Missing ToV JC items

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Tanise, Dec 25, 2019.

  1. Tanise Lorekeeper

    Amice of Security

    Fleet Earring and Ring

    Basically all the good AC items. There is a Necklace of Security but where are the others?

    Also the JC book still has the title titlegoeshere Making Jewelry
  2. smash Augur


    Was posted during beta, and there was said, you would have to do with tbl earring + quest earring.
  3. Nniki Augur

  4. Tanise Lorekeeper

    Thanks. The beta forums dont show up for me anymore.

    I did notice the shoulders ac, but it sucks we get no ring or earring to wear.
  5. ROFL@mycorpse Journeyman

    There is no upgrade to the tbl earrings this year. For some reason that is intentional. The tradeskill earring in TBL and the Empyr earing have more ac.

    Now one of them might get more ac(with the tradeskill quest) . The other still will remain in upragraded.

    So tanks get to keep last year gear. Yay less farming?
  6. Tanise Lorekeeper

    Yay less farming but boo less upgrades. I just hope the trend doesnt continue when the other half of the expansion is released next year.

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