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  1. Firedemon93 Journeyman

    [Tue Nov 14 09:54:29 2017] High Praetor Yerlin says, 'Good to see you are still helping out. With all that you've done for us, I can certainly recommend you to Praetor Noctis Trayer and ???? in the Overthere and Praetor Maestra in Skyfire Mountains.'

    When asking Yerlin to "direct" us, we are met with this lovely gem of ????. Any idea if this was intentional to just hold the place of an NPC that is not yet in the game or was this just overlooked....
  2. Vanrau Augur

    Welcome to beta. Lots of things are unfinished. They'll get to it when they can.
  3. Firedemon93 Journeyman

    I know, but they have to be made aware of details that are missing. purely what the post is about :D
  4. Absor Developer

    Lol. I'll fix that.
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