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    <Treasures> on Mischief is recruiting! Treasures is EQ's #1 GDKP guild, with a track record for completing in-era content and moving into farm status extremely quickly, usually the day of launch. Our leadership has taken years of TLP experience to develop optimum raid strategies to allow for maximum treasure while maintaining a casual and relaxed atmosphere. We currently only raid two days a week, with no required RA!

    Raid Days: Monday @ 8 PM EST/Wednesday @ 7 PM EST
    Optional Raids: Batphones on OW targets (none atm, will start back up in PoR)
    Loot Style: GDKP

    Currently recruiting all classes!

    To apply reach out to Paralyze/Skpl (paralyzed#8228) or Mojack (Mojack#1353) in game or check out our Discord:

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    Bump - Preparing for DoDH launch!
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    Always looking for quality players!
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    Bump! Always come out of raids with something to show for it... message me for more info!
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    Bump - Always recruiting!
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    Message me or Mojack in game.