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  1. ARCHIVED-T-man7 Guest

    I haven't logged into EverQuest in years, probably 2-3 at least. So I come back for this reactivation and every one of my characters is gone. Had a lot of time invested in those did they do a non active character wipe? If not how do I found out how to get them restored? Or what happened to them?
  2. ARCHIVED-minimind Guest

    T-man7 wrote:
    What were your character names? What server?
  3. ARCHIVED-ChatHandle_03 Guest

    Hopefully all that happened is you logged in to the wrong server. There was a character wipe they did about two or three years ago, but that only applied to characters below level 10 (or might have been 5).

    If you log into EQPlayers.com and click the 'Characters' tab on the left side, it'll bring up a page that includes a list of all the characters on that account and indicate which server they are on.
  4. ARCHIVED-T-man7 Guest

    Well it says I have two characters that I've never even seen before. I used to have a 50+ Cleric named Sunyder, and a 30+ Beastlord named Kinlance. Says they don't even exist.... They where on Karana, I had a few other characters on Vallon Zek, a necro, forget the name.
  5. ARCHIVED-T-man7 Guest

    The two I've never seen are like lvl 5
  6. ARCHIVED-T-man7 Guest

    Ok I guess my first search was wrong, they exist, but not on my account.....


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