Fixed Internally Missing characters

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by Kezzan, Jun 17, 2020.

  1. Kezzan Journeyman

    Missing 3 characters since today's patch. Put in a ticket already. Wanted to post here also.
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  2. Paladin Augur

    I am also missing a character. It shows I only have 13/14 when I had 14/14.
  3. niente Developer

    If you are missing characters you can send me a PM with your server and the character name (or the name of another character on the server/account). You can also submit a ticket with CS. We will re-link the characters to the account for you.
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  4. Dass New Member

    Also missing a character, Moosik on Tunare, have also submitted a ticket as well.
  5. Tvex New Member

    I have the same issue, I have opened a ticket and sent a PM
  6. Ponza New Member

    I have the same issue - ticket and PM sent yesterday
  7. AndyMJ New Member

    I am also missing two characters on my account. A ticked was submitted yesterday.
  8. Eenelil New Member

    I previouslyu sent a ticket to CS and recieved an E-mail and a link to contact you concerning 2 charaters that are missing from my account after the Patch on 6/17/2020
    I am missing two characters on this account on the TUNARE server:
    Eenelil Level 115 Mage
    Benamien Level 2 Bard
    Please let me know of the status of these characters when they are restored or other information otherwise.
  9. Reveka New Member

    I am missing 1 Char
    Reveka 115 Enchanter
  10. Bretta New Member

    I am missing on The Rathe Server, a character named Notbarbie after the Patch on 06/17/20.
  11. niente Developer

    I don't have access to CS tickets, if you still need help you'll need to send me a PM with the character/server name or post it here.

    Eenelil and Benamien should be back on your account.
  12. Ferguss New Member

    Missing 2 characters on E Marr after 6/17 patch
    87 Bryenne
    44 Teckubmuc
  13. Timbaland21 New Member

    I am missing my lvl 1 Enchanter, Asstynmartin on Agnarr server, who was my selling mule.
  14. soldador New Member

    I am missing a lvl 1 enchanter on mangler name is nchant is a mule.
    Have submitted a ticked was told to come to this forum to get help thank you.!
    I have PM'ed You!
  15. nuelawen New Member

    I submitted to CS yesterday about my missing main character on fur445!!
    He is still not restored to the character screen

    Account x - server Xegony - character Nuelawen 115 wizard

    I have no idea how to PM you!!!
  16. Theolas New Member

    server: Luclin, Toon: Theolas level 115 shadowknight
  17. nuelawen New Member

    Please restore Nuelawen to x on Xegony
  18. nuelawen New Member

    Nuelawen 115 wizard on Xegony

    I have to clue how to PM you!
  19. Berathar New Member

    Kyuberei on Xegony
    Was told to post here from support
    Please and thank you
  20. Wonng New Member

    Wonng and Luumbar on Tunare.

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