Fixed Internally Mobs Dropping Agro

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by Sythrak20, Aug 19, 2021.

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  1. Sythrak20 Lorekeeper

    Is this a bug? Mobs leash range is about a third of what it was.
  2. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    You are going to need to include some examples of which mobs you are talking about and what you think the range used to to be and is now.
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  3. Sythrak20 Lorekeeper

    Apparently this is just a weird occurrence I've found in Ssra temple. Anything I pulled there leashed once I ran a short distance (200~ ?) away. Other zones don't seem to have this problem that I've checked out so far.
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  4. Hamshire Augur

    Ran out to check it out, it is real short and not normal
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  5. Tweakfour17 Augur

    Were you losing LoS / going around corners? I wonder if pathing is playing a part in this? Maybe could find another zone with a similarly complex layout as SSRA and see if it is also there.
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  6. I-WANT-IT-NOW Augur

    They definitely changed something. Can be used to player advantage pretty easily so I bet it gets changed again or back soon.
  7. Wulfhere Augur

    Server side optimization and maybe in conjunction with or to balance /taunt nerf, since it now triggers an NPC assist call. In general, aggressive leashing goes further to keep trains and swarms to a minimum which seems to be the overall design intent the past many years.
  8. Razorfall Augur

    My group is at Miscreation of the Timeless camp, and I'm pulling 5-6 mobs in at a time. The PHs are dropping agro before I get back to camp (just east of the ToV ramp) so I'm having to go back to get them. I'm pulling using protest for honor.
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  9. Velisaris_MS Augur

    I've had it happen a couple of times in the wurm caves in GD (in the mission instance) the last few days. Usually, I'm pulling with "stuff" in the way (rocks, etc.). I've never had that happen (since ToV launched) until this latest patch.
  10. Gialana Augur

    Is it possible you're running too far from them? Those mobs are so big that I often think I'm close enough to pull them but am told I'm out of range.
  11. Velisaris_MS Augur

    Don't know if you're aksing me or the OP.

    In my case, I'm pulling mobs the same way I've been pulling them for over a year. I hit them with Terror (on my SK) to pull, and now, sometimes, they get almost to me, their pathing puts a rock or other geometry slightly between the mob and my toon, and the agro just drops completely and they start wandering back to their spawn point. Never had geometry issues and pulling in that zone until the August patch.
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  12. Tweakfour17 Augur

  13. Velisaris_MS Augur

    Yeah, I saw that. I honestly don't know if these things are actually related. I did a few tests with taunt pulling and ducking behind things to get out of LoS, but never dropped aggro. So, I don't know if it's only certain mobs, or certain zones, or certain geometry, or certain methods of pulling, or what.

    Would be nice to have a dev answer the question.
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  14. Razorfall Augur

    These are 100% within range, and I confirmed they were on my extended target before moving on to pull the next one.

    I thought that this may have been the case, but I pulled the few that didn't have anything in the way and still got the same result.

    I don't think we had any issue with this when we moved to a different camp. Maybe it's just an issue with undead? I'll try to do some more testing this week to see if I can find out anything else

    EDIT: the wurms and kromzek in ww were ok
  15. Tlail Lorekeeper

    I had the same problem in the basement of The Howling Stones. 95% of the pulls were fine, on the rest the mobs dropped aggro for no appearent reason.

    A few weeks ago we camped at the same spot and had no issues at all, so it seems to be a new bug.

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  16. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    Did the mobs loose line of sight on you at any time?
  17. Sythrak20 Lorekeeper

    Def not due to LoS, its just a straight up aggro loss once you get beyond a certain range.

    It's happening in Eartha also, and I guess from the other thread in other zones as well. Unless this is some new storybricks emergent AI prob needs to be looked at. Makes for some hilariously easy pulls.
  18. Qinlain New Member

    This seems to be an issue all over the place. Was it changed intentionally? Or is this a bug introduced by the taunt/aggro mechanic changes?

    Not losing LOS with the pulls, they are just randomly dropping aggro when being pulled. Further distance pulls seem to drop more often than those close by. I’ve been able to reproduce this in dungeons and non-dungeon zones.
  19. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    If you could give zones, locations in zones and which npcs you see this with it will help the devs look at this issue.
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  20. ShivanAngel Augur

    I have noticed this as well, Mobs leash at around 200 range or just drop agro entirely. It almost appears they have a chance to memblur themselves if you go beyond 200 range.

    It makes pulling casters 100x more abysmal then it was before, as you can no longer range their spells and they just sit their spam nuking you.

    Also this allows for some pretty "exploitable" or "intended" pulling, as you can easily split mobs by tagging one at <200 range while keeping another at >200 range.

    as for zones, it has been every zone I have been in thus far (which isnt a lot, considering my server is in LDoN).

    From what I hear this was implemented to break far taunt, which I am all for, but not at this cost.
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