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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Dawdle, Jul 19, 2018.

  1. Dawdle Augur

    I heard people talking about housing and I hadn't looked. LOL, this is funny. Last month the guild I was in basically disbanded and so I packed up and moved to a public neighborhood. I then re-placed 5 houses and built another 7. Took me a week of messing around off and on but I was in my new home and pretty happy but now I see everything is gone and my 5 houses are right back where they started from. What's the word on this? Is there a fix planned? I cannot be the only one with a housing problem.
  2. Febb Augur

    Sounds like they rolled back due to a database issue. The data is probably backed up some where so you'll probably have to petition.
  3. Tsolaes Elder

    I lost about 20 plots due to the glitch. And my rent was paid up for 3 months. I petitioned, hopefully they will fix this. I dont have all day to log through all my alts, rebuy all the plots, and place all the stuff again.
  4. Cadira Augur

    If I had to guess there were probably testing the new evict button on you.
  5. CatsPaws Augur

    Its a bug and they are asking folks to file a petition- its in the live bug forum
  6. Janakin Augur

    I have had 3 houses missing since July 4th. Still open petition. Had tons of tradeskill items stored which is not backed up client side on the xml layout save.
  7. Tsolaes Elder

    Well after almost 2 weeks, I finally got a response from GM Woebot. He seems completely unaware of the Housing rollback issue, and reminded me that I must pay my rent every 90 days, and that this is something they cannot rollback.

    /Rant On

    This entire issue is a problem Daybreak made during the 7/18 update. Is Housing so dead now that people answering this petitions are unaware of the issue? They accidentally rolled back every housing plot a few weeks, and tons of people were evicted or lost items. There was at least one comment where someone did have their plots un-rolled back by devs. Why not my 20+ lost plots? Or at least the 2 plots I cannot get back cuz the owners don't play anymore? These plots were not lost because of something I did. They were lost cuz Daybreak messed up. They should be restored regardless of the owner doesnt play anymore. There has been no explanation about why this rollback occured, no apology, and no reassurance that this won't happen again.

    As one of the biggest housing enthusiasts, I am very disappointed. Housing was an amazing feature that was long awaited in EQ. At first there was promise as more housing items were added in game and through LoN, and a mention of additional housing zones besides the single zone we get. Instead, it has slowly dwindled to a money maker for Daybreak, who will sell you items from EQplayers and a yearly new item if you buy the premiere edition of the new expansion. But that's it anymore. Housing has been effectively dead the past few years, and now that we have to worry about new updates causing mass evictions, it seems like devs are just saying: "We messed up and lost your plots. Good luck with that."

    /Rant Off
  8. Tiggold Augur

    I was feeling bad for you until I got to this part. You're part of the problem I see with housing in the first place. You're operating housing from someones account who doesn't even log in and play anymore yet I can't find space to put my house and my alts houses together. Maybe it's because you have twenty plots, idk. Using housing as storage was smart on the player part but a hot mess in the bigger picture. Absolutely hate it and we need an evict button. When the majority of players moving into neighborhood don't want non-majority people in the neighborhood they should be able to gentrify as well :)
  9. AvrusBane New Member


    I lost an entire neighborhood! Just bought the (stupid expensive) Palatial Guild Hall and Writ Bundle on July 4th. Spent an entire weekend with my guild setting up the hall and everyone's houses and anchors; we only have 10 members. It's all completely gone and I am not getting crap for replies.

    It's been 13 days since I filed my first petition.
    It's been 11 days since a dev said sorry.
    Still nothing.
  10. Aurastrider Augur

    To be fair they could have their own alt guild with their own neighborhood so plot space would be a non issue for others as they would be the only person that can utilize the housing there. This is what I did when I decided to ditch the mules and stash everything in houses. I did not want to take up all of the plots in my actual guild like a jerk but I was also tired of logging toons in and out trying to give them items xyz or get items abc from them. I am almost to the point of needing to buy a second neighborhood and its only me in my personal guild.
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  11. Tiggold Augur

    Yeah I would hate to have to purchase banking space but that's a popular micro trans now with some guys. This game isn't a loot pinata game but we do stash a fairly sizable amount of things through the years.
  12. Tsolaes Elder

    Well friend, there are plenty of housing zones to place your houses in, and even room in my housing zone. I am not part of any problem with housing. I simply took over most of the Spruce Bridge Hollows with 3 alt guilds and many friends who share plots. Now one of those alt guild plots and a regular plot are gone forever, and its 100% DayBreak's fault. Now I have to spend hours running around rebuilding my other plots. Wouldn't you prefer to set up your plot in a creative zone like mine with lovely scenery and hidden secrets you could explore for days? Here are a link to a post about my lands before DayBreak nuked them:


    Have a look any maybe you will see that I am not a problem, I am a super Housing fan who has broken the limits of this dead feature. The only limit I can't break is the pointless rent/eviction problem. I would say that Rent is pointless at this time. There are plenty of plots for everyone. If you have one of those premium houses, Rent is unlimited. So I have plots in my zone that will never get evicted, and those players also dont play anymore. Even if we pay rent, DayBreak can still screw up the database and there will be mass evictions like what happened on the 18th. Why bother having rent if some plots are unlimited, and other plots can be rolled back through errors?
  13. Beeferx Journeyman

    Hey I am happy they are getting around to it. I am not in a big rush at all and I have been slacking at keeping my tickets active but I have to show my gratitude to the ones working on this.

    Houses were not designed to be giant dumping grounds for junk that is just what they have become due to the mass amounts of tradeskills and zeros forge and other stuff you have to keep just incase (or because you are a hoarder like me.)

    It took me 8 or 10 months to get items back on the first account I petitioned with and aside for a few things I forgot I am glad I got it back. I am in the process of adding compiling and cleaning out my output files to remove strait garbage I threw in my house because it was there. I really feel bad for the GM's who have (chose) to do this. They could just as easily say sorry Charlie.

    I would guess they are doing it when they are at home tying one off or cannot sleep based on the times my tickets have been updated. I know I would dread doing this work if I was them. I doubt I could do it without at least a fifth of scotch.

    I don't have output files for 2 of the 4 accounts I lost everything on so the best I can do is search all my completed achievements cross reference that with my find function and try to remember all the stuff I got from LoN tournaments and neat things I picked up out of raids over the years. If I really wanted to get all of the quest/placeable items back I could go refarm them and if it's one of the one time only quests I will submit a ticket in the future and hope they are as understanding as they have been in the last 2 years on getting those items back to me.

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