[Mischief] The Faceless

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  1. Strife Lorekeeper

    Getting ready for TSS! It's gonna be a banger
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  3. Protocol Dragon Defender

    Faceless explored TSS and laid waste to the dragons and giants there in just 11 hours 50 minutes! We had an incredible time and it was awesome to have every single member be a valuable part of our raid plan! Don't join a guild that leaves you on the bench and don't settle for a guild that takes days or weeks to clear content. Join Faceless today!

  4. Protocol Dragon Defender

    And there it is, the expansion split the day after launch!

  5. Protocol Dragon Defender

    TSS has two completely separate but equivalent progression lines each with their own raid zones and final bosses. Here are both server first bosses on Mischief, both happenings simultaneously as well!

  6. Protocol Dragon Defender

    During the first week of the expansion we've already three split Froscrypt 1 & 2. It feels good to be in Faceless!
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  10. Zohan Journeyman

    Fun times, was definitely a challenge splitting so deep that groups didn't even have clerics in some of them and we still won. If your looking for a guild, no better place to be if you play on Mischief
  11. Protocol Dragon Defender

    With a nice 16 split of Hearol under our belts as well as heavy splits across the expansion we are now entering absurd loot territory. In under one month we have earned over 2,100 items. We need some more members to join us to help carry all this treasure.

  12. Protocol Dragon Defender

    With the addition of Magic and Mischief to our team we can confidently say there has never been a guild with a roster this healthy and robust this late in a TLPs life cycle. If you want to reach live you should apply to Faceless today! Don’t settle for guilds where half the raids are boxed or only 30 people are left playing. With a new TLP on the horizon and more challenging content releasing each expansion those sorts of guilds won’t last long!