In Progress Mobs become unhittable in multiple locations in LS

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Skecpa, Dec 6, 2023.

  1. Skecpa Journeyman

    It appears that mobs path along seams in geometry and if they stay on those seams with slight elevations they become unhittable while still being able to hit you They cannot be seen (Perfectly visible, but the combat message says they cannot be seen) and cannot be hit from any sides.It happens a lot, happened just now as I pulled a PH while writing this report.

    Basalisks in Unkempt woods are easy to reproduce the issue.
    Rats in field in Moors of Nokk when there is a slight incline to field.
    A Rallosian Sorcerer in TImorous Falls next to the river near the fallen tree becomes unhittable if they are on the sloped bank.
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  2. Crashdummy Elder

    You do not say if it is from spells or melee, but, if the target ring at the bottom is not completely visible (assuming the mob is not airborne) spells will not land. if it is from melee, has to be some thing else.
  3. Salene_Luclin Journeyman

    In Ankexfen Keep in tunnels a spider aggrod us ran up and even trying to move it around was unable to cast spelled or melee attack it.
  4. Skecpa Journeyman

    My issue is both spells and melee as well. Now that you mention it I also had one of the spiders in the tunnel have the same issue, it was when fighting not far from the jail door inside the cave.
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  5. Salene_Luclin Journeyman

    Sounds like same area we had issues 1st spider from door was fine 2nd one added and not ae to attack it
  6. Kovachs Lorekeeper

    I have also had this problem. In a couple different zones (older expansions too).It seemed like the mob was under the world even though the mob itself and target ring were unaffected by any visible geometry. I couldn’t hit the mobs and they couldn’t hit me. I also couldn’t cast on it. I had to move around, back up, run in a circle or two. Once the mob character moved a few units we were able to resume attacking.

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  7. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    We had this issue with the spider in the mission in Heros Forge, in the top of the south room it became unhittable by spells or melee. Couldn't see any difference in the floor to stop it.

    Just had to let pet beat on it long enough for it to port....annoying.
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  8. Fanra

    I've noticed this problem. Usually if we move the mob it corrects itself.

    Of course, the lack of pick zones also makes me wonder how much of this is server lag.
  9. rusco New Member

    Also ran across this problem last night while doing the Hero's Forge mission while killing the spider queen again later in Timorous Falls while killing wasps on a hill. We could not hit these with Melee or Spell damage.
  10. Schorn New Member

    Category: Other [Can Repro]
    Date/Time: Thu Dec 07 10:10:14 2023

    Character: Level 121 Shadow Knight (Main)
    Zone: Timorous Falls
    Location: 34.27, -2673.11, -40.64, 425.72

    Description: Cannot see target during combat at this loc
  11. coltongrundy Augur

    It's not just new zones. I'm having the same problem in The Rescue dodh mission since the LS update
  12. Alkerion Lorekeeper

    It is both melee and spells. Our group had this happen to us yesterday. The melee couldn't hit it and I couldn't malo or slow it. All the same error of "cannot see your target" which just to be annoying asf doesn't stop the mob from attacking you at all. You must move the mob from it's location to be able to attack/cast spells on it.
  13. chronicler Augur

    mobs in Li, with pet spells, chaotic, and such, but if use of spell manually like spear the spear can hit.
  14. NatazzEvoli Elder

    +1, very bad in Unkempt Woods when fighting any of the fauna.
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  15. Doranur_Aleguzzler Filthy Casual™

    Can concur it is happening outside the new expansion. Just doing a Franklin Teek mission to grab a piece of gear for an alt too low level to acquire the quest, it occurred in Mons Letalis. It also happened multiple times in Direwind Cliffs.
  16. Rolaque Ancient

    The source of the problem seems to be not being able to see the feet of mob. It's very similar to having your mob in water and you on the shore. In the Hero's mission several times, if the spider queen's rear end is pushed into a wall, she becomes unhitable. Moving her a short distance solves the problem. In Timorous Falls, npc mobs end up standing in a patch of ground where you cannot see their feet, and hence are unhitable. Moving them a couple of steps solves the problem.
    Seems like there is an issue with the static geometry letting mobs move into or through it.
  17. Allayna Augur

    Category: Pathing [Can Repro]
    Date/Time: Tue Dec 12 18:04:52 2023

    Character: Level 125 Paladin (Main)
    Zone: Pal'Lomen 6532
    Location: -201.80, -554.79, -32.93, 416.93

    Description: NPCs unhittable at this location in Final Fugue Mission. Figured you needed more info, like some /loc data.
  18. Mithra Augur

    Had this problem a dozen times this week while progressing through Underfoot on Mischief.
  19. Velisaris_MS Augur

    Foot fetishists everywhere are screaming right now.
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  20. Raccoo Augur

    Category: Other
    Date/Time: Thu Dec 07 01:30:28 2023

    Character: Level 123 Shaman (Main)
    Zone: Ankexfen Keep
    Location: 2830.44, 618.66, -217.48, 196.99

    Target NPC: a gorge scavenger
    Target Location: 2786.88, 644.25, -232.29, 501.00

    Description: bugged train in gorge
    Category: Other
    Date/Time: Thu Dec 07 01:33:51 2023

    Character: Level 123 Shaman (Main)
    Zone: Ankexfen Keep
    Location: 2836.35, 612.99, -215.07, 183.09

    Target NPC: a chilled ooze
    Target Location: 2786.00, 644.50, -232.32, 485.00

    Description: bugged
    Category: Other
    Date/Time: Thu Dec 07 01:36:23 2023

    Character: Level 123 Shaman (Main)
    Zone: Ankexfen Keep
    Location: 2836.35, 612.99, -215.07, 183.09

    Target NPC: a gorge scavenger
    Target Location: 2783.50, 647.63, -232.81, 481.25

    Description: bugged