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Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Velzira, May 5, 2021.

  1. Velzira Journeyman

    Hello everyone! My name is Velzira (a.k.a. Scales) and I am the Guild Leader of Primeval Might, a guild on the Mischief TLP Server! I am here today to speak with you about our guild and our group as a whole, in the hopes that we may grow our ranks! We know there are a lot of guilds out there to choose from and our hope is that we can find those of you who are searching for a guild and fit well with our style. In an effort to do just that I will be linking some information to hopefully help you get a feel for who we are and what we are about.

    Most things are done either on our website which has built in mobile and Light/Dark capabilities or on our Discord server. If you are interested please join our discord to be greeted by an Officer, or you should feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions, comments, or concerns! Thank you for your time and good hunting!
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  2. Velzira Journeyman

    We have recruited a few players, up to about 23 now total. We would love to speak with anyone curious about our guild!
  3. Kalipto Augur

    I'm excited to see a guild raiding during the US daytime! I'll be checking out the website. If it looks like a fit I'll get in touch in the coming weeks.
  4. Diddles New Member

    Do you have a discord? Didn't see anything on your website.
  5. Velzira Journeyman

  6. Velzira Journeyman

    Hello all, I am looking for an applicant who goes by the name "Guava". You put an excellent application into our guild website but forgot to include any information to contact you back. My discord address is in the above comment, please contact me!
  7. Galul New Member

    Any ties back to Primeval from the Luclin server?
  8. Velzira Journeyman

    No, however Luclin was my home server for nearly my entire playtime before TLP servers came out! I miss the days of Luclin.org, and Insidious Blood fighting with Legacy of Sorrow for camps.
  9. FrodeEQ Journeyman

    Does this mean raid times are subject to change to US times at some point?
  10. Velzira Journeyman

    We raid "DAYTIME" Eastern Standard Time and we will not be changing that schedule at least for many months. I apologize for the confusion as we were listed as a Euro guild in the compendium.
  11. Velzira Journeyman

    Just popping in for a small update, we have changed our information on the master guild listing as we have recruited a few folks since then.
  12. Velzira Journeyman

    Another bump, this time to tell you we have revamped our discord to accept non-members who may have questions, comments or concerns!
  13. Velzira Journeyman

    Updated several things in our listing, up to 40 members!
  14. Velzira Journeyman

    We are growing rapidly, adding 4-5 members per day. We are really excited to get started and if you are looking for a home and not just a place to play please consider us!
  15. Velzira Journeyman

    Updated our personal post. We have changed to a closed DKP system with buyback options! One day left to go, we are very excited!
  16. Velzira Journeyman

    We are now over 50 strong, with lots of chatter in discord and a real backbone in place. It's server release day and I hope everyone has the best day possible!
  17. Velzira Journeyman

    We changed our Guild name to "Primeval Might", and we are still out there looking for new recruits!
  18. Velzira Journeyman

    70 Members strong and loving the server, come see us!
  19. Velzira Journeyman

    Up to 96 members and growing!
  20. Velzira Journeyman

    Quick Update: We are up to 118 members with about 25 online at a time, most of the time. We are still seeking others to join the fun!