Missing VP Key Nameds

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Pfaffe, Jan 17, 2018.

  1. Pfaffe Journeyman

    The spawn rate of the VP Key Quest Nameds is absolutely laughable. My group has been camping Flamescale Overlord Takarious in overthere for the last two days and we had ZERO spawns.

    Apparantly you are rewarding the real exploiters of your Fell Foliage mess up for cheating. They did the mission over and over again until they gained all Pieces of a Medaillon they were missing. They must have been rolling with laughter during their 7 days Suspension because that punishment is rediculously minor to the wasted time we have to spent on camping several ultrarare named.

    As an honest group who is camping the key nameds you need ages to collect all the key pieces. How can you guys possibly make those nameds that ultrarare?????????????

    Thanks again for punishing honest Players (also the Players you randomly suspended) and rewarding exploiters.
  2. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    Saw him up a couple of days ago on AB, so he is spawning. I've also seen him be back to back spawns.

    Maybe your server is bugged.
  3. Mortium Elder

    It's been over a month since the expac launched. Given how easy the Fell Foliage mission is I'm surprised you haven't done it 30 or more times even with the time it wasn't available.
  4. Febb Augur

    He is a rare and uses the RNG to spawn. Good luck.
  5. Elenaglar New Member

    @ Febb: FF just drops Arisen Parts. EoE drops the FS parts
  6. Pfaffe Journeyman

    I play on on AB as well.
    We have been camping the named in an available pick-zone.

    So either there is an issue with pick-zones or the spawn rate is just broken or needs to be adjusted.

    And it doesn't really help to do the Foliage mission if the drop luck isn't on your side plus if you need to equip four real players that continously play together all the time.
    And yes, we have been doing that mission continously (when tasktimer was down again) after its reimbursing on 5th Jan.
  7. feeltheburn Augur

    quite a few of them have obscene spawn rates, Skyfire mobs to state a couple. Its not surprising really.
  8. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    Friend and i camped him a while back (a pain in the rear camp too without an ENC), and we got our key parts and then some.
    In my experience he doesn't spawn any less often than other key-part-droppers, but these camps are twice as much of a pain to do.

    I think the real problem is in that these are in static zones and that there is only one "named" per medallion.
    This makes for a rather long queue - especially on AB and similar servers where there are 3-4 guilds looking to flag their people for VP and it's raids.
    Not to mention the "normal grouper" who eventually want the loot from there too...
    There simply is no parallel farming (i do not regard the mission with a 6hr lockout - doable once an evening/day for the normal player - as a valid alternative tbh) and that's the bad thing.

    I have really thought these days of artificial static zone bottlenecks were a thing of the past since PoP.
    Have dev's been hit with Alzheimer's?
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  9. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    It could be a pick issue, they have had issues in the past with named not spawning in them. We have had them from pick zones in HS, Goro & ST. OT a while back wasn't giving us pick zones, things maybe messed up. Might be worth trying the real zone if you get the chance.

    If Its the Left shard of the Medallion of the Flamescale Legion your after you need to be doing the End of Empire Mission from Skyfire not Fell Foliage.
  10. Thrillho Augur

    I've camped him (and others) a few times. Anecdotally, these spawn like any other named - governed by RNG. Unfortunately, that means that some times the named will refuse to spawn for hours or days on end, while other times he spawns repeatedly.
  11. Bregan D'aerthe Journeyman

    He spawn in any pick on Xegony with a aprox chance of 10% to spawn, /pick is almost the only efficient way to do it beside running missions every 6 hrs...

    Fell Foliage can drop any of those 3
    Arisen Fenistra (HS) -> Left shard of the medaillon of the Arisen
    Arisen Mentor Sishallan (HS) -> Middle shard of the medallion of the Arisen
    Ancient_apparition (ST) -> Right shard of the medallion of the Arisen
    Turn the shards to a_baleful_spirit in (OT)-> for the Medaillion of the Arisen

    Balance of Power can drop any of those 3
    Acron Thaumaturge Oselik (OT) -> Left Shard of the medaillon of Gorowyn
    Fereth Captain Ordran (Gorowyn) -> Middle shard of the medallion of Gorowyn
    Wulthan Elder Priest Ovun (Gorowyn) -> Right shard of the medallion of Gorowyn
    Turn the shards to a sarnak deserter in (SF)-> Medaillion of Gorowyn

    End of Empire can drop any of those 3
    Flamescale Overlord Takarious (OT) -> Left shard of the medallion of the Flamescale Legion
    Ash Guardian Tolemak (SF) -> Middle shard of the medallion of the Flamescale Legion
    Radiant Overseer Triluan (SF) -> Right shard of the medallion of the Flamescale Legion
    Turn the shards to a sarnak prisoner in (OT)-> Medaillion of the Flamescale Legion

    ----Vizra, magia mortis fortitio Mission/Raid: End of Empire for the Tooth

    High_Praetor_Yerlin in The Overthere to get the turn in quest.
  12. MSTID New Member

    Although he is the hardest to get to spawn IMO I have seen him spawn while camping him 12 times. I did have to camp him for 7 hours once to get him to spawn 1 time but the other times I got him were not near as bad as that time I was camping him. Just have to stay at it and good luck hope you get the key soon
  13. Smokezz The Bane Crew

    I've done the VP key for 7 chars now, it's not broken. And no, the key pieces did not come from FF. The vast majority of them came from the various named.
  14. Bigstomp Augur

    I had this particular named spawn 4 times in about 1.5 hours last night. So you're just having bad luck or killing the wrong mobs.
  15. Belexes ForumQuester

    I spawned the Flamescale Overlord and the Jannisary (spelling?) named in 20 minutes on Monday then went east and spawned the other named in about an hour.

    I don't see an issue. They seem to pop like popcorn to me. Nothing for the first few minutes then bam!

    The last 3 days have been crazy named action for me. Spawns should be reduced. They were popping everywhere in every RoS zone.

    See how that works OP? :p

    It is RNG, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. :) That's not punishment.

    As for difficulty getting him out of there, it helps if you know how to pull. Pulling is an art. We got it done with a rogue and two SKs. ;) Got him into camp as a single.

    We need more cheese and crackers in this forum! I'm starting to catch a buzz off these kind of threads.
  16. Horyuken Augur

    Some times when I go gamble in Vegas I win thousands, other times not so much. I have sent numerous letters to the MGM management group asking them to look into why this happens, I'm still waiting for a response.
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