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    Hello Norrath! Yes it is Noonian and I wanted to start this post to get to know and grow Noble Heroes. We are a family and with that are looking to grow our family. We have a solid core of people and want to grow into a stronger unit. If you want a group of people that strive to support and have fun with this new TLP this is the place! We love raiders but just want great people, see you soon.

    <Noble Heroes of Mistchief>
    Batphones? No.
    AoC Raiding: USA. 6:15pm PST - Wed/Fri/Sun
    No Raid Attendance Requirement.
    Loot Style: DKP. Closed w/ Buy-back options.
    Leader: Vack
    Current Member Base: ~176
    Discord: Contact Almost_Unreal#1434
    Note: 90% of members are USA based despite the daytime raiding hours.
    Mischief or Thornblade? Mischief

    Message from Vack -

    Noble Heroes Rules we live by:
    We follow two rules here:

    1) No hats

    2) Be Nice.

    But here are our expectations.

    If you can make a raid be on time. You will be prepared and you will pay attention. You will have the potions needed for every raid. 20 Pearls, Healing Potions, Shrink Potions, Bane Weapons for that particular raid. If you need help ASK!!
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    Discord newb here, how do I send a private message to Almost_Unreal#1434? The only thing I can find is inviting them to be my friend and that seems a bit presumptuous...I just want some more information on the guild at this point.
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    here is a direct link to our discord https://discord.gg/PJ73uYgS
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    We have a bump.
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    Go Bump in the NIGHT!
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    Johnthemage was here.
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