Misty Acorn (graphic issue, item location & forage)

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  1. Elyssanda Bardbrain

    between this fix and
    I am a happy tradeskiller :)
    at least for today.
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  2. minimind The Village Idiot

    LOVE the new acorn!!
  3. Rijacki Just a rare RPer on FV

    I love the acorn graphic and have gotten reasonably adept at spotting it (it's an anomaly in the flat grass graphic when all the extra tufts are shut off), but the rarity of it is INSANE.

    I am resigned to it not being visible at night to my little druidess, but running over the whole zone over and over and over and over looking for the tiny acorn for which there are only 1-3 spawns per Norrath day, if you're lucky, and can be -anywhere- is driving me a bit bonkers. The day after the server reboot, I was elated on finding 3 in a Norrath day. Now, a few days since the last reboot, I haven't found any at all. I suspect they spawned in unreachable locations and no others will spawn until they're harvested or the server reboots. It's taken me over a week, spending hours just roaming the zone and also foraging (239) to get 75. I've almost reached a point where 3rd party software is looking attractive to harvest/forage when I can't spend time logged on and can track everything in zone. I have never used such software in all my years of playing EQ and EQ2 and have always been disdainful of it, but this might break me.


    I am firm in the camp of this is a stupid way to gate the rarity of something if it drives a vehemently anti-cheat player to consider cheating. I look at someone in the bazaar with over 700 of them and am 100% positive that was only possible with an application like that.
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  4. Moege Augur

    You do know you can forage them? Does not take much to have a few f2p accounts just standing there and hitting forage when it is ready. At least that is what I do. No I am not the bazaar seller, acorns is my precious !
  5. Rijacki Just a rare RPer on FV

    I'm guessing you didn't see that I am also using forage mastery as well as picking up far too rare ground spawn.

    But, what is the difference of my druid/baker/brewer with forage being logged in on my one PC to hit the forage key when it comes up and run around when I get a chance to do so while I am also using the same PC to do work than using a single login with another account or even having more than one and switching through them? I actually do have 3 accounts, two paid and one f2p. The only difference between using my druid and a character on the free acct is the paid ones can have characters sitting in the bazaar (which is what I did to pick the ground spawn mushrooms in Kaladim). Switching through multiple accounts on a single PC doing absolutely nothing else would be even more tedious than running round and round and round and round the same zone for hours and hours each day.

    With forage, I've had streaks of 4-5 in a real world day, but more often 1-2. Admittedly, I cannot just sit there and poke the forage button each time it comes up because I am also working or have other things I need to do on my computer. Yes, if I had an application to click that forage button on more than one account each time it's ready I could get more and it wouldn't be as tedious, but that's the exact same argument. The rarity of the item encourages one to use a "cheat".

    (Note: I am not saying you're using a cheat software because it is possible to manually switch between multiple logged in accounts, just insanely tedious. I do that for Overseer with 3 accounts.)
  6. Gialana Augur

    If it helps, you could make a macro to forage so you just need to press one button and drop the results in your inventory whenever you get the chance. With enough of the forage AAs to reduce the reuse time sufficiently, you can use all 5 lines on the macro to forage 5 times per key press. Without any reuse reduction, you can only forage 3 times with a macro since you'll have to put an extra pause on 2 of the lines without any other commands on those lines.
  7. Drakah UI Designer

    delete (sorry, accidentally posted in the wrong thread like a newb)
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