Mischief/Thornblade rare drop uniques

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    I am posting this for Dev consideration. Luclin released today on M/T and I went to SSRA to work for bards VoTS. This item is bard unique and critical for many expansions. The only item comparable/better is a rare raid drop of Shei Vinitras that only a tiny fraction of players even get to roll on.

    Disciple Yelwinz is suitably remote for the bard class. Ordinarily (my fourth time doing this camp) it is a 1 to 10 hour camp as Yelwinz is the rare spawn and VoTs is the rare drop for that rare spawn. However, because it is rare spawn it now drops all sorts of stuff. In five hours I saw NO Yelwinz drops. For armor and weapons this is totally manageable. But some items are crucial to a class for multiple expacs and should be, in my view, campable.

    To that end please fine tune either the drop or the mob so that it is reliably accessible DBG.


  2. Zanarnar Augur

    Pick almost literally any other server and you can have your static camps; the whole point of these servers is the mixed up loot tables. (and free trade). You just need to figure out what shares his loot table, and from that list what you prefer to farm for it. For example my mage was way happy to grab a Pegasus cloak from the Fire Goblin Lord, even if it took a lot of camping to see it drop.
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    Why does this board have so many low rent folks who post know it all dismissive replies when they have failed elementary comprehension?

    Some items are class specific and have consequences for multiple expansions. They are crucial to a class. If you make them random drop this way then low profile classes will never see them. In Kunark I saw ONE pair of singing steel boots when in most TLPs they are everywhere. THIS item is more important and a lot more rare. Easily fixed, make Yelwinz non rare or change drop ratio for VoTs to common.
  4. Iyacc Augur

    Going to tell you the same thing we're telling our guildies. You have to look at this specific server setup almost as if it's a different game. It mostly definitely is NOT normal EQ TLP. If you come in with normal mindset you will likely be disappointed. If you can change your mindset some or relax a little and do things you maybe normally wouldn't then you'll probably find a way to have some fun.

    Try looking at it like this - this item is likely going to drop a dozen other places and be tradable. You should see many of them for sale. We're all seeing dozens of items we never even heard of before unless we happened to be there when the rare spawn dropped the rare drop - otherwise it always rotted, right?

    If you're the type who likes to loot all his own stuff(which some people enjoy playing that way) then again, you'll probably have to change your mindset/outlook a little. Just get xp and keep everything that drops to sell so you have the plat to buy the rare item when it surfaces. You might have to overpay but in the end you've put in effort and got your reward - albeit in a different manner than you normally would.

    Just like real life - you CAN have fun even if it isn't done the normal way but you may have to choose to do so instead of it happening organically.
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  5. Athilnaur New Member

    You seem to think you are the only one that understands free trade servers. Chill Wilson.

    The point here you aren't seeing is that some items will just be all but impossible to get that were on other servers accessible. When that item is class critical this is a problem.
  6. Zanarnar Augur

    So which loot bucket is that mob in, and what other mobs share that drop?

    Since your already so sure that you won't be able to get that item since its not exclusively dropping from the one NPC that has it on normal servers, I assume you worked this all out already. I'll be waiting for that list and why its sooooo unreasonable for you to have to look around a little for that drop..

    Again your literally complaining about the core feature of this server. If you don't want to play on a server with randomized drops, with all that entails, pick. another. server.

    This would be like me coming here and crying about being killed in PVP while playing on a Zek server, and how unfair it is that I have to adjust to the rule-set of the server *I* choose to play on.

    Grow up, kid.
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  7. Mrjon3s Augur

    Dude stuff is tradeable. You could buy a click from another bard also gonna see way more shei cloaks because raid targets drop like 2-4 mobs worth of loot. Stop complaining
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  8. Tweakfour17 Augur

    The replies are "low rent and dismissive" because the request is not a reasonable request. Plenty of other items that were hard to camp or important to specific players/classes were also randomized. If everyone got to pick a single item they wanted non randomized then nothing would be random. Cross reference the other loot that has been dropping from your guy and see what else could drop the item you want. Maybe there is a mob with a faster respawn or higher chance for named and your 10 hour camp could actually be way less by going somewhere new?
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  9. jeskola Why no Erudite Female avatar?

    And other people's replies are low-rent and dismissive....

    Please explain how you will be unable to obtain a Resonance click on a server where Voice of the Serpent is tradable? Also hasn't it been less than 24 hours since Luclin opened?
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  10. Bobbybick Only Banned Twice

    This server probably has the easiest time of any for a bard to get a Singing mod item AA click. I expect they will be even cheaper than Lute of the Howler was in velious and that click is great value that you don't immediately sell to the next person in line.

    Once like 15 of these are on the server they will be pennies in bazaar cause there's no reason to hold onto it for more than 10 seconds.
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    Ya'll low rent for real for real
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  13. bardybard Augur

    Na... na ... na .... nat gonna happen!
  14. YourJobNotYourLife Lorekeeper

    This is already going for less than 10k in the Bazaar. Not an issue... at all.
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  15. Geoux Lorekeeper

    I just looted this off one of the random, higher-level named in Grieg's End. If you look at the bazaar, it's absolutely choked with his other drop, the Shissar Guard Belt. I've seen this drop frequently in GE, so not a bad place to go looking.
  16. Machen New Member

    You were warned this would happen, prior to the server even launching. Pick a different server where this doesn't happen if this is a problem for you. It will be the same with tank AC augs, and virtually anything else people need to camp in group content to be effective at their raid roles.
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