[Mischief & Thornblade] Full Guild Listing - Updated Daily

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    -Added a couple new Guilds.
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    -Updated server choices
    -Added a new guild.
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    -Updated Raid Times for a guild.
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    -Added a new guild.
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    -Updated Member Counts
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    -Added a new guild.
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    -New guild added.
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    -Added another guild’s server choice.
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    -Updated a server choice (that's everyone now!)
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    Thank you again for updating this daily!
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    -Added a new guild and made a few updates.
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    You are doing gods work
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    -Minor Update.
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    -Updated some guild name changes (let me know if I missed yours, please) :)
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    This would be useful as a sticky for sure. Great work Vindaven~
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  18. EmbreyEQ New Member

    Divine Oath
    Batphones: No
    AoC Raiding: 8pm - 11pm EST on Thursday and Sunday. Open raid night 8pm - 11pm on Monday.
    Loot Style: Suicide Kings Loot System
    Leader: Sedulin
    Current Member Base: 334
    Discord: https://discord.gg/PHJgzBF3aA
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  20. Iyacc Augur

    Batphones? No.
    AoC Raiding: USA. 8pm EST - 11/12 as needed EST Wed/Fri/Sun.
    Loot Style: We've always done a closed bid DKP system but this time around we're going way off the grid. For Velious we'll be trying a modified NBG system with limits and guidelines. Need wins can be turned in when upgraded(depending on era) for credit towards future wins. Unclaimed drops will be split up 50/50 at the end of each raid night between raiders and the guild bank.
    Leader: Iyacc
    Current Member Base: around 40?
    Discord: https://discord.gg/tchKnGdt
    Note: Eastern/Central guild mostly
    Note2: We're not actively recruiting. We're a guild that's been together on Agnar/Selo/Mangler. We've still got a few on Mangler having fun but many of us are trying Mischief full time instead. We're not actively recruiting but picking up friends who were Major before or know us and how awesome we are. Always willing to chat if you are interested and we can see if you might fit in with our team first attitude/culture.
    Current Class Needs: Any? send me a message here or in game.
    Mischief or Thornblade: Mischief.