Missions totally overdone

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Pfaffe, Jan 21, 2018.

  1. Pfaffe Journeyman

    And another grats on messing up with last patch.

    I just tried the "Anashti Sul, Enslaver of Souls" with a fully EoK raid geard group. Guess what. Yeah. You totally over exaggerated AGAIN. I think the original Raid is easier now than the group mission.
    Another Grats on a total f... up.

    And yeah. The deadhills gnome HAs have always been easy peasy. You wanted to adapt them to .lvl 110 - fair enough. But you changed the whole character of that mission set upside down. Far too much hitpoints and the mobs hit like trucks.
    Even when you implemented those missions, they were an easy run through.

    I guess there need to be some knobs turned back again.
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  2. Funk Augur

    I heard about coffins having an insane amount of HP in the other mission too, Lady of Light maybe can't remember name, but it obviously has something to do with this silly knob turning also. This insanity needs to stop.

    I want an answer if this is all because people were doing what they have been doing for the last 4+ years? You heard Gribbles were too easy....too easy xp? Oh intelligent players were able to get all three + 1 done within a 30 minute lesson? We can't have that!!!! Do you want to drive the finals in the coffin so you can get a new job? Please enlighten us.
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  3. mulila Elder

    I agree, I am someone that is not able to group alot due to RL so I Finally am able to goto some of the TBM HA's to get the collectables I am missing and fighting mobs that seem to be higher level then EoK and even some of the mobs I fought in overthere is kinda overkill. It is not just TBM, I can understand tuning gribbles cause ppl were abusing that, why mess with all the others and make it where the rewards don't equal the effort required, and for some of us that really can't group with other ppl Impossible.
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  4. jackang New Member

    My friend and I are just casual player and not able to win the TBM missions.
    So we waited,
    With EoK but still 105, well, at least can get more power from gears and try again after a Year.
    Only able to win a few of the missions (barely). Try again next year.
    But Ironically, my friend and I are able to win all the EoK missions.

    Yes, finally RoS, max lvl 110, and more new gears and more power
    2 years of waiting to try and win it.

    If it like what some of you are mentioning that they buff up all those missons, there no chance for us to win it at all now.

    After 2 years of waiting to go back and win the mission now become even more hard than before.
    I really do not know how to continue playing and progress any longer.

    PS: please leave older expansion where they suppose to be during those old era.
    How you expect casual players to continue playing when keep making older content more tough than before?
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  5. Pfaffe Journeyman

    Something I don't understand with this knobbing.

    "Anashti Sul, Enslaver of Souls" has nothing to do with gaining xp. It's only related to progression. The story line was created for a certain lvl type. So far it had a fixed lvl.
    The Gnome missions in DH are also part of a story line and they are part of the partisan tasks. If you didn't want them to be used for gaining xp, you could have gone the easy way out and fix them to lvl cap 100 instead of putting the mobs on steroids.

    As mentioned above my group is fully EoK raid geard - that means it's kinda equivalent to RoS tier2 group gear. So, if it's too heavy for raiders, how do you expect group geard people to handle your knobbing??

    And it's rediculous that EoK missions are feeble compared to lower content missions. So, please don't adjust EoK missions, but the lower content missions.
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  6. Toomba Elder

    If your looking for a group all day and finally decide to make a group by advertising and begging around for 30 minutes and in addition no one is raid geared....the group will have the best intentions on enjoying the game but they better not do an HA, they will collectively log off
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  7. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    I want a full reversal on everything HA.
    THEN they can start by communicating of what they think is wrong and how they intend to address it.
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  8. Stageguy Lorekeeper

    The new scaling has ruined the game for casual players. There definitely needs to be a roll back and rethink about how the new RoS instances can be beefed up without modifying old content to the point that the risk/challenge nowhere near matches the difficulty.

    Not sure devs even look at this part of the forums though, or care to. Leave /feedback in game... often... on multiple accounts... on multiple characters. Maybe eventually they will listed to their customer base.
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  9. Thoxsel Djess' Pet Warrior

    Totally crazy! Missions in my opinion should have never been touched, and should be for the level (and gear level!) they are intended.

    As for HA always scaling with you - I would have preferred it to be a choice you can make:

    A) Scaled to level (and preferably well scaled that is which it currently is not).
    B) Original level.

    This gives you the ability to use HAs for getting exp rewards if you want (Choice A). Or "I want to steam roll" through it (Choice B) being higher level now etc. Which is a luxury we players have historically had in past content (Minus HA's).
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  10. Inca Lorekeeper

    As DBG's mess up affects just about everybody, they will soon have to suspend all players to teach them a lesson.
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  11. Egressor New Member

    This could work very well and even be an improvement on the old system, in addition to being vastly superior to the current state of HA's. The wish list could include appropriate XP during the scaled missions, as well as appropriate upgraded loot drops. There would be a choice. Casuals could do their thing again, and those up for more of a challenge could grind out the tougher versions. Why not?
  12. Hurrikane Journeyman

    Did anyone else just think the Fun got sucked out of this game with the lastest Patchwork?
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  13. I_Love_My_Bandwidth Mercslayer

    Careful. Them's fightin' words.