Fixed Internally Missing characters

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by Kezzan, Jun 17, 2020.

  1. Darkiri New Member

    Zogrec and Arroo on The Rathe
  2. J-fro New Member

    Tension and Orsinium on Drinal
  3. slamer New Member

    I am missing two characters:
    Shilolis and Chirslol
    Both from same account and on the Luclin-Stromm server.
    Thanks for the help.
  4. ABShaman New Member

    Bonkkyu / 91-Druid / Drinal server.
    Petitioned Wednesday afternoon (6/17/2020).
    Still missing even though you've sent me follow-up email wanting to know:

    How would you rate the support you received?
    Good, I'm satisfied
    Bad, I'm unsatisfied
    How do you think I should answer ?
  5. Ekyn New Member

    Please restore Ekyn on Antonius Bayle
  6. Tuffenuf New Member

    Missing 2 characters that I can remember a necromancer and sk. Povar server
  7. gnuu New Member

    I am missing 4 characters from my account. Shadeu, Jaer, Buyerdump, Buyerbeware.
  8. niente Developer

    All characters that were disconnected from accounts after the patch should be re-linked, if you have relogged and still don't see them please update this thread or send me a PM with the character/server name.

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