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  1. Aurelio Lorekeeper

    The name for the recipe 40069 "Potamide Pate" is misspelled when you learned it. It's learned as "Potameid Pate"
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  2. Soulbanshee Augur

    I've been keeping a list of things like these that I've been meaning to submit so I may as well add in to get it all in the same ticket.

    Potamide/Potameid is spelled differently among quite a few item names and recipe names.

    For items and recipes, mixed whether an apostrophe or backtick is used, examples:

    Also for item names, there are some "Censor" that were missed a while back in the patch that fixed spelling to "Censer", unless the item collectors have not picked up the correction.
    Ascending Sun Censor
    Dread Vnayyanye's Censor
    Dromrek Censor
    Secret Dawn Censor
    Secret Dawn Censor Muhbis

    Items had previously been renamed from Bow Staff to Bowstave and Bow String to Bowstring. The corresponding recipes were missed.
    35123 Oak Treant Bow Staff (Straight Oak Treant Branch)
    35124 Desiccated Treant Bow Staff (Dry Treant Branch)
    35125 Supple Treant Bow Staff (Straight Treant Branch)
    35129 Oak Treant Laminate Bow Staff
    35130 Desiccated Treant Laminate Bow Staff
    35131 Supple Treant Laminate Bow Staff
    35132 Composite Treant Laminate Bow Staff
    35133 Oak Treant Laminate Recurve Bow Staff
    35134 Desiccated Treant Laminate Recurve Bow Staff
    35135 Supple Treant Laminate Recurve Bow Staff
    35136 Composite Treant Laminate Recurve Bow Staff
    35659 Oak Treant Bow Staff (Fallen Straight Oak Treant Branch)
    35660 Desiccated Treant Bow Staff (Fallen Dry Treant Branch)
    35661 Supple Treant Bow Staff (Fallen Straight Treant Branch)
    36607 Simple Bow Staff
    63934 Wayfarer Bow Staff
    4724 Simple Recurve Bow String
    4725 Ornate Recurve Bow String
    4726 Intricate Recurve Bow String
    4727 Elaborate Recurve Bow String
    4728 Inured Recurve Bow String
    4729 Elegant Recurve Bow String
    4730 Stalwart Recurve Bow String
    6623 Extravagant Recurve Bow String
    6793 Glorious Recurve Bow String
    35137 Shimmering Steel Bow String
    49313 Regal Recurve Bow String

    40360 Cabilisan Needle - Misspelled Cabilisian
    23087 Blood Spike - Missing Needle, makes item Blood Spike Needle
    23088 Bile Spine - Missing Needle, makes item Bile Spine Needle
    12526 Spell: Bandoleer of Luclin - Misspelled Bandolier
    32874 Song: Tuyen`s Chant of the Plague - Should be apostrophe
    32975 Song: Tuyen`s Chant of Ice - Should be apostrophe
    32976 Song: Tuyen`s Chant of Venom - Should be apostrophe
    33065 Song: Tuyen`s Chant of Fire - Should be apostrophe

    Recipe names have double spaces (wont be displayed in forums).
    65822 Velium Shimmering Pendant (Magical) (Legacy)
    14607-21 Pyrilen Burn (all ranks)
    14622-36 Gelidran Lament (all ranks)
    16291-305 Solusek's Burn (all ranks)
    16306-20 E`ci's Lament (all ranks)
    14796 Spell: Wasp Swarm Rk. II
    26565 Auspicious Elder Wood Plank

    And as a matter of completeness, there are ~700 research recipes where the name does not have the prefix (spell/ability/song/etc) as it does on the item.
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  3. Nniki Augur

    I think most if not all potamide item names have already been corrected. Many of the item databases just haven't been updated to reflect those corrections.

    Searching for "potameid" in FV /buyer returns zero results while "potamide" returns the following:

    The July 19, 2017 game update was when they decided to standardize the spelling. They must have just missed the recipe(s).
  4. Soulbanshee Augur

    Yup, forgot to mark that one off.
  5. Soulbanshee Augur

    The items with Potamide were fixed but not the recipes, like:

    40069 Potameid Pate
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  6. Aanuvane Augur

    SB you're just making busy work for me once these are fixed :)

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