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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Shemak, May 3, 2021.

  1. Shemak Journeyman

    First i wanted to say thank you to the devs for getting me excited about EQ again, with this new ruleset and applaude your choice to unlock Kunark after 1 month and velious after 2 month, i have been thinking for years that 3 month of classic was way too long.

    But, i am a little concerned about Velious and Luclin, although they both falls into the "no level increased" category and so would only get a 2 month unlock period, i feel like Velious and Luclin both have a huge amount of content compared to classic and kunark and even later level increased XPAC.

    To be honest i wouldnt be against 4-6 month of velious/luclin but i know i am alone in this :( but getting them both back up to 3 months is only fair in my view.

    So what do you think ? And if you agree please add your voice so we can maybe get Velious and Luclin the times they deserve.
  2. Insanoflex New Member

    I'm fine with Velious being short, but I agree with Luclin being longer. AA adds just as much as 5 new levels so should be longer time period imo. I doubt anything will change at this point though.
  3. Karanthal Augur

    2 months of clearing VT trash is about as much as most humans can take. Guilds are also likely to still do VT for clickies at least during early PoP, makes it a bit more tolerable when you can AE clear.
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  4. Shemak Journeyman

    Most humans will not get their VT key for quite some times though, so it wont get near 2 month of VT trash farming.
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  5. brickz Augur

    Assuming that the "unknown DB" strings in the /calendar are right and the news post is just poorly written: Velious and Luclin ARE 3 month expansions.

    May 26 - Launch
    June 23 - Kunark
    August 18 - Velious
    November 10 - Luclin
    February 2 - PoP/LoY

    They're really bad at communicating though so who can say for sure
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  6. Shemak Journeyman

    Great news if thats the case, thank you
  7. Mithra Augur

    There's nothing to do in Velious but raid, if anything it should be 1 month.
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  8. Crabman Augur

    I agree. I would honestly much rather have classic 2 months and Velious 1 month than the other way around. or both 6 weeks each but thats just crazy talk
  9. Shemak Journeyman

    What are you talking about ? velketor, siren grotto, group can farm ToV and Kael for faction, there are event do to in kael, the shawl quest, the ring quest, i remember also group farming dragon necropolis, and im sure im forgetting stuff, its been a while.

    Do you consider leveling the only thing to do in the game ?
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  10. Shemak Journeyman

    Even if you take 1 month to level up to 50 in classic, which is quite long with mangler xp rate, please explain in what universe is there the same amount of thing to do in the game in velious than in classic ?
    This makes no sense
  11. Vindor Journeyman

    Im ok with 2 month of Velious, Luclin need 3 month imo
  12. Karanthal Augur

    If you are in a raid guild velious will looks something like.

    Raid Night 1 - Ntov
    Raid Night 2 - Kael, Yeli
    Raid Night 3 - WW & DN dragons, Dain, Velks
    Occasionally guilds fit in PoG & East/West ToV.

    It's a good expansion, probably one of my personal favourites but TLP guilds mop up the content very fast so there isn't as much to do as you might remember from classic. Shawl and ring quests need to be done around screwing over every faction during raids.
  13. Kahna Augur

    He is right, raiding is really the only thing to do in Velious. I mean, you could do the ring or shawl, but even if you do them you don’t need more than 2 months. As for all the group content? Or faction? Why bother. I got all the raid gear I wanted in under 2 months of raiding (with no quest armor) and replaced much of it within 2 months of raiding Luclin. I did literally zero group content or factioning in Velious and it had no negative impact on my ability to do my job in raids. There are AAs in Luclin but it got most of what I needed in raids. A couple of exp groups during the bonus exp took care of the rest. Another raid log expansion. Could be two months easy.
  14. Vindor Journeyman

    If you go that route cant you say the same for the entire game ? i mean whats the point of playing since you are replacing all your gear in the next expansion anyway ?
  15. Crabman Augur

    With no level increase or aa's or anything, you are raid logging from day 1 of the expansion. if you are planning to due shawl quest you have probably already done most of the tradeskills in kunark. and the ring is about a day of running around getting what you need until you can get on the schedule with your guild to do the 10th, however that may be. Assuming you raided in classic and kunark, there arent many peices of groupable gear to upgrade, so its just the raids each week that you can get upgrades. with FV loot this will of course be a different this time around.

    At least in classic you are starting from ground zero. Even if you take 3-5 days, you have to go farm gear or plat to bring to the tunnel to get geared. then you have raids as well. you have quests or camps for useful items you will use for multiple expansions. obviously gearing can now be quicker as all planes gear will be flooding the tunnels, but theres still just more to do imo
  16. Laronk Augur

    For people who play more casually 1 month to 50 at mangler rates is actually fast but even then its a bit of a blessing for these to go fairly fast if you're somewhat casual as you get to actually level in them. The raiding in Velious and Luclin does get so stale so fast though.
  17. Kahna Augur

    Because most gear Luclin and on is a decent upgrade that has a noticeable impact on your character's ability to progress. Velious and before it's really hard to say that about anything. Especially considering I only play casters. I can kill Vulak on a naked Necro and I will probably still top the parse. That does not hold for Luclin and beyond.