past in previous expansions such as EoK or RoS (haven't played much since),"
    You don't need to Box to be successful. To do well what you need is the willingness to learn and grow and think out side of the box. when people say you can't just find a away to prove them wrong.

    "I was thinking of coming back and giving it a shot on an enchanter."
    Enchanter is one of the most OP classes in the game. It is one of the few classes that can solo a lot of current content. When you can in Molo-ing then the become even better. Also a well played enchanter would be welcome in any group / raid.

    "My main concern is that enchanter pets are too weak (or that is to say, enchanter dps is too weak) to be able to molo any named."
    This is not true. Enchanters are very able to do decent dps and can molo named

    To start off you want to make sure you have the AA. like most classes AA help improve your class and are required for current content if you are in group gear.

    GMM would be a great place to get back into the game as the mobs are weaker in the Missions ( scaled to your level ) and you will get 3-4 gear drops per mission. Great xp to increase your AA's

    Playing a chanter is not always about the DPS when it come to fights. You have a number of options:
    The chanter summon pet is great for clearing and grinding. You can give it summon gear from a mage or crafted player made gear to make it stronger if you like.

    The next thing if your moloing you will want is to do is Block all of the Heal over time and promise heals on you and your pet. This will cause the merc to not cast them and you will see an improvement in your pet being healed.

    Next is your spells. I use the following when Moloing. Depending on where I am
    Mindslash Rk. II
    Mind Tempest Rk. II
    Deluding Constriction Rk. II
    Chromatic Covenant Rk. II
    Polyfluorescent Assault Rk. II
    Strangulate Rk. II
    Chromareave Rk. II
    Tears of Skrizix Rk. II

    Dizzying Wheel Rk. II
    Color Congruence Rk. II
    Constraining Helix Rk. II

    Brimstone Durability Rk. II

    Night's Endless Terror Rk. II

    5 main points remember when picking your spells.
    A) Dots this lets you DPS and do other things while they tick. This is key when fighting named as you may not always be able to nuke.

    B) Stuns are your friends. chain stunning a mob may be better then nuking. When a mob is stun they are doing 0 Damage to your pet or you. I will use the AE stun and then the single target and you will see a decrease in the damage your pet is taking. (just dot up the mob and then chain stun) This does mean the fight will take longer then if your nuking but it is better if your pet having a hard time to help keep him alive.

    C) Buffs / Debuffs. an enchanter power is making sure a mob is debuffs and you want to make sure your pets buffed. Night Endless terror is a great buff for your pet. also Tash, Slow, cripple the mob. if make a difference.

    D) Runes USE THEM! Mages, Necro, and bst have pet heals / pet block spells. as a chanter you do not. what you do have is Runes. I listed 1 above but if you need more you can load up on them. Think of a rune as a heal that you can cast even before your pet takes damage. the more runes you use the more HP you are giving your pet. The hard part becomes learning to balance how many Rune to load Vs Nukes. Nuke let you kill faster runes will help you live longer and in the end there is not a right answer. it comes down to playing and where your at and what your fighting. if your pets dieing to often load more runes. if your feel like he ok load more nukes. This will change as you get better gear/ how well your pet is gear how many AA you have etc.

    E) Auras are a key part of a chanter. you will want to use them based on what your doing.
    I use Twin-cast no matter what.
    The 2nd aura I change based on what i am doing. in group I use MRA.
    Solo I use Charm if i am charming pets. or Rune aura if i want the extra defense
    Boxing I will use Mana so my bst can dps more.
    Grinding I use the XP aura.
    If i am in an area when I need to make sure things are landing (Dots/Stuns) I will use the Tash aura.
    If i am speed killing I use the one that drops the HP by 10%

    The point being test them out and use them based on what your doing you have options so don't limit your self.

    The one thing to Max out is your Dire charm AA. this will let you charm a white con mob for 6 min with out it breaking. Use your normal pet to grind and spawn the name when the name spawns pocket your pet and find a near by mob to Charm. Charm it and put Nights endless terror and haste on it. Add a rune or two and then send it in on the named.

    Once the charm pet is fighting the named then cast tash and slow on the named. once these have landed you will then hit your Swarm pet aa ( the one that spawns 3-4 copies of you ) These copies will cast any nukes and STUNS you have loaded. )

    You then want you hit IOG and any other Burn AA you have. at this point you start Doting and Nuking. Your pet will have gained enough aggro to hold the named and you can focus on DPS with your burn going and you +your clones Nuking the named will start to melt.

    Watch your pets HP if he needs it recast your runes on him.

    You Panic button is the other AA swarm pet ( the one that loots looks like the mob) I use this one when my pet drops below 40% HP. What this pet does is Taunts and will take X amount of hits. By using it it will let your merc have time to heal up your pet and let you add more runes to your pet.

    The name should be dead in under 5 min before your charm fades.
    Make sure you have an AE mez up to charm any adds that may spawn or wander into camp.

    If your not able to kill a named using a Dire charmed pet then you need to go back a tier or two and work on gear / AA / augs.
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  6. Mazame Augur

    My chanter is not raid gear and still can do TBL named.
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  7. Tappin Augur

    Were you able to solo the named prior to TBL gear? I guess it’s doable if you say so, but I would be hesitant and suggesting any enchanter can do it.
  8. Mazame Augur

    If you read my post it sums up how to do it. "any enchanter" I would never say "any enchanter" being able to solo takes a few things.

    1st it takes skill and most people that play a chanter use it for a buff bot / CC and don't know how to play a chanter.

    2nd to do "current content names solo" you need to make sure you have your pet AA, DPS aa, and Rune aa. So again "any chanter" no they would not be able to do it.

    3rd Gear as a chanter is not need as much as other classes to be successful. An Enchanter need mana from gear and better gear help add more mana but there other ways to get mana. AA like "gather mana, 2nd spire, Robe clicky etc can all give you the mana. You need HP to live but again chanter have more HP then most classes when you consider their Runes and migration spells. so if your using spells and AA your gear again is not need as much as other classes.

    4th your pet is the one doing most of the work. Charmed pet are very powerful. That is why charm doesn't last for ever. The right buffs and gear on a charm pet go a long way.
    Charm a pet give it a full set of gear. buff it with haste and NET. put a few runes on it and watch it eat up named. None of that requires "TBL gear"

    So you are correct not "Any chanter" can solo name but if you learn to play a chanter it is possible.
    I never said it would be easy or that it would not take work.

    But I will say if some one know how to play a chanter / and has the right AA's then yes they can Molo TBL
  9. Dovhesi Elder

    Interesting...why would you use enc alliance spell when moloing? It does not fulminate off of, or increase spell damage of, self spell casts (Chromatic Covenant Limit: Different caster), so unless you're "moloing" with 3 or more enchanters in you're group then its useless. This spell is basically only used during raid events when you have multiple enchanters to fulminate off of each other.
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  10. Corak Elder

    This is very helpful info, thank you! One question though--

    Why do you use the Constraining Helix spell instead of the AA Slowing Helix?
  11. Mazame Augur

    You are correct. I am not at home so I was just looking for nukes and dots on Alakazam's and didn't register that as the alliance. That what I get for rushing a post :) .
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  12. Mazame Augur

    If you have the AA maxed out then I believe it the same and the AA would work to free up a spell slot. I listed the spell because I not sure if the changes to the AA were done to all levels or not. The point is you don't want to just slow the mob but to make sure it crippled as well.

    1: Increase Disease Counter by 26
    2: Decrease Attack Speed by 70%
    3: Decrease STR by 391
    4: Decrease AC by 183
    5: Decrease DEX by 444
    6: Decrease AGI by 444
    7: Decrease Dual Wield by 19%

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