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Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by DillyBar, May 16, 2018.

  1. DillyBar Journeyman

    Color was good enough for con. That is all.
  2. Xyroff-cazic. Augur

    you could put a post-it note on your screen
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  3. Aurastrider Augur

    Actually displaying the level has some value especially for people claiming certain HA's are not scaling as intended. Per the developers the highest NPC that can spawn is 7 levels higher than a PC but that NPC is a bug and will be fixed. The next highest levels are 4-6 higher. So for COTF HA's the highest possible NPC should be 106. For those claiming that mobs are spawning that are out of level range they can actually know the mobs level before making these claims. Of course this does nothing to address what abilities or stats these mobs have but it at least clears up this part of the equation.

    Another useful aspect of this is if you are running through older zones and want to know what the actual level of those grey con mobs are that you are slaughtering. Sure you can look on zam for each individual mob or use the in game zone guide to get a level range but this is much faster. I for one like this change.
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  4. Nolrog Augur

    Keeping true to form, EQ players will complain about everything.
  5. Grubbie New Member

    *ALL game communities will complain about everything
  6. Yimin Augur

    This is an awesome thing they have done no more guessing what level a mob is !

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  7. Diptera Augur

    Yet another loss to immersion =/
  8. Vaeeldar Augur

    How does knowing a mobs level in any way impact immersion? Outside of grey/green cons you pretty much knew it anyway. This is one of those changes that has no real impact, can't even believe people care.
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  9. Dreadmore Augur

    Take a real-life analogy. You go around with general estimates that people are a bit younger than you, greatly younger than you. about your same age, a little older, a lot older. But they don't have floating numbers above their heads telling you their age exactly.

    Well, until augmented reality glasses or retinas or whatever maybe become mainstream in our dystopian future.
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  10. Numzan Augur

    I liked it, it was a great feature other then the grey thing.. Hey i just took down a lvl 12 mob being lvl 5 :) It also goes against some of the spells people use, up to lvl 55?? so how do we know what the blue con is using this spell? We knew from trial and error many years ago. It does nothing but to the individual or the group fighting it. Also a cool feature for raids to post on a lvl 200 mob when they smack your face to the ground.
  11. Coder Joe New Member

    They don't need floating numbers over their head, because we just ask them "how old are you?" when we need to know. But I see your point :)

    I think its handy knowing an NPCs level.
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  12. Aurastrider Augur

    I love analogies but I don't get your point. How is knowing someone's age beneficial in RL unless you are some perv cruising the school yard looking for the girls who just turned 18 to avoid jail? If I want to know someone's age I ask them. Before this change I tried to talk to NPCs in game and ask them their level but they gave me nothing but a blank expression. I am guessing you make your own in game maps, do trade skill combines by trial and error and never use any player made guides to assist you on quests because being given potentially important information rather than learning it yourself is a bad thing.
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  13. CrazyLarth Augur

    i love this new feature now I can add a correct level when adding mobs to allakhazam
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  14. Dreadmore Augur

    To further the analogy, asking how old someone in the context of /considering would be like smacking them to start a fight and seeing who the victor is, and by what margin :D

    I do agree, handy change. I like it.

    Well... it sure sounds like you got the point. It's nothing to do with being a perv (though I wonder where you got that from :confused: ) but about having implicit data about someone readily displayed rather than learned, which you explained through the other examples.

    But no, I don't make my own maps or tradeskill via trial and error. I sure hope I didn't suggest that--I don't think I did... did I?

    Edit: Oh I see why you don't get the point now. The original question I was answering was how this breaks immersion, not how it is beneficial.
  15. Aurastrider Augur

    My analogy about being a perv was not directed at you but was a generalize analogy about why someone in RL would even want to care about a persons age. Maybe a cashier selling Tabaco and alcohol would have been a better example?

    My point about using data that you did not obtain yourself was simply to show a point and that is you are already given information that you don't obtain yourself. This is another useful tool just like maps, trade skill recipes, quest guides and so forth that pretty much everyone in game benefits from. Its kind of like coning a mob from way off in the distance. They scowl at you ready to attack but why are they not attacking you? In reality we probably should not be able to con them until we are in actual agro range but I wont complain just like I wont complain about having as much information about combat as I can in game.
  16. Balthozzar New Member

    I think that this is useful for spells and abilities that only work up to a certain level, like harmony, mez and charm, etc. I like the change for that reason.
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  17. Velisaris_MS Elder

    Just put a toggle on it and let players decide if they want to see mob levels or not.
  18. Dreadmore Augur

    Ah. Yeah, well it's hard to argue about immersion when you're playing an RPG where numbers and stats reasonably predict the outcome of everything, so the original claim that this breaks immersion is too selective. But I just had to entertain it :rolleyes: devil's advocate or whatever!
  19. CrazyLarth Augur

    just never /con a mob problem solved
  20. Bidaum_TR Journeyman

    Another thing I like about this feature is that is works on other players as well. While I am not a buffing class myself, some of my alts are; and when lowbies come around /oocing for buffs or pet toys etc - it can sometimes be a chore to get something to stick as you guesstimate what level they or their pet might be.
    I like it!
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