Mischief will not be an RMT paradise, quite the opposite.

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  1. Elite_raider Augur

    Hopefully they will use this statement:
    • We may add other special case randomization.

    As justification to spread out quest armor on trash mobs in all zones, would make for allot of trading among people to get either the highest AC armor or the best stat armor for their class :D
  2. Arclyte Augur

    No one knows what percent of the loot table will be randomized. It could be 100% random or it could be 10%.

    Everyone is speculating on things they know nothing about yet
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  3. Warzon Elder

    It's going to be wild times. I think there's a few things to keep in mind:
    1. With this development team, intent hardly ever equals execution. I don't blame them, none of them still play the game and they have limited resources. At this point I am grateful for everything (though changing the rogue epic felt like a personal attack) that keeps the hamsters fed.
    2. With how the loot tables work and mob flagging works AND with how inconsistently these things were added in/retroactively tagged over time, there's very little chance they have the development resources to implement what they are thinking about in a thorough and proper way.

    But lets say it is substantially how YOU think it will go. A thousand forum warriors have a slightly different opinion of how it SHOULD be done, and they will ALL post/petition about various "bugs" and "broken" things. AND WE ALL KNOW HOW THAT GOES. So even IF it's the way you think it should be at the start, it likely won't stay that way, because our community is basically [autistic screeching].

    So prepare yourself for the biggest facet of this server: What drops what and where is likely to change fairly often. If it does NOT (because they just run the sort function on the DB once and walk away), it's going to be really, really, broken. I'm not saying that's a bad thing, I think it's going to be AMAZING. I think it's going to be broken in all the best ways. I hope nothing is excluded, I want to get cleric epic pieces off of mobs in kael. I want to see pegasus cloaks off every named in sol b. I want to be playing with some friends just goofing off in the hole one night and get cloaks of flame off golems. It would be amazing, it would be no problem. We would all have a great time. I want server first Vox kill to drop shiny brass knuckles and lodizal shell shield pieces (that even though nobody can turn in for five months still causes someone to ragequit).

    Guilds are going to have some figuring out to do. Like, velious has some AoC flagged mobs that can be killed with 3 people that might drop vulak loot. We would all like for some of the velious raid loot to go ahead and drop on Luclin raid mobs, ...cause...some of it is pretty seksi. I CANNOT WAIT for the first vulak kill to drop four tanglewood shields. I am so excited for it to be like this or a dozen other ways. Sometimes raid night will be awesome. Sometimes every boss in Plane of Time will drop leather glovesx3. Leather gloves for days ya'all! HOW BOUT SOME BOWS! WOULD YOU LIKE FORTY AGNARR BOWS TONIGHT! HERE YOU GO! This is exactly what I'm hoping for. Total chaos and carnage.

    It's bristlebane too, and the development team has been GLORIOUSLY consistent with being inconsistent when it comes to announcing stuff related to Bristlebane. They could change the loot drops every month. This month you get your lguk drops in gfay, next month they drop in queynos hills, server first naggy drops inny loot, but then no inny loot ever drops again (because it's all on a guard in Hallas and won't reset till someone kills him and nobody goes to hallas). We may have to organize entire-server extermination squads, only to see a dagas on an unkillable-immortal mob. Lols.

    Bristlebane means no rules folks. And no matter what they do it will be OK, it will be super fun. Because it's free trade and AoC, and everything will be fine. You'll have an equal shot at everything.

    You get access to the clicky effect items even if you can't raid that often, cause the buffs last forever so they just get passed around. Almost every key you can borrow from a hardcore friend and get it on your keyring. Half the hassle and timesink goes away, and for the rest the camps are super fun because you have a shot at really great stuff at every camp. I like killing in droga/nurga but the loot was always so bad why bother, now your favorite zone because of theme/geometry/enemytype in PoP becomes as good as every other zone of that tier. I can farm the stuff I want from plane of earth in plane of water? HOW IS THIS NOT THE BEST IDEA EVER!!!!

    Every group-level named in end-game luclin with a DA hammer. Better even if that dude's flagged raid mob, lets put a DA hammer on Aten Ha Ra AND NEVER UNLOCK POP!

    If only it weren't truebox...
  4. Elite_raider Augur

    This is correct, and that is why we are speculating ;)

    Also, DPG probably doesn't know all the answers yet to the things we are speculating on, but by speculating and gaming situations out, hopefully we the players and DPG can help each other out to figure out the best implementations to ensure that everyone "wins" :)
  5. Elite_raider Augur

    I really hope all keys are tradeable, that way they don't have to weight the drops for them, guilds could just farm/buy one key and pass it around. It would be "in line" with the casual friendly Free Trade rule they announced (notice I did not say FV loot rules, since DPG specifically did not say that as well, so I am guessing Mischief will be full free trade unlike FV).
  6. Moforyguy Lorekeeper

    Gebs prob won't be dropping off a level 42 mob (Crusader) because Gebs drop off a level 50. More likely a rare spawn mob in the HOLE could drop Gebs. Crusader will prob be able to drop FBSS and other items around that level.
  7. Moranis Augur

    In my view, the RMT farmers chose Aradune because (1) it had a higher population and (2) the stricter ruleset gives them an advantage because they can get around it.

    Aradune ruleset basically squashed the "average Joe" from putting together large groups, but the bigtime RMT farmers were (clearly) unfazed because they have the resources to skirt the rulesets.

    On one hand, I think this server(s) is going to be hugely popular - thus attracting the RMTers. I think a lot of people have been waiting for <something other than a Phinny clone> server for a while now.

    On the other hand, the free trade, randomization, and increased rare pops will absolutely flood the server with group-gear. I would guess that after a few weeks of wild fluctuation in the economy, group-gear is going to be so dirt cheap that RMTers won't even bother farming it. Only raid gear will sell for anything resembling kronos (except maybe for a few group-gear near BiS items).

    As a result, I would bet that the RMTers will go exclusively into farming raid gear and raw-plat in order to keep their bot armies afloat. My hope is that, due to this, DPG can perhaps better police the bot armies because you need to use more of the macarooni capabilities to farm raid mobs than, say, Djarn.
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  8. Iyacc Augur

    It will be tradable though. The downside for the boxers is that the person buying still has to work faction to do the turn in. So people will have to at least kill enough on their own to get good enough faction, which means they'll have some chance to get the armor themselves. It'll still sell well because a lot of people won't have the groups or time to farm it on their own in the difficult areas. Faction, while boring, can be worked solo or in small groups much easier.
  9. Iyacc Augur

    You sir, are insane. And I like how you think. This jacked up ruleset is exactly something that could be the most fun ever. :p
  10. Accipiter Old Timer


    Maybe shorten your posts up a bit.
  11. Ramathorn New Member

    Really glad to see DPG doing something against the RMT’ers. Maybe they might even start enforcing the rules they set. Could you imagine?
  12. TheDohn Augur

    None of you who believe this nonsense have played on FV at any point in it's history, or if you did you did so with both hands over your eyes while screaming at the top of your lungs.
  13. TheDohn Augur

    "This server is going to suck and that'll be good because I've never gotten to participate in progress so I've decided I don't care about it:"
  14. TheDohn Augur

    Can you share where they posted the level range being used for the reshuffle? I can't find a single detail that isn't a player making up what they hope the rules will be, like a housewife reading the horoscopes.
  15. EQDude Elder


    I like you.
  16. Ions I'm Special

    I am hoping that Spiroc lord can drop dragon loot i assume he could also drop Inny/Cazic loot but the thought of the open world guild sitting and killing it 24/7 for nearly the entire month until Kunark drops! Which ever guild does GODS WORK and kills him every single moment of every day plz post the results! Also allow us to bet on which items dropped the most lol
  17. Arclyte Augur

    specific mobs like spiroc lord or sister should probably not have random loot
  18. Rcbauer Augur

    grats on all your fresh krono
  19. Elite_raider Augur

    People are going to sell the finished armor as well I would think, not just the quest items
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  20. Iyacc Augur

    I didn't realize the finished were tradable. That makes it much easier then.

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