Mission Issue: Learning the Power

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Dahaman, Mar 5, 2020.

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    - DODH Mission: Learning the Power

    The young witheran that needs to be charmed is social aggro to the basilisks in the cavern it resides. This pulls the young witheran off its spawn point to the puller and/or party. The mission requires you to "charm" the young witheran using a mission given McGuffin. None of this is an actual issue.

    Issue: The McGuffin does NOT work on the young witheran until you get a "flag update" from standing on the location that the young witheran initially spawns.

    I tried charming the young witheran with both character and mob in the water, both out of the water, with Malisini on the young witheran, and dismissed the pet prior to all attempts. It wasn't until I ran the young witheran away from the party (to give them the chance to flee the zone) that I accidentally ran across this "flag".

    Potential Fixes: The artificial flag for getting the McGuffin to work could be placed at the entrance of that basilisk cave instead of at the young witheran spawn point. Optionally, that flag could simply be removed completely (what's the point of it?) Or, the young witheran could be moved off the basilisk social aggro table so the party can get to the young witheran instead of the young witheran charging the party away from that flag point.